Escape from Seattle

300 yards passing hurray

300 yards passing hurray

The 49ers tried everything they could not to win, but in the end they beat the Seahawks in overtime 33-30. Thanks in part to JT O’Sullivan, Isaac Bruce and Mike Martz. JT finished the day with 321 yards passing and a TD. The first 300 yard passer since 2004.

The 49ers on paper should have rolled the Seahawks, who had no receivers and a runningback who was almost cut in the preseason, but the 49ers run defense forgot how to tackle and the defensive line forgot how to pressure. It wasn’t all on the run defense, however, who gave up 169 yards. The special teams also played like crap. From a missed field goal to end it in regulation to a blocked punt which resulted in a Seahawks first down, the 49ers defense and special teams did what they could to not leave Seattle with a W.

The highlight the majority of the game was the offensive passing game. As said earlier JT threw for over 300 and didn’t turn the ball over. It was a rough day for him as he was sacked eight times, but yet he overcame that and got the team in position to win it in overtime and this time Nedney was money.

Couple more things I’d like to point out is the interception for touchdown Patrick Willis had. Willis you are a God. And for those that didn’t hear, Jonas Jennings didn’t play the second half due to an injury. Wow that’s a surprise.

Bring on Detroit.

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  • Adam49

    We didnt look impressive at all.i guess we wait another week.We shoulda dominated.But a win is a win.

  • Medford

    ISSAC BRUCE WAS FUCKEN HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A True Niner Fan

    Screw the SeaChickins! were gunna take over this division bring on Detroit

  • ninerfan

    Thank God for JT, Isaac, and B.Johnson. You guys showed some class in fighting back. VD please learn from the Pros.

    Defense and Special team please improve with the intensity on the second half. Nolan, can you please let Martz call the offense and don't interfere. Thank you Niners for making my weekend… Let's go and continue this winning streak..

    JT anyday over Alex.

  • joe gomez

    Most Valuable Player = JTO

    Honorable mentions: Isaac Bruce, Bryant Johnson, Arnaz Battle, Frank Gore

    Least Valuable Player = Jonas Jennings

    Dishonorable mentions: Vernon "Alligator Arms" Davis, Mark Roman, The rest of the offensive line for the shitty protection, Defensive Line for the shitty pass rush.

  • Billy

    JT made our offense thank God we landed him. Ill acually admit had my doubts but Im just glad we got a win

    Defense, was horrible we should have dominated, suprisingly as soon as our offense does great our D give up plays. Willis is a beast, and Gore will kill the Lions.

    VD is another draft bust look for Walker to take over some time in the season

  • Billy

    Gomez you forgot Willis INT and Harris!!! They were stellar today as always

  • joe gomez

    Billy..oh yeah Willis!!!!!! That was an awesome 80+ yard touchdown!!!! Harris did good too. Hopefully Jonas Jennings is hurt, he hurt his shoulder during halftime. Barry Sims did alot better. Lets hope Mr. Glass stays hurt.

  • Medford

    NinerPundit its time to make another Jonas "Mr Glass" story. That guy is the biggest pussy in all the NFL he gets a little boo boo and goes running out of the game.

  • joe gomez

    Almost forgot aobut Nate Clements.. that tackle to force the receiver out of bounds knowing that there is no more force out rule is brilliant. He practically carried the guy 5 feet and threw him out of bounds. The "punch out" he did to cause the fumble was also a masterpiece. Hes got that technique down big time.

  • Adam49

    We barely beat the seahawks with nobody playin.All im sayin is that we need to get our shit together.We didnt deserve to win that game.9 fucken sacks?Are you kidding me?We had 1 sack all game long.They ran the ball doen our throats.They passed the ball to a bunch of recievers we dont even know.We had more penalties than I can count.It was not encouraging.

  • Facts are facts….we are getting worked in the trenches on both sides of the ball. That is NOT a good equation….did anyone else notice Staley got moved back over to the right side? Staley IS NOT having a good season so far. I guess we know what we are going to be doing in the draft and free agency. We can't keep making our QB run for his life every play. Our o line creates such a fragile pocket…furthermore. Joe Staley needs to stop letting everyone and their grandmother run behind JTO. Our secondary should be embarassed with the way they played against some no name nobodies. They won't be afforded that luxury when we see Seattle again.

  • joe gomez

    We will keep working at it in practice. I am positive they will study the film and work on things. Possibly make some moves (put Jennings on the bench if he has another owie). I think JTO will only get better. Martz has to take care of that defense. The special teams coach needs to get it together. Bottom line though is a win is a win. Beat the Lions and then were 2-1. Ill take an ugly win anyday. There was alot of negatives in this game but there were some positives too. Go Niners!

  • joe gomez

    oops meant to say Nolan and all his defensive coaches (especially the D-Line coach) needs to take care of the defense. Martz had a good game plan.

  • Golden Elbows

    hey adam49, at least we didn't turn the ball over a million times. it doesn't matter how we look. not all games are going to be pretty. you know what they say "look bad today then look good tommorrow" lets enjoy the win. im sure there many adjustment to come…

  • joe gomez

    Whats up with our high draft pick Rachal? We need to start changing shit on that O-Line.

  • marksmen

    we got the win on to the next week for the lions game, jto is the man in this game for sure. patrick willis is a beast and thts all i got to say thank you! Go Niners!!!

  • marksmen

    oh and uhhh adamm49 stfu and enjoy the win stop bitching fool

  • I don't know why, but Rachal was inactive for that game. We need to put Rachal in there because Snyder is worthless and we all know about Mr. Glass. Baas needs to be our starting left guard and put Rachal on the right. Then let Heitman and Wragge fight it out for the center spot. We NEED to start providing better protection than that! JTO was sacked eight times!!!

  • A True Niner Fan

    the 8 sacks sound worse than they really were cause on like 4 of those JT just surrendered when he shouldve just thrown the ball away….its just a learning curve that hes going through and Im sure the coaches will get on him about it just like the turovers from last week were fixed im sure this will get fixed too

  • MSouza

    Staley stayed at left Ryan, and Simms came in and played Right. I thought we played good. We shot ourselves in the foot the entire first half, and then came back strong in the second. We should've blitzed more, but we limited the turnovers and forced a few ourselves.

    I know that the Seahawks didn't have any receivers, but their defense was healthy, and we put points up on them. They game planned to stop Frank and we beat them in other ways, that's how it is suppose to work. I was dissapointed in our run D, I thought we should've played more of the 3-4 and diguised our fourth rusher better.

    I was glad Nolan got in Martz's face, he kept trying to run sweeps with Frank and Nolan told him to run it downhill. The Seahawks adjusted from there, but Frank was pretty successful on that drive.

    I agree with True Niner Fan that the number of sacks were misleading, but the O-line still has got to step it up. I know Seattle's front seven is great, but we need better.

  • Samra

    and also a starting 4 d-line with ray mcdoanld and justin smith at ends and franklin and sopogoa at dt did not give any pressure if we wanted to go nickel and dime the entire game then our d-line should have been

    LDE Parys Haralson

    LDT Isaac Sopogoa

    RDT Ray McDonald

    RE JUstin Smith

  • joe gomez

    MSouza..what qtr did Nolan get in Martz's face..i missed that one.

  • Looks like we have ourselves a QB and I think our D will improve next week vs. Detroit if nolan/manusky would blitz more!!!!!

  • Samra

    i said it throughout the game,fire nolan, name Martz Head Coach and give him the oppurtunity to actually run his offense, if nolan was such a great defensive coach he would have created a plan to shut down j.jones…we did not desrve to win

  • Lowrance

    I already ranted on the other thread about how pathetic we played and how pathetic the coaching was (last 20 seconds of the game and no blitzing)…

    But VD Take NOTE!
    Class receivers like Johnson, Bruce, and Battle CATCH the ball (without Trex arms) then give the ball up and head back to the huddle… NOT showboat after every catch in every losing battle like you have the last 3 years…. WATCH AND LEARN!!!! I’m running out of patience with YOU!!!!!
    (Like I have a vote, lol)

  • mario

    patrick willis is a beast. nuff said


    is it just me or did martz want to go for another play prior to the end of regulation. Nolan let the clock tic down and played it “safe” for the field goal…since we still had another 30 seconds I don’t see why we didn’t try and get closer! Another safe play by nolan.

  • lottie901


  • lottie901


  • A True Niner Fan

    thats what Im talkin Bout! way to go Niners Patrick Dominated and Defense finally got off the field sometimes lol and we didnt shoot ourselves in the foot that much and look what happenes we Win! JT brought some Fire Power ohhh yeahh

  • Medford

    Hey Adam we beat the C-Cocks in Seattle that is huge!! O Sullivan no picks and held on to the ball. Great win but r special teams need some work Nedney scares me..

  • Golden Elbows

    we played them at seattle. the crowd was def a factor in some of the false starts but at home we should def play much better. and all that WR crap being injured. last time I heard this is a team sport. Special teams, Offense, Defense, Coaching, and etc….any giving sunday!

  • Samra

    our defense was horrible allowing jones to run like that…the primary reason is because nolan’s dumbass decided to play nickel and dime defense the entire game…any dumbass off the street knows that a pass defense will be horible against the run and that what they practically did…classic moment though when nolan called a timeout and ran to get a white board and the defense forced a three and out

  • joe gomez

    ryan .. dont forget about staley..he stunk too.

  • 9erfaninchitown

    What the fuck is wrong with our D. We gave up 350 and they had no WRs. I think Nolan should be on the hot block seeing is that the D is his sole responsibility. He had Lawson on the bench, 3 safetys on the field for half the game, while JJ was running all over us. Horse shit… get it together nolan!

  • Crazy Dave

    Im happy we won .But…..the game was very sloppy sacks amd penalties still killed us .we barley won with seatle seahawks wide receivers out and we let there running back out do frank gore…but ill take it a “W” is a “W”

  • joe gomez

    RCA.. Losing Jennings was a plus for us.. Sims did a much better job on that right side. Fuck Jennings, even Ronnie Lott we should cut his sorry ass last year.

  • joe gomez

    I think we need to get that extension done for JTO, hes an unrestricted FA next year. This is what his position coach had to say:

    "There are a couple of his plays today, I can't wait to look at the tape and see them over again," Tollner said on his way to the team bus. "It's not just the big plays, it's the hidden little positive plays where he got something where there didn't seem to be anything. I thought his performance was phenomenal."

    Phenomenal may be too strong a word. On the other hand, Alex Smith never had a 300-yard passing game during his term as the 49ers' starter. O'Sullivan now has one in his second start."

    Speaking of the now defunct Smith, not only did JTO pass for over 300 yards in only his 2nd NFL start but Aaron "I wanted to be a Niner and I will make them regret not picking me" Rodgers also passed for over 300 yards in his 2nd NFL start. Impressed yet Niner pundit?

  • marksmen

    go niners i love this win how it happened like tht fuck the seacocks. I hope the niners in the offseason gets rid of jonas jennings and alex smith for sure he will be gone =]

  • Adam49

    marksman,you can kiss my fucken ass bitch.This team was injured from the top to the bottom.A win is a win but if were gonna compete were gonna have to play much better than that.You can sit your pussy ass down and enjoy this win if you want to.We have New England,Philidelphia,and the Giants coming up.If we play like a bunch of retards like we did in this game,we will get embarrassed.This team should be a hell of alot better than this.We flat out got dominated in the trenches.That's not something that can be fixed overnight.We will win against Detroit next week.We have 1 week to fix this teams problems before we play the best teams in the NFL.

  • West

    Manny Lawson played nothing but special teams, Look for him to get back in our starting D role……… Our D will get better. Enjoy da win!

  • RCA

    You’re crazy! We spotted them 14 points…had an unfortunate bounce on a great block from Manny, lost Spencer, lost Jennings, fumbled…missed a field goal in regulation … don’t take away the players accomplishments because you dislike the coach…this is the NFL – we damn sure DESERVED to win. Those guys fought and scratched for every play INSPITE of Nolan’s hum drum approach.

    Anyone who watched the Buffalo game knew what our gameplan should have been and he elected to sit back and allow Seattle to be Seattle….maybe NOLAN didn’t deserve to win – but the players absolutely earned it.

  • crazydave

    We need a quarterback that can get it in the end zone when we get there ,this past week we were there a few times and only scored on touch down pass in 2 weeks.If we get rid of A. Smith who do you think we will get in free agency or the draft.

  • gee-ray

    um heitman didnt have such a great game either. correct me if i am wrong but he got pushed into gore causing gore to fumble. (not gore’s fault, he was forced to swap direction and hands). and he got pushed back into J.T.O causing him to fall. Maybe it was the crowd noise, but thats hard to believe when you are the center. you should know when the ball is snapped and how to block… not hating, i’m just bringing it up

  • marksmen

    and second this team has been winning the division for about five years so be quiet if the whole wide rev is out bitch.

  • Damn way to go 49ers. At first I wasn’t a JT fan but now after how he played on Sunday I’m on board. Big props to Patrick Willis he’s the man.

  • joe gomez

    Adam, dont worry we will only get better.

  • Goldsmith 49

    I am glad that the niners won the game. I am concerned with the performance of the offensive line. We may need to have a changing of the guard. David Baas should get an opportunity with the performance of Adam Synder and Tony Wragge. One of these guys could get benched if they do not play better. I would also like to see Chilo Rachel get an opportunity at guard or tackle. He could not do much worse than what we are currently seeing. It is encouraging to see the offense put some points on the board after what we saw last year. The offense will only get better as the year progress. I was impressed with JTO and our receiving core. This offense could really be better once we find a way to get Veron Davis involved. Go Niners!

  • Texas9er

    I know that seattle recievers were below average but when Mike Holmgren is the coach I doesn’t matter who the recievers are. He can creat miss matches all over the field. Now I do agree that our defense should have played better but one thing that did help the Seahawsk is they use the westcoast offense. In that offense If you have a good qb and average recievers or even below average recievers and a coach who knows whats hes doing you can make plays. If anything yesterdays game shows how good Mike Holgren really is. But on the running game, Julius Jones isn’t that good. The 49ers need to get there shit together or we are going to get eaten alive later in the year. To all of you so called experts and haters of JTO, for this guy to come out in his second start and play like he did was great. He played on the road in Seattle of all places and got sacked 8 times and never let it get to him is auesome. If Alex smith was our qb yesterday we would have lost that game.

  • crazydave

    one touch down pass in 2 games.

  • marksmen

    hey adam, i told u to stfu u bitch iam sitting down enjoy a great win like tht but i ain’t no pussy, those mistakes cane easily be fix. we got two offensive line coaches warhop and forester that im sure they will get on there asses about the eight sacks, we sure cleaned up nicely with O’Sullivan with no turnovers by him. And second hows your boy alex smith been doing u been sucking his cock for 4 years punk bitch so i dont hear u after so fuck u and stfu

  • Adam49

    Ya, you sound like a pussy.Warhop sucks and forester aint any better.What has Warhop done sine he’s been here accept almost get his sorry ass fired.I can already tell you know what your talkin about.Alex Smith?LMFAO.We looked terrible.Plain and simple.The bright spot was our QB and WR’s.We are not playin like a team yet.Live with it and shut your fuckin mouth.

  • joe gomez

    Coach Mike Nolan just met the media after the 49ers’ two first-day picks. He said both Balmer and Rachal are both players who will impact the roster. “We are drafting for need, but we need the best players,” Nolan said.

    Yea he said it, thats the quote after drafting these two, but where the fuck are they Nolan!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam49

    Well i guess he didnt exactly say when they were gonna impact the

  • joe gomez

    Deshaun Jackson has loads of talent that we couldve used on our offense, but man what a fucken idiot! He did the same thing in high school. Dumb fuck.

  • crazydave

    so if we get rid of Mr. Glass and Alex Smith i wonder how much cap space we would have.

  • Samra


  • Pintor98

    Alex Smith is 10million and Mr Glass is 5 miilion

  • 69ers owner

    you think JTO is fantasy material yet? i wanna pick him up but i cant man up enough. he'd be better than fucking carson palmer though.then again, Micheal Vick would be better than CP right now.he'd at least keep me in the positives