The Cuts are In

The NFL-mandatory cut-down to 75 players is on Tuesday and the San Francisco 49ers waived five players today.

The 49ers waived second-year DT Joe Cohen, first-year TE Cooper Wallace, rookie S Lewis Baker, rookie QB Kyle Wright and rookie G John Booker.

Source: .com

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  • joe gomez

    I could live with those let go. Los Banos Jerry said that Kyle Wright was pretty good but I haven't seen him play.

  • Billy

    At least we still got Cam Colvin!!

  • Niner Pundit

    We still have Colvin for now. Doubt he makes the 53 man roster. Most likely PS

  • Billy

    Yeah Niner Pundit but it would be nice to have him I dont know why but I just feel that he can have a break out season for a reason I dont know why but hopefully Morgan can do that

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Looks like Wright was just a training camp QB. Come on Tebow
    for next year

  • MSouza

    Please no more Urban Meyer QBs.

  • Lowrance

    Pretty sure this was the website, but can't remember:

  • Hey Ryan Niner Pundit knows the website u go to get the pictures by ur name I forgot what it was. Pundit could u help?

    We will all see what happends the first game if JTO looks like crap I bet 80% of people will be calling for Alex so he aint done yet thats for sure. Im not saying im calling for him to be the starter now cause im not JTO deserves to be the starter. Its a long season remember last year we were throwing Chris Weinke out on the field so Smith still has a shot.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Medford are you related to Adam49. Let it go…..If a bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumps.
    He looks like shit he shuld be the 3rd QB. The only
    reason he’s the 2nd is because it will hurt his trade value.

    Are schedule is gonna be tough enough. If JTO gets hurt, you
    better hope Alex has the flu. And can’t make it on the field. His play is brutal.

    If JTO stays healthy we have a chance at 8 & 8 record. If
    Alex came in at the half way point. It would be a miracle
    to win any more games.

    Hope for an injury to another teams QB before the trade
    dealine. So we can move Alex. If we could get a 4th round
    and pay half his salary, we would be very lucky. I think
    they would move him for a 7th if we could find some team,
    to take on this years salary.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    joe gomez would you rather have Alex on our roster, or
    dump him and pick up a waiver wire QB for our #3QB. I
    would rather have a new #3 and save the 20 million on the
    cap. There should be some over priced veterans released
    next week. With the injury to Snyder maybe we should bring
    back Larry Allen.

  • MSouza

    I saw that Ashley Lelie is back practicing, what do you guys think, too little, too late?

  • Los Banos Jerry

    yes Lelie is a waste of a roster spot