Highlights: Week 2 49ers @ Hawks

Highlights of the 49ers win over the Seahawks. This is a two part highlight.

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  • Andrew

    Thank you so much for this, had to be in Boston and missed it. ESPN and ESPN news showed nothing.


  • wAPppy

    Keep these coming. Great for out-of-town fans, and ESPN sure as shit doesnt show any coverage of the 49ers.

  • Bobby Boucher

    These announcers are such Seahawks fans. Did you hear the guy yell “get him Leonard”, when Willis was going in for the TD?

  • Niner Pundit

    Bobby…Moose isn’t a Seahawks fan. He’s a fan of fullbacks. It was all in good fun. He even commented with Siragusa regarding the play/fullback.

  • AM

    manny friggin lawson.

  • Two things I learned watching that:

    1) O'Sullivan's throw to Bruce in OT was PER.FECT. It could not have been better.

    2) The DB's STEPPED UP that game! How many times did they lay out to make a great play on the ball?

  • Bobby Boucher

    Didn’t realize who the announcer was Pundit. That comment makes sense now that I know who it was. However that wasn’t the only comment I noticed. It seemed like they both were rooting for the Seahawks the whole game.

  • J77

    You should be used to that by now Bobby. Even if we’re winning AT HOME they still some how feature the away team.

  • NY Dan

    Man O'Sullivan has a quick release huh? I can see why Martz likes him. Team looks great, if we can get consistent play at QB and Gore does his thing the defense should hold up and we can make the playoffs. Here's to a great season!

  • niner doje

    hey j77? r u gonna put together a highlight clip of the lions game?