Did you Know? Jamie Martin

Martin is a believer in free hugs

Martin is a believer in free hugs

All signs are pointing to Jamie Martin signing and filling the void left by Alex Smith’s injury. Martin is flying in today for a physical and if he passes, he’ll sign. For those that are unfamiliar with Jamie Martin we figured we’d share with you a little Did you Know.

  • Middle name is Blane
  • He led his team to the California Interscholastic Federation championship in 1987.
  • He is an Aquarius
  • He was named to the First Team All-Big Sky Conference in 1990.
  • Brett Favre, John Carney, and Jeff Feagles are the only other current NFL players older than him.
  • He once threw for seven touchdowns against powerhouse Eastern Washington.
  • He was not drafted, signed a free agent contract with Rams in 1993.
  • His first pass attempt in a Jags uniform was a 67-yard touchdown against powerhouse Detroit.
  • He has blue eyes
  • He isn’t a close friend of John Brodie’s so he will not wear #12.
  • He tore his ACL in his first career NFL start.
  • He won the Walton Payton Award in 1991.
  • He has 3 of 5 vowels in his first name.
  • He can say that he played for both the Los Angeles and St Louis Rams.
  • He has never been a contestant on the ‘Bachelor.’
  • Chiefs beat the Vikings in SB IV the year he was born.
  • He was alive when gas was 0.36 cents a gallon
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  • Niner Pundit

    Adam…sorry but it is a horrible pickup. You don't go out and get Martin just because he knows Martz' system. He's 38 and he isn't good. He is no different than Trent Dilfer. And we all know how that turned out.

    It's clear that Smith is not coming back so why not go out and get a young guy (someone like Lorenzen or Simms) see what they can contribute. Who knows they may pan out and surprise. With the history of injuries to the 49er QB's lately. I'd much rather go with one of those two than Martin who provides no future whatsoever. Hell if you are going with former Martz guys. Why not bring in Fitzpatrick at least he's young.

  • Adam49

    It took Chris Simms 3 years to pickup Jon Grudens offense and you want him to try and pickup Martz's offense in a couple weeks.It's just for depth,i don't even know why were talking about this.

  • AM

    it is a good pickup. the only chance he has at playing is if hill and o'sullivan get hurt. which isn't happening.

  • eddie

    i dont care who we pick up,just like alot of us, i just wants some wins im tired of this losing shit for 4-5-6 years now……..NO MORE FUCKING EXCUSES!!!

  • Adam49

    The only stat that matters is that he is familiar with Mike Martz’s offense.Not a bad pickup.

  • Caribulou

    All I have to say is WHO? Come on there are a bunch of good QB’s out there why do we have to pick one off the nobody pile.

  • Adam49

    I think their looking for someone to fill in right now if JT and Hill go down.Their not looking for a free agent nobody for the future right now.It’s for depth and experience in Martz system.It is not long term.I still think it was a good pickup and i trust Martz on this one.JTO was obviously a good pickup because he knew the system already and i think this one is to.

  • jstyles

    sometime i really feel like giving up as a fan of this team. It seems like every team can find a QB but us

  • shane

    this is a pointless pickup.. CHRIS SIMMS would be a good pick up, this is just pathedic and embarassing


    Hopefully we don't sign Jamie Fartin but if we do, hopefully he doesn't see 1 fucking snap…..becuz if he sees any action whatsoever…….we're fucked anyway. It's been nice cussing you out every Sunday, bye Nolan.


    It's like when we signed Chris Weinke….what the hell was that shit????

  • James Jones

    Adam I think the Pundit’s point was that there is no time like the present to begin preparing for the future, especially in the NFL. If a quarterback like Simms or Lorenzen could be salvaged and gain tuteledge under Martz then why not. It’s a better move to make then bringing a 38-year old guy who isn’t even playing now.

  • MSouza

    I don’t see Lorenzon ever having a career any better than Jamie Martin. Simms played two great games, then lacerated his spleen and hasn’t thrown a regular season ball since. I understand what you and Pundit are saying about bringing in a guy with a future, but neither of those guys really have one.

  • Hunterboyz

    49ers sign Martin
    The 49ers have signed ex-Rams quarterback Jamie Martin, an indication that Alex Smith will go on injured reserve. Martin’s agent Tom Mills said he has just faxed the necessary paperwork and the deal is complete.

    Martin, 38, appears to be the only quarterback the 49ers targeted. He has a long history with Mike Martz, including two stints with Rams when Martz was the head coach and one with the Redskins when Martz was the team’s quarterbacks coach.

  • Is there something wrong reuniting with Tim Rattay?

  • moonstar90

    hello every1, i want know if you still contact with jamie martin? let me know thank you!!