Zak Keasey…Really?

We get it Zak, you have great hair

We get it Zak, you have great hair

It may just be me, but why in the hell is Zak Keasey even an option at fullback. Is this seriously the guy the team wants blocking for Frank?

Watching Keasey running and blocking out there reminds me of Rudy Ruettiger and everytime I keep hearing Roc say…

You’re 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability.

Of course Keasey is 6 foot and 245, but still the guy looks nothing like a football player. Sure he was first team All-Ivy League, but that is like saying you are Prince of the retards.

I know we have more important things to worry about like who will be quarterback, will Morgan be a starter or when will Jennings hangnail get better. I may be in the minority, but to me the fullback position is just as important, considering it impacts are star player.

I know Nolan has a hard on for Keasey and he has great hair, but if by some chance he makes the team over Norris, all I have to say (to steal another line from Rudy, this time from Dan Devine) is Pray for us.

Born and raised a diehard Niner fan. I have nothing better to do with my time than sit here and cram my opinions down everyone's throat.
  • niner_junkie

    Keasey is going to start at fullback because he’s more athletic and you need that for Martz’s offense. We will hardly ever use just a straight formation where keasey is barreling straight at guys to block for Gore. Don’t worry, Martz knows what he’s doing. This isn’t the west coast offense anymore where we need to have a big bruising fullback.

  • Lowrance

    Brings up a good point. I can't even remember the fullback on the "Greatest Show on Turf" team…..

  • John Palmer

    Better receiver and better potential for rushing. Norris is obviously a better blocking back and should be retained in that capacity.

  • Mungo

    So far, Keasey hasn’t made a reception in either preseason game or in any of the games he played in last year. When you read the practice reports by the likes of Maiocco, you don’t hear about him making many catches. Norris isn’t an explosive receiver, although he’s shown that he can catch the damn thing when needed. Where did everyone get the idea that Keasey is a better receiver?

    Positives about Keasey:
    – Great hair
    – Went to Princeton, so he’s probably really smart
    – Umm….
    – That’s it

    Positives about Norris
    – Moran Norris can hit defenders so hard that it alters their DNA. Years from now, their descendents will occasionally grab their heads and scream “What the hell was that ?!”
    – Moran Norris’ house has no doors, only the walls that he walks through
    – Guns don’t kill people, Moran Norris kills people
    – Moran Norris can divide by zero
    – Moran Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognises the element of surprise

    Clearly, Norris is a better player.

  • niner_junkie

    Mungo, I think you're mistaking Moran for Chuck.

  • Audentas

    Man I love you couch potato coaches.
    Zak Keasey is the real deal and not only is he a very good Football Player but also has the smarts to play.
    Your comments are that of an idiot who has never played the game nor recognises talent.
    Zak is the Real Deal and a Diamond in the Rough.
    Oh by the way fella…who and what team put Zak in the NFL? hmmm A funny little fella called Joe Gibbs…have you ever heard of him? hmm.?
    you make me laugh..

  • Audentas

    As for the girl who wrote this article about Zak you certainly have your head where the sun does not shine
    Go and look up what Zak did at Princeton….
    His nick name was viscous…. and that is just what he is.
    He has the hands of a WR… the strength of a defensive line man and the BRAINS OF Einstein…
    You goof balls make me laugh..

  • Patricia

    Awww, come on now you all..have any of you ever met Zak? I was lucky enough to this past August and given his history on the field and how he presents himself off of the field, he's gonna go far, just you wait and see. Now, everyone..adjust your shorts and go find someone else to throw darts at!

    Zak, keep up what you're doing, we love it!

  • Deb

    just play nekkid Zak

  • anthony14yrs

    how do u put a hb. at fullback cause he’s athletic if he’s athletic he should be on special teams and another option at running back even though we have gore,and desean foster the guy that should be blocking at fullback should someone who could actually clear some space and that’s MORAN NORRIS!!!!

  • anthony14yrs

    how do u put someone who’s athletic and should be another option for runningback and special teams at fullback we need someone who can actually clear space for frank gore,and desean foster and use some commen sence thats MORAN NORRIS PEOPLE!!!!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Come on 14 do your homework. No other team picked up moran.
    The guy was washed up.

  • Audentas

    Let's see Zak Keasey is now the no. 1 fullback.


    To all you doom and gloom couch potato's.

    Zak Keasey is the REAL DEAL.

    Being hand picked by Joe Gibbs.

    When he was released Pittsburg, GreenBay and San Fran all had interest in him.

    Oh yea Zak can count past ten also…lol.

    PRINCETON fellas should tell you something!

    Make it happen Zak and keep up the good work!



  • Rob

    I went to high school where he played both FB and LB…Don't worry …the boy can hit and hit hard….

  • deeznutz

    I went to high school with zak as well. the kid is no joke.

  • drema

    You forgot sexy as hell…..