Starting Quarterback Still Anyones Guess

This man is in charge of an NFL team

This man is in charge of an NFL team

Another practice, another case of Nolan having no clue what he is doing with the quarterback situation. I was reading some Niner news today and came across the breakdown of the reps the quarterbacks have taken with the first team. O’Sullivan: 7.5, Hill: 2.83, and Smith: 2.67

Last week Nolan was on record as saying that there were 15 practices left and each quarterback would get equal time with each team. Last time I checked my math 15 divided by 3 was 5 and J.T. is currently at 7.5…hmmm that just doesn’t add up. Here is are some answers from Nolan regarding the whole quarterback situation and don’t be surprised after reading Nolan still has no idea what he’s doing.

Question: Didn’t see Shaun out there with the second unit. Is he still in the mix?

Coach Mike Nolan: “Yes. I wouldn’t read anything into it.”

Question: Can we read anything into the fact that O’Sullivan has all the first-team reps since the game?

Nolan: “No.”

Question: It doesn’t seem like there’s any rotating going on . . .

Nolan: “There’s going to be a practice this afternoon. There’ll be one tomorrow. And we’ll see how it goes, OK?”

Question: Why did Shaun Hill not get any snaps?

Nolan: “Because of the rotation we have right now. That’s the way it is.”

Question: Will Alex go with the first team in the afternoon?

Nolan: “No. No decision has been made (about the starter). I’m confident we have three guys and we’re repping them.”

Question: Are you concerned with what the offense is going to look like when the season begins?

Nolan: “I’m concerned about every aspect of the football team, to be honest with you. It’s important we have a good offense. We have very good structure. But you go through a process to get to where you want to be. We’re going through that process. The lack of consistency is what everyone faces. It’s a normal thing.”

Hey Nolan let us help you out. Just put all three names in a hat and go from there.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • jstyles

    Im so pissed that Nolan wants some guy name JT O'Sullivan as the starting QB. At first i thought it was just to lite a fire in Alex but when all the stories thats coming out of training camp it seems that Alex has lost it. How can you think Alex will get a graps for this offence if u keep him working with guys thats not going to be on the field. Why would the 49ers pick up the option on Alex if this is what we are doing with him. My opion bring in Daunte Culpepper how bad could it be?

  • I don't know if people on this site are flip floppers, but how DUMB can Nolan be. He says that he is trying to keep it fair and it is an "open" competition, but O'Sullivan….the guy who looked GOD AWFUL against the raiders, is taking most of the first team reps because MARTZ is telling him to do it. I am NOT AN NFL coach, but some NFL coaches are extremely incompetent (like Nolan is looking like at this point) so maybe I should feel good about not acting like an expert. Nolan CLEARLY wants to be fired because IF he names O'Sullivan or Hill the starter and they win anything less than 8 games you can expect him to be sent packing. I just don't understand……if I was an NFL coach on the hot seat like Nolan is (extremely hot) would you really want to put all of your eggs in J.T. O'Sulluvan's basket. Hey, if that is the hill that Nolan wants to die on then so be it….it is just a shame that he is going to flush the niners season down with him.

  • SFyayarea

    did you watch the game Ninaz? their defense played no more than the first few series. so if you're saying oakland's first stringers and top draft pick did good against a 2nd and 3rd string defense then i'll admit that. so nolan is a shitty coach? would you like erickson back? nolan got rid of cancers such as barlow, kwame, and guys who were there for a payday and made guys compete. he sure had a hell lot of nothing before to work with and now he has the niners set if and when a QB steps up.

    i'm a guy who every year thinks the niners have a chance because i'm a fan of the game. so pretty much you say get rid of a coach after the tools have been set in place? who do you think set the tools to be there? i admit life goes by "what have you done for me lately" so he is on a short leash…but stop bashing a guy who is supposed to make a team from last place to a superbowl overnight.

  • Adam49

    I didn’t know Matt was such and idiot.It’s not rocket science you fool.He hasn’t seen a clear cut winner at QB yet.WOW that was hard.And Matt even though your a pretty good sports writer your not a coach and never will be so shut your fricken mouth.Quit using what little power you have to try and put Nolan down.Report the facts and shut up.BITCH!!

  • niner_junkie

    Adam, you’re a douchebag

  • jstyles

    My question is why not bring in Daunte Culpepper????????

  • Goldsmith 49

    Enough already name Alex the starter!

  • Ninaz

    I have never seen such a dumbass coach in my life seriously. How do you expect your players to respect you and win for you if you cant even decide whose the better QB out of 1 lottery pick and 2 benchwarmers that have warmed benches all their lives. Ahh Walsh please pull some strings with the gods up there we have no hope with this peanut minded douchebag for a coach.

  • gee-ray

    i have never seen such a bunch of flip flopping 9ers fans in my life. everyone was bashing nolan and smith last year. now he is trying out his quarterbacks and giving them all a fair shake everyone is crying the blues. this is preseason. lets see what they’ve got. all of last years smith haters are o’sullivan haters now.

  • niner_junkie

    What exactly has Smith done to earn the starting job? If he was good enough to be the starter, he would stand above the rest and take the spot. He’s clearly not doing that, and even with all the first team reps he won’t be ready for this season.

  • Yes, Adam49 brought his douchebaggery to my blog as well. He was deleted.

  • SFyayarea

    i agree with gee-ray…starting jobs aren’t given to guys who are drafted highly or else guys like tom brady, kurt warner, marc bulger, and so on, would never have made it. it’s about more than that and it seems most niners fans have forgotten that.

    and nolan has been a great coach to getting the niners back to playoff and super bowl form…compare the defense before nolan and now. not even a close race, and defense is what wins championships. so start being a fan of the niners and support your team.

  • facci

    BOY; Talk about Caos. QUIT TWEEKING!! J.T. Sullivan started, because he has more of a grasp on the playbook. He ran more combination plays, compared to Alex. It will all get together. Wait until next week when they play the Packers, that’s when your going to be hearing all the bitching, if Aaron has anykind of first half, compared to Alex.

  • Ninaz

    SFyayarea, who are you trying to inspire moron? I agree that starting jobs shouldnt be given but earned but who other than Alex has deserved to start? hmm lets see Tim rattay, Cody pickett, Olsen, Weinke, Shaun, or JT? No one except for Alex has proven to be the superior QB in the 49ers organization since Jeff Garcia and each of those guys above that i mentioned got their shot and they all sucked beyond suckage. Alex has been through multiple OC’s and is playing for a douche for a coach which they have bad chemistry and i still havent mentioned that our receivers since Terrell Owns have been worthless. You say Nolan built the defense? No, what he did was sign the best defensive player in the FA for $80 mil and the best LB in college (that pick was a no brainer who was next?) Any other coach could do the same and better. And even with this overhyped defense they got ran over by the raiders and showed lack of discipline to adjust to whats happening and the sad part is that Nolan is a defense minded coach and the defense is still ranked amongst the worst. Ive been a fan for over 15 years and never have the 49ers sucked as bad as they have since 2004 under the same coach that has gotten us nowhere yet he hasnt been fired. Support your team by not staying satisfied with a shitty coach and a shitty owner. The tools are there now let a coach that knows how to use them run this team, Nolan needs out.

  • Eric

    I don’t even want to know how bad this team is going to be last year. Can it get any worse than last year’s offense? The defense seems great but not when they have to play 80% of the snaps every game. Man Nolan reminds me of my old high school football coach. Stubborn and dumb.

  • Eric

    In my first sentence, I meant to say this year instead of last year. I guess I was just having horrible flashbacks to the catastrophe that was the 2007 season.

  • Our defense is set besides two questions…..ONE, WHY isn’t Golston the starter at free safety. TWO, When are we going to get a legitimate nose tackle…..Franklin is a great backup, but Balmer is going to be used as an end, not a NT because he is too tall and plays to high. The offense is what we need to worry about. The QB is the obvious spectacle, but also is our interior line and our wide receivers who aren’t named Josh Morgan…….tell me why he isn’t moved up the depth chart and allowed to jump Battle and Lelie. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? Battle has been the most consisten receiver on a horrific wr core ever since we had him and Lelie is just a lazy piece of shit that never hit his potential.

  • Nolan is just a liar plain and simple and he hates Alex Smith what other explanation can we come with? JT Ofumble looked bad on friday but he is still getting all the reps with the first team im confused.

  • Nolan was on the radio this morning and declared that JT is the leading cadidate for the starting QB race "at this point". Nolan REALLY wants to get fired. The niners have so much talent and it is going to be wasted on another disappointing season. We could go pretty far if Nolan pulled his head out. Anyone want to talk about a new head coach? I say try to bring Cowher out of retirement….if that doesn't work then give the job to Singletary, PERIOD!


    Honestly for me, as a life long Niner fan I can honestly say the QB position is one of the most important positions in anyones eyes whos been a Niner fan since the 80's or before.

    Im happy the team is working all 3 QB's. Just because we over paid an unproven Alex Smith when we drafted him, doesnt mean he is the answer to a winning team. Its possible he is a good QB, he just may not be a great QB like the Niners are used to.

    And hey, Sullivan and Hill may not be great either, but we damn sure need to find out. Because we need greatness at that position to lead this offense CONSISTENTLY down the field (not just at the end of games, when its pretty much over anyways AKA Smith) and if working them all through at different times within a practice with different players is Martz and Nolans way of looking for a QB who can do that, then so be it.

    Its Nolan and more so Martz job to find greatness at QB, I say we all stop bitching about whats going on till the first snap of the regular season.

    If I were Nolan and i read all the comments on the internet that just bashed me all the time, I would bring back Ken Dorsey and make him starter just to really piss off all the whiners and Nolan haters.

    If you hate how the Niners are being coached, put in your resume to the Yorks, we may get alot farther with our beloved team then we will with some of you people here always bitching :)

    Go Niners!

  • joe gomez

    "O'Sullivan was 17-for-28 passing with two interceptions in the morning session. Smith was 16 for 24 with three interceptions, including two that were returned for touchdowns." …. just a recap how our top 2 QB's did in practice yesterday. Man what on earth are we going to do with this QB situation. Will Jeff Garcia do a better job? Theres got to be someone out there who can QB this team!

  • West

    I'm still Rollin wit Nolan!!!!

    I like the team we have in place, QB position will work its self out in time.

    9ers will turn this around

  • unreal

    Only reason JTO is leading the way is b/c he already knows the damn offense. He played it in Det. with Martz. If he didn't look a little better right now with it then there would be diff. set of problems.

    Smith should take this job though.. from sounds of it Hill is basically a side line viewer on it really. I didn't think hill fit with martz system anyway. Doesn't have the arm strength.(my view on that)

    Fact that 2 of Smiths 3 picks were returned for TD's not really on smith there. He threw the pick fact it was returned and JTO's weren't nothing Smith could do there.. Also who worked those reps with first team and who worked 2nd team.. also were the picks tipped passes or the WR fault for wrong route or just didn't catch it or fight for it or was it just a bad throw. Just by fact there was an INT doesn't always put it 100% on QB. That goes with both JTO and Smith.

  • unreal

    Oh and heres another thing b/c I know this is gonna start up as season starts. People will start to compare Smith and Rodgers b/c we drafted smith and now rodgers has a chance to prove himself. Well keep in mind that rodgers has had same off. system his whole career and sat behind brett favre who is easily one of the top 5 qbs ever to play the game and a first ballot HOF. So thats a hell of a person to learn from and not be thrown out to the wolves like smith was.

    So I know the comparisons will come out in time so figured i would get my view point on that out now.

  • CoNinerfan

    Once again Nolan doesn’t know what he’s doing. Just pick a damn QB so the whole offense is on the same page and we can get some sort of consistency. If he keeps this up he will be fired by week 4, maybe sooner.

  • Adam49

    Indiana Jim says he deleted me from his site?Dont know what the fuck his dunmbass is talkin about.Even if he did delete me,what for?Because I disagree with his sorry ass.Oh well.Some of you idiots on this site make no fuckin sense.Your mad at nolan for not naming a starter.Some of you say we don’t have a starter.Well if you look into it,Nolan prolly agrees with you thats why he is trying to see who the best out of the 3 us.We still have alot of preseason games and camp practices left to pick a starter.I personally believe he should have already picked Smith to start to get him reps but im not there at practice everyday.So we should all relax at least until after this game coming up.Nolan’s job pretty much depends on the QB play.So im sure he wants the best in there.All of you talk shit like you know what your talking about.Your not at the practics and neither am I so stfu.

  • Rob

    I think the reason Nolan is looking stupid right now isn’t because of indecision or just “not knowing what he’s doing”. I think it’s because he is realizing he doesn’t have a starting caliber QB on his team, so he and Martz are basically trying to find the lesser of all evils. Which means this could be a long season. Now, if the defense stays healthy and plays their guts out and Frank has a good season, I think we can do ok. Heck, we may even be able to make the playoffs if all goes well. A good defense and being able to run the ball can take you far. But, our passing game is just not going to be feared anywhere. And, we just don’t have any great QBs. That’s all there is to it. So, I say just go with Smith and see what happens.

  • Rob and Adam have good points….our passing game is going to scare NO ONE! But after watching O’ Sullivan I just don’t see how you could want to put him on the field. For example, when he is getting rushed and the pocket is collapsing what does he do???? “Oh, I better run… I should do a Kareem Abdul Jabar hook shot pass to Foster!” That kind of decision making scares me because he is willing do anything to get rid of the ball and doesn’t do well under pressure. Furthermore, you can’t be happy with ole’ JT with all of the turn overs….HOLD ON TO THE DAMN BALL IF THERE IS NOTHING THERE OR THROW IT AWAY! What compounds this situation is the fact that our interior line is looking PATHETIC! I wouldn’t count TOO MUCH on Frank yet….not because of Frank, but because of who is blocking for him.

  • Adam49

    West has a good point.Nolan has put a damn good team together if you ask me.But I think he's gonna screw it all up by starting O'Sullivan.Alex needs to step it up or he can hop on the bus to get the fuck out of here with his best friend Mike Nolan.

  • MSouza

    I understand that the quarterback competition is annoying, but I really doubt Nolan is what is holding things up. Its Mike Martz offense, Nolan has said numerous times he wants Mike to feel comfortable with who is out there on offense.

    If the Niners named a starter right now it would be JT O’Sullivan, simply because he knows the offense better, I don’t want that.

  • Adam49

    Just give Alex the reps,we all know he has the most talent out of all 3.With some talent around him I think he is gonna be ok.Let’s just relax a bit and see what happens after this next game.If we are still screwing around with this QB crap after this game,I’m jumpin on the Nolan’s a dipshit bandwagon.

  • Niner Pundit

    Ryan…yeah I listened. I’m waiting for KNBR to update the audio of the interview and I’ll post it here.

  • Adam49

    Well if he’s stupid enough to name Sullivan the starter,then i’m on the Nolan is a dipshit bandwagon.Amazing.I can’t believe he is actually gonna pick O’Sullivan to start.What an ASSHOLE.I’ve defended him for the last year and a half and then he pulls this crap.And get ready to hear all the hate talk to start being pointed at John York for keeping him around.I think this was the last straw.Moron!And this aint sayin much for Martz,because i’m sure he had a pretty big say in this circus.

  • ninerfaithful

    ##11## and nolan not mixing again this season fuck what does he need to do to get the nod JT sucked it up on friday night against oakland i cant take anymore of nolan’s madness he needs to let alex get reps in with the starters

  • West

    gee-ray…. nicely said

  • Ninaz

    MSouza, stop defending Nolan hes a shitty coach who was chosen by a pair of shitty owners. First off who signs a coach that no one knows what hes capable of for 4 years? The Yorks who know nothing about football except its a good investment to buy an NFL team. You ask me if id rather have Erickson? well Erickson only lasted 2 years in SF after a 7-9 and 2-14 seasons with a 49er coach record of 9-23, Nolan on the other hand has been here 3 years still employed and his most wins as a 49er Head coach matches that of Dennis Erickson. Nolan holds a 49er record of worst record in 16-32. If Erickson had the luxury of 2 more years as a 49er things could have changed but we will never know because he was fired by an owner that expected nothing less than wins. I question how long you have been a fan because never before have the 49ers kept a coach that didnt show improvement in wins NOT players. Buts idiots like you that admire Nolan because hes brought players that sell jerseys onto the team but they dont translate into wins. I say this again, the 49ers have a good team now fire Nolan and give the team to a coach that can use the tools that Nolan was graceful enough to buy but cant use. Getting talent doesnt mean your a good coach it just means youd make for a decent gm.

  • Adam49

    gee-ray.Im a Smith supporter.Not sure what your talkin about.I’m also a Nolan supporter.But Nolan isn’t handling this thing correctly.Why do you think damn near everybody on every site including is calling this QB BS a circus.When a head coach comes out and says the front runner at QB is a schmuck like JTO,when you have a young guy with all the talent in the world like Alex Smith sittin on his hands because you have a beef with him,thats bullshit.

  • Adam49

    And the Yorks are shitty owners?Why exactly are they shitty owners?And Nolan has put together a very good team.Just some problems at the QB position.And don't forget to blame Martz also.This is his offense.What did I say,just a matter of time before some fool starts blaming the yorks.I called that one.And people like Los Banos Jerry need to hope that Alex Smith does bad because if he starts doing good he's gonna need to shut the fuck up.So keep rooting against him.

  • joe gomez

    Hey Kruz8er..yea were bitching because this site allows us to. We are all diehard Niner fans who are tired of losing and tired of poor decisions and poor coaching. Not to mention tired of the fucked up ownership. Lets get real, none of these 3 QB’s has what it takes. There is nothing special about them. JTO and Hill are journeymen. Smith is….well…Smith is…okay let me say it..hes a BUST. I was one of the guys who wanted Aaron Rodgers but it didnt happen so now were stuck with these 3. Hopefully one day in this decade we will get another QB in the same league as Montana, Young, Brady, Manning, heck even the other Manning. The truth hurts us because the truth is we probably wont see a QB in that caliber of talent for a very long time. We as Niner fans want to win now and that is why you hear all this bitching. We are fucking pissed that our team is taking forever to get back to that “Championship” level and if your one who doesn’t get bothered by it than good for you.

  • 9erfan25

    does anyone else have the feeling that JTO is going to start against the packers?

  • Los Banos Jerry

    JT is starting this week. some of you are calling for the
    bust (Alex) to start. He has to earn it. He looked like shit

    Gomez we could be getting the number 1 pick in 2009. I have
    never seen such a poor performance fron the 9ers. (last week
    against the raiders). Our OL is brutal. Our run defense was
    even worse.

    If we don’t play any better this week, then it could be a long season.

  • Ninaz

    shut the fuck up and go suck Nolans cock you fonsy peace of shit! Anyone that supports Nolan is considered laughable so i laugh at you. The Yorks are stupid just ask any 49er fan that has been a fan for a while and they would agree the Yorks are stupid. John didnt have the balls to fire Nolan after 3 going nowhere seasons. His own wife told him to fire Nolan so if a woman was able to notice how badly of a coach Nolan is why cant you? we could have all the stars in the world but if we dont win it doesnt mean shit. And the only star we have is pwilly and Fwank so get your facts straight and stop supporting coaches because they sign players. 16-32 is the most pathetic record i have seen for a coach that is still hired and you have the nereve to tell me Nolan has done good. Go be a sea chickens fan you would fit in there.

  • Ok so lets see if JT Ofumble starts against the Packers and stinks up the place again then what happends? Will they still keep giving him all the reps and all the starts? Alex Smith still needs a chance I say his first year he was bad but also we had Brandon Lloyd as r #1 WR his second year he was pretty good his third year he got sat on by King Kong and broke his shoulder. He deserves one more chance!!!

  • ninerfan4life

    might as well go with j.t. we’ve seen what smith and hill gives us … nothing! cut ashley and that fuckin bryant johnson needs to get his ass on the fuckin field. and that fuckin vernon davis better finally live up to the hype this year. i’m sick of him talkin shit in practice and the media and then coming up small in the games.

  • Adam49

    I think ninaz has a speach impedement.

  • NINER81


  • Ninaz

    Adam49, first off learn how to use proper grammar douchebag! and a fonsy is a moron that tries to argue a topic with no proof. I have given you 2 dumbasses records and proof of why Nolan sucks as a coach but you are too hard headed to get it so i wont try to convince morons anymore. You say Bryant Johnson,Isaac Bruce, and Josh Morgan are stars? That alone makes you a retard. We have not seen what isaac or Johnson can do for all we know they can both turn out like Darrell Jackson. Josh Morgan had a decent PRE-SEASON game so now hes a star? hes not even a starter you fucking idiot! And what makes Michael Lewis a star? He was a hard hitter in philly but in SF hes done nothing. And Joe Staley and manny Lawson havent played enough games to be considered stars lmao its dumbasses like you that buy a Patrick Willis jersey and call yourself a fan. GTFO and come back when your posts prove valid points.

  • Adam49

    Hey fonsy,yes Manny Lawson,Bryant Johnson,Isaac Bruce are stars.That's why we went out and got them.We didn't go get them because they were bums.As far as Josh Morgan goes he's looked like a star to me.And you say we haven't seen what Isaac Bruce can do.Well if you were a true niner fan you woulda seen what Bruce did to Walt Harris last year.Something like 10 catches for 185 yards.Or maybe you should check out some film of him playing the last decade.Your an ignorant fool and im done wit your fwuckin ass.Did you just call me a douchebag…LMFAO.Goto some other site and put some other team down.I'm not the only one on this site that thinks your goofy.And niner81, Erickson's drafts where terrible.

  • Adam49

    Hey ninaz what is a fonsy?LMFAO.Denise York is a york you asshole,she owns the team.You still haven’t said shit.Why are the Yorks bad owners?All i heard was fonsy and fwank.Fwuckin wetard.You say all we have is Pwilly and fwank?lmfao.I guess we have only those 2 if you don’t count Joe Staley,Manny Lawson,Nate Clements,Michael Lewis,Bryant Johnson,Isaac Bruce or Josh Morgan?What a goofball.Nolan has put a good ass team together.We just have some issues at QB that alot of us have a problem with.Your clueless.dumbass fwuckstick.

  • Eric

    Can’t wait for that Saudi prince who was in ESPN to buy our team and actually run it the way it should be. I’ve been a Niners fan for about 20 years now and this is getting so old. I’m sick of losing, sick of arguing for us about how we’re going to be good the next year. This season though, there’s no way in hell we are worth a half a shit. I say 3 wins at the most. And call me out for being pessimistic or whatever I don’t really care because I can have my own predictions and opinions just like everybody else.

  • Eric

    In ESPN Magazine*

  • Adam49

    3 wins.LOL.Come on.Talk about pessimistic.That’s rediculous.So your saying that this years team is just as goos as the 2-14 team.Not even close.Our defense is gonna be the bomb.And our offense has the opportunity to be the bomb also.We got alot of talent on offense,and we got Martz calling the plays.Ok,before all you whiners bring up the FIRST PRESEASON GAME,let me stop you.Martz isn’t gonna throw all his plays out there for the whole world to see.We got this.Were gonna be good this year.Well if Nolan wakes up and puts his ego aside and let’s Smith start the season.Otherwise it’s gonna be a defensive season.And oh ya,I still haven’t heard why the Yorks are bad owners.The’re trying like heck to get us a new stadium.They’re bringing in the highest paid players in the league to try and make us winners.So to all you idiots that wanna say stupid shit about the Yorks.Let me hear something interesting,instead of they suck,or they’re bad owners.Some facts please.

  • joe gomez

    The only thing I credit Nolan for is he is starting to put together a pretty good defense with adding Takeo but thats not surprising when you came from being a DC from Baltimore. Sure he brought in Martz to try to fix the problem in offense but he cant do anything if he doesnt have the tools. The #1 problem is this QB situation and there doesn’t seem to be a quick fix for it. Some of us like Smith some of us like Hill. Nobody knows anything about JTO but he sure did look pathetic. The fact is Jim Druckenmiller would have looked just as good as these three. Alex will continue to throw behind and underthrow his receivers and hold the ball too damn long, Hill and JTO are career journeymen and nothing more. Also, Alex’s best friend just committed suicide so his mind wont be 100% for awhile. We need to find a Veteran somewhere on the waiver wire. Also, with a legend like Favre wanting to play again, I can’t believe we didnt even make a phone call and make an inquiry. Anyone know if Garcia, Culpepper, or Kurt Warner are available?

  • Adam49

    Check this little article out….

    Simple Sentences
    « Reply #1 on: Today at 08:19:57 AM »

    Sometimes you have to go back to simple sentences to make things make sense. Defense Wins Games. Establish the Run. The Quarterback Controversy (and it has become that, not a competition as Nolan would have you believe) is what makes headlines these days, but it’s truly much ado about nothing.

    The 49ers have a defense that could be very special. Their special teams, aside from a couple breakdowns, have been downright special. They have a young, motivated, hard-nosed running back in Frank Gore, and behind him, good depth. They have two tight-ends that can block as well as catch, with phenomenal speed. Their offensive line, while not cohesive yet, has all the talent necessary to execute any game plan in the NFL. They’ve upgraded the receiver core to a level that might not break the top 15 teams in the league, but is still the best they’ve had in at least five years. So where does this leave us?

    The importance of the Quarterback position cannot be overstated, but what you expect from a quarterback can. Does anyone remember how the Ravens won the Superbowl a few years back? Was it with offense? It was an offense that did not turn the ball over. It was an offense that gave the defense a chance to shine. The offense held onto the ball long enough to keep the defense fresh.
    We all want the 49ers to be a pass-happy, high scoring powerhouse. We want the past back, and all of its glory. We want 1994, a QB who is sharp, who is having fun. Who puts the ball in the hands of playmakers, and the playmakers make good on their potential. We’ve been waiting for a long time. This offense (as crazy as this sounds) could be special. There is one thing that has to happen, and this goes for every team in the league. We have to win the turnover battle. The offense cannot give the football away. This doesn’t just mean fumbles and interceptions. This means 3 and outs. This means converting on 3rd down.

    This means Alex Smith. Smith had the only third down conversions in the 1st half of the preseason game on Friday. He was also the only QB to take care of the ball. He drove them down the field, and got them within scoring range, and was thwarted by play calling. Change two play calls and Alex Smith is our Hero. He is our clear choice for number one QB, and this whole charade is over.

    This is very obviously political. Smith gives us the best chance to win, but he isn’t being given a chance to show that. If Nolan can make Smith out to be the Goat, he can explain away his past failure, and make it look like a bad decision by McLoughan to draft Smith. JTO might look better, but after a year in the system, he doesn’t look that much better. JTO is not half as athletic. JTO is not a 49ers QB. He is just not very good. Worst of all, JTO turns the ball over. If he ever in a real game does what he did in the Raiders game on Friday, the defense will fail. They will end up on the field too much, just like last Season, and the 49ers will lose.

    I used to defend Nolan. I think he knows defense quite well, and that will pay off for years to come. I also think he has a higher opinion of his own intelligence than he deserves. He thinks he’s got everyone fooled. It’s a shame. He wants JTO to start. If he didn’t , Smith would get some of the First Team snaps. I feel sorry for Alex. One man, Mike Nolan, has ruined his career. Not out of concern for his team, not out of design, not even because it’s the right thing to do. Mike Nolan is looking out for Number 1. He has taken Smiths actions last year personally, and he thinks we (the fans) are stupid enough to see things his way.

    JTO was in trouble, he turned around, and ”Tried to make something happen” He was incapable of making a good decision, so he made a bad one. Mike Nolan is doing the same.

    Defense wins games.

    Establish the run.

    And now, thanks to Nolan..

    Pass the Buck.

  • Ninaz

    ^^^^^Didnt read just so you know. Nolans a dumbass end of discussion!

  • I agree with NINAZ….can someone tell me what the difference between Lelie and Bryant Johnson is? I sure can’t see much difference….both are getting paid millions to produce and help us win games, but all they are doing is staying coincidentally injured the entire preseason. SOMEONE tell me how they are going to establish a rhythm with ANY QB while they sit on their asses and do NOTHING? START MORGAN and Bruce… least they are practicing. Lelie should be cut RIGHT NOW! The sad part is that he could have been something special, but he wants to be a typical, lazy, unmotivated receiver that we seem to fall in love with these days. JT NEED A CLIPBOARD NOT THE STARTING JOB!!!

  • Since WHEN does it take a month to nurse a calf strain and a hamstring pull? Both Lelie and Bryant are nothing more than CONTRACT MILKERS thuse far.

  • eddie

    the question im now wondering how bad our line will be if joe staley gets injured and who will be out the door next year if we have another losing season this year,is it Nolan or Alex Smith?

  • I feel bad for Alex didnt hear about his best friend. Thanks for the info Joe. All we could hope for is JTO sucks agianst the Packers Sat i guess….

  • I agree with you Ryan Lelie is a pussy and Jason Hill couldnt catch a cold. We really need to have Issac Bruce start a preseason game he knows the system but not the QB. I was the Niners I would start Bruce and Morgan and have Johnson as a third WR and also I would keep Cam Colvin he might be special.

  • RCA


    PLEASE TELL ME…how you think Alex Smith gives this team the best chance to win? Have you not watched him over the past few seasons? Yes, Gore is a special back – but he'll wind up being Earl Campbell or Eddie George if we can't get 8 and nine out of the box! We have to have a QB who gets the ball out on time and hits receivers in good position – Alex hasn't done that.

    I thought we should have passed on him and traded out of the pick when he was drafter. We were forced into that pick. We weren't going to the playoffs with or without a rookie QB – so Rattay may have been the best option at the time. Now, we've paid a kid from a spread option system who 's release is slower than Leftwich and who's accuracy is worse that Brunell and made him a #1 Overall Bust…he cannot do. He works hard, he's smart, he's a citizen, but he cannot execute the playcall. He cannot deliver the ball, not because he doesn't want to – because he can't.

    We have three QBs not capable of winning a playoff game or even playing well enough to keep our offens respectable. O'Sullivan is the best of the three and he will make his share of bonehead decisions. But you can't start Hill – he has no arm strength – you can't start Smith – he can't complete passes accurately – so unless you bring in a Culpeper or a Greise – we're going to muddle through the passing game AGAIN and betray our Defense – AGAIN!

  • eddie

    Since our defence is good and Nolan sucks as a head coach.why dont we make mike martz head coach next year or a offensive minded coach like al Saunders…….if we have a losing season?

  • RCA

    You’ve had 3 years now with Alex…he hasn’t improved AT ALL. The problem is that Smith is not and will never be a quality starter in the NFL – he’s the system creation that everyone said Colt Brennan (whom we should have drafted) was. One thing about Brennan – he’s a leader, the ball comes out quickly, accurately, and on time…ALEX…drop…PAT PAT scramble PAT throw…dirt or pick!

  • RCA

    There is…his name is Daunte Culpeper.

  • Because Alex Smith IS the most talented of the three….PERIOD! When you have a suspect line and an even MORE suspect receiving core AND THE WORST OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR OF ALL TIME (one of the four Alex has had thrown at him). Hostler was PATHETIC. Now, because Martz comes in and wants the back up for the LIONS……THE LIONS…. to START??? GET OUT OF TOWN WITH THAT NONSENSE!

  • Adam49

    All we saw last year and the year before were butterfingers from out WR’s.They dropped everything that was thrown to them.You cant blame Alex for that.And you say ALEX…drop…PAT PAT scramble PAT throw…dirt or pick!Ya Alex had all that time to throw the ball?HE WAS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE THE SECOND HE SNAPPED THE BALL.That’s how fat boy Rocky Bernard sat on his ass.Another missed block by our o-line.That’s not to mention all the plays that were taken away by Lame Harris holdin on for dear life.You cannot blame our offensive failures on Smith.Our whole offense was terrible.It wouldn’t make a differance what QB you put back there,if they didn’t have time to throw the ball the outcome would be the same.And to all these fools that wanna bring in Culpepper.Gimme a break.He had an offensive line his last year in Minnisota and he sucked ass.Not to mention that,he just sucks ass.were gonna have to make this work with what we got so quit your whining and put some support behind whoever starts.My only problem with Smith not starting(besides he’s just the better QB)is that if he doesn’t get a chance to show what he can do this year he will most likely be released.And when he goes somewhere where he can settle down in a offense,he’s gonna flourish and all you idiots will be kickin yourselves in the asses.Especially if he goes somewhere and wins a superbowl.And I personally think he has the ability to do that if he could just get some stability at the coordinator position.And that’s the reason I have jumped from(partially)the Rollin with Nolan bandwagon.

  • Adam49

    I’m interested in seeing if Nolan’s philosophy is to start O’sullivan the first 2 preseason games and then start Smith the final 2.And the whoever plays the best becomes the starter.

  • Roscoe49er

    I lost all faith in Nolan when he went for the field goal instead of going for the touchdown against the Rams two years ago. You all know the game I am talking about. The division was on the line and with a 4th and inches, he goes for the field goal instead of trusting his team and o-line, which by the way was otherworldly that year, and what happened, WE LOST THE GAME and the DIVISION. I think the Yorks are just trying to throw money at the situation and sometimes thats not all it takes. Dennis Erikson didn’t ruin this team, Terry Donohue did. I am telling myself and all the other Niner fans that don’t hold your breath for the playoffs, but I believe it will get better. Hopefully we get Tim Tebow in the Draft and problem solved.