Alex Smith has an Owie

Looks as if Alex Smith will never attempt another pass in Red and Gold. The latest reports are that Alex Smith is doubtful for the opener against the Cardinals due a non-contact injury to his shoulder he hurt last season.

“Yesterday Alex Smith sustained a non-contact injury to his surgically repaired right shoulder. He will be consulting with his surgeon in Birmingham for treatment recommendations.”

Chris Mortensen reports that the MRI examination showed that a piece of bone in Smith’s shoulder broke off in the area of the surgery from December.

Can you say done

Can you say done

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  • Doc Iac

    thats good news….

  • Red & Gold Fan

    If he does not attempt to pass another football while with the 49ers that will be good for the team. Smith has never has been a good QB and the question here is what can they do with him now. Trade or wave him? Which team would be that hard up to trade him?

  • Adam49

    Well we’ll compare Smith’s play to the QB’s that start this year and see if he was that bad.

  • Have you tested out the information on this site yet