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Tough break kid, maybe a real coach wouldn\'t have ruined you career

Tough break kid, maybe a real coach wouldn't have ruined you career

It’s official. Alex Smith’s season has come to an end and most likely his career as a 49er. The 49ers placed Alex Smith on IR today and signed Jamie Martin to take his roster spot.

It was news to some of Smith’s teammates regarding his season ending injury. J.T. O’Sullivan, Eric Heitmann, Frank Gore and Vernon Davis were among those who said they knew nothing about the end to Smith’s season. Nice communication there Nolan.

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  • Adam49

    Nolan is not the worst coach in the league.He has built a damn good team here in San Fran.Bad coaches don't do that.He hasn't been as good on offense then he has on defense.But he has built a very good team none the less.

  • Roscoe49er

    The kid is not a bust, he had to play under the worst head coach in the league. He never had a chance. I actually hope that he recovers and finds success with another team. I cannot believe that anyone of our players want to play for Mike Nolan. The man could f*ck up a wet dream.

  • Niner Pundit

    Adam, you may be right in him building a good team. Unfortunately he doesn’t know how to utilize it and how good they can be will never come to fruition with Nolan as HC.

  • Red & Gold Fan

    Niner Pundit, can you take your picture off the screen and sometime you write good, but take off the picture. Please

  • Patricia

    Hey now…come on everyone, Let’s Get Happy!!!!!

    traa laaa laaa!

    (we just have to wait and see…don’t we?)

    Let’s Go NINERS!!!

  • ninaz

    adam any coach can build a team but a real coach knows how to use the players he has efficiently and or make losers into winners. Saying he built the team is no excuse for him to still have his job at all. Nolan took a step down last year after a promising 06 season and now we lost the opener to Arizona in a poor performance. Walsh built a team with his bare hands and aquired great players in time and although he started as bad as Nolan he was able to recover and turned out to be one of the best coaches in the history of football and Nolan well he will never reach the good level. My blessings goes to Alex it was a fun ride bud i loved ya from the moment you joined the squad its sad how Nolans ignorance ended a promising career in Alex. The day we get rid of Nolan will be the day we win.

  • Joe

    Well it does look like alex will be gone, hopefully the McNolan’s are looking at Colt McCoy of Texas

  • you know what guys?

    i think the blame lies on both sides. yeah alex didn’t get a fair shake with four different coordinators. he did have opportunities though. how many times did you see alex miss open receivers, throw behind receivers or simply not being cognizant of what is happening in the pocket?

    do i think alex can play? yeah, sure i do. is he ever going to be a top 16 quarterback in the nfl? probably not.

    it’s been three years, at some point he should have shown a lot more.

  • ninerfaithful

    thank god we have #14

  • AM

    wendell that is exactly my thoughts on him. he misses open recievers, doesn’t see them, overthrows them, and never can make the big play. JTO shows the ability to hit the reciever in stride with good accuracy. i have faith in him. i believe he can be the next warner in the martz offense. nolan does not bother martz. martz is in complete control of the offense. with a few tweaks we can be a 9-7 team this year with weak division opponents and injurys accross the board for the other teams we play. i can’t wait to see how this season pans out! go niners.

  • trent

    I think smith was done when choose steve spurrier's old number..

  • Rob

    I agree that Nolan is never going to get us where we need to be. We have a good team because of Scot McCloughlan, he is the one in charge of getting the players. Even if Nolan has had a hand in bringing in good players, great. Maybe he should be a GM, then. There’s a difference between being able to identify good players for your team and coaching a team to victory. Nolan appears unable to do the latter. This team has enough talent that we should be at least 8-8, not the losing team we are year after year. And probably will be this year, too…

  • joe gomez

    Stop blaming Nolan, its not all on the coach. Hes the head coach but there are numerous other coaches involved with this team. If they cant follow their game plan then thats on the daym players. Nolan wasnt the one on the field overthrowing and underthrowing his receivers. Hes not out there missing tackles or missing blocking assignments. Nolan and all his assistant coaches try to prepare these guys all week, but when Sunday comes, the outcome of the game mostly falls on the shoulders of the players. The head coach gets some of the blame sure, but for someone to put ALL the blame on Nolan? Now thats just plain ignorance.

  • joe gomez

    By getting picked #1 overall and getting payed millions and millions of dollars at 20 years of age, that put too much pressure on Alex Smith. Think about it, we were asking a kid from a weak ass WAC division and a gimmick shotgun spread out offense to come in to a 5-time world champion 49ers team and be the starter? Thats just too much pressure for a nice kid from San Diego. I think the real blame goes to whoever decided to pick him #1 overall when we couldve picked a good QB in the later rounds. I highly doubt Nolan picked Alex Smith all by himself.

  • Red & Gold. No really. Pick something important to complain about. Seriously.