Gameday Preview: Week 3 Lions @ 49ers

Week 3 brings us the battle of Martz\' proteges

Week 3 brings us the battle of Martz' proteges

It will be another battle of Mike Martz proteges when Jon Kitna brings his Lions to face J.T. O’Sullivan’s 49ers. O’Sullivan threw for 321 yards in Week 2, the first time a 49ers quarterback had more the 300 yards since Tim Rattay did it in 2004. But O’Sullivan shows a Kitna-like propensity for taking sacks. The 49ers allowed 12 in two games, several of them because O’Sullivan held the ball too long. As O’Sullivan’s mastery of the offense grows, the 49ers threaten to become a potent offense.

The 49ers’ downfield passing game ought to open things up for featured back Frank Gore, who has been bottled up in recent seasons. The Seahawks made a concerted effort to stop Gore last week — he had 61 rushing yards on 19 carries — but were burned by O’Sullivan and Isaac Bruce in the passing game. Bruce finished with 153 receiving yards, his highest total since 2004.

So far the 49ers defense has limited big plays, something that the Lions, who are averaging seven yards per play, will test this week. The 49ers allowed a 100-yard rusher in each of their first two games and have not gotten off the field on third downs.

Questionable: Lions – Jordon Dizon LB (Neck), Cory Redding DT (Ankle), Corey Smith DE (Hamstring)
Out: 49ers – Jonas Jennings T (Vagina), Shawntae Spencer DB (Knee)

Key Matchups:
Gore vs Lions defense – The Lions are giving up an average of 220 yards per game. If all goes well Gore should run all over the Lions D.

49ers 38 – Lions 17

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  • ShaneO

    Out: 49ers – Jonas Jennings T (Vagina)…. LOL LOL its so true what a pussy… i have NEVER seen a guy hurt so often, looks like we are drafting ANOTHER OT next year early… and as much fun as we are having i just feel like we spend a LOT of early round picks on O-linemen i wish we could just finally get set there!

  • Lowrance

    Ut oh….

    Raiders might have trouble running their one dimensional offense. Kwame is doubtful, LMFAO.

  • joe gomez

    Players of the game at HALFTIME:

    Offense: JTO!

    Defense: Justin Smith and the entire secondary

    Vernon Davis is going to be something special as soon as someone teaches him how to catch! lol

    Than man can straight out fly though.

  • Lowrance

    C’mon Niners. Concentrate and play a clean game. If you do you’ll win easily. Please block and please rush. Don’t play so far off receivers, and please make solid tackles. If longer routes take too long to develope, and rushers get close, dump off to the backs.
    No stupid penalties.
    Let’s get Johnson, Bruce, Battle, and Josh the ball.
    That will open the holes for Frank
    VD? Want to help us out today? Send him deep to open underneath, or send him up the middle and remind us of Brent Jones with speed…..
    BLOCK please….(except in the back on kickoffs….lol)

    lol at Jennings injury….

    GO NINERS!!!

  • joe gomez

    Rossum on an end around! Fucking AWESOME!

  • DeeKon52

    REJOICE…pending a clean 4th quarter….

  • Mike

    and the Offense for the first time in a long time is looking like it could be nasty. Now this is only the Lions def. which isn't much to say but the previous week against seattle which does have a decent def. and put up 30+ points in back to back weeks. In I can't remember how long

    Definite nice feeling to be 2-1 and tied with Cards now for division lead.

  • Lowrance

    MARTZ???!!! Keep the peddle to the metal!!! You don't have to prove to ANYONE that you can run the ball!!!!

    Wish everyone played us liked Detroit….lol

  • geeray

    jonas jennings needs a rubber titty to suck on this week

  • I think the game will be closer then 38-17…

    I’ll say 34-24 their passing offense is too explosive

  • Lowrance


    3 touchdowns without mistakes!!!!
    Let’s go boys!!!!!

    Greatest show on Candlestick!!!!!!

  • Lowrance


  • Mike

    This upcoming schedule until bye week.

    Sep 28 @New Orleans 1:00pm- Going to be a good game but if we play like we did today we should come out with a W

    Oct 5 New England 4:15pm – This game before season I thought automatic loss.. However Miami showed today that with brady out and cassel in that off. is not nearly as good. And this could be a spot where if we beat Saints and then Win this game teams could take notice.

    Oct 12 Philadelphia 4:15pm – this game I’m not sure of. Philly has a very good def. and blitzes like crazy. If our oline can hold up and prevent the sacks should be tight one. If we give up sacks like crazy then just put in loss. But I’ll say L here just b/c can’t trust our Oline.

    Oct 19 @N.Y. Giants 1:00pm – The defending champs This should be a good game and Giants def is not as good as they have played and Bengals stayed with them today and lost in OT. If we can gel more could pull off an upset win here.

    Oct 26 Seattle 4:15pm – Seattle we beat in OT once. This game they could have branch and or Engram back which will help them on Off. However We also have played more as a unit and I think this one is another shoot out.
    Week 9 BYE

    If we can go into the bye week with 5-6 wins. Then could actually win 9-10 games this season. Figure still have cards again and I think we all want revenge. We play rams twice. Theres 2 wins. and we also play the jets and the dolpins. which should get both of those games or atleast 1 of them. Then Cowboys(who i wish would vanish off face of earth) however don’t think we win that game. Redskins which could be back and forth game. and then the bills who are actually surprisingly good this year. But I think our Off. If can keep clicking and just improve should be able to outpoint them if anything else.
    So 3-5 wins after bye. atleast 3 wins though. so If we can keep clicking its possible to be 8-8 to 10-6. I will be honest never really thought that those win totals would have a chance this year but they are there just a matter of do we keep improving each week.

  • joe gomez

    Whatever happens, ALL Niner fans should be happy that our PATHETIC offense is now a an offense that people have to take notice. Even those retarded ESPN analysts.

  • you have a very good point.