Tito, Hand Tatum a Tissue

Don\'t cry. It\'s okay now, that big mean Martz is gone

Don't cry. It's okay now, that big mean Martz is gone

Apparently Tatum Bell didn’t like the way Mike Martz handled him in Detroit. Here are a few comments Bell had to say regarding Martz and he has no qualms about someone letting Martz know.

“I am glad Martz is gone and you can tell him I said it, too,” Bell said. “I think he played me. He was not honest with me as a man or as a coach and my position coach (Wilbert Montgomery) didn’t have anything to say either. Nobody was telling me stuff.”

Seems that Bell is now a happy man with Martz gone and hopes to improve on his stellar 44 carries for 182 yards last season. So far this preseason he is tearing it up with whopping numbers 12 carries 17 yards.

I was so happy to get out of here after the last game,” Bell said. “Playing for Martz last year I hated it. You don’t understand how hurt I was sitting on the sidelines and not getting that many carries. I mean, I started the season with like 15 carries and then I got like five carries (actually nine) against Minnesota. I know they are a good run-stop team, but that shows you we’re scared of them. That ticked me off. How many starting running backs do you know get five carries in a game?”

This may just be a wild guess, but I think the reason Tatum didn’t get any carries last season was because he sucks. Oh, and you can tell Tatum I said that.

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  • Tim

    This article is not relevant and is completly stupid!

  • ninerfaithful

    tatum bell sucks he could even hack in in denver there offense anyone can rush for a 1000 yards ..

    well tatum i am glad martz is gone too cause now he has a real running back in gore and you can tell him i said that

  • The Unknown Stuntman

    Tim, I’ll go ahead and send you an email next time asking you if what I write is relevant.

    Funniest thing is you say it is irrelevant and stupid, but yet you took the time to comment on it.

    Thanks Tim for your support.

  • Lowrance

    All I know is I’ve seen an actual offense for the last 2 games. Either GB and Chicago had terrible defensive games, or Mike has elevated the offense to an actual competitive level.

  • MSouza

    Maybe other players around the league crying about us is a sign that the niners are once again becoming relevant.