Q&A with Takeo

Just tell me what to do and let me play

Just tell me what to do and let me play

RE: How’s it going?
“It’s going. It’s coming. First day. It was decent, I have to take some of the rust off, so everything came along pretty well for the first day though. There’s a lot of catching up that I have to do obviously, but other than that, putting the time in, getting acclimated with some of the guys. The good thing about it is that I played with several other guys on this team, so it makes the transition easy.”

RE: Who are the guys you’ve played with?
“Mark Roman, Justin Smith, Jonas Jennings.”

RE: [Nate] Clements?
“Yep, Nate. So yeah, several guys.”

RE: Were you familiar with Dontarrious Thomas? I know you didn’t play at the same time.
“Yeah, I was familiar. Actually, when I left, he came in on this recruiting visit. We grew up in the same area in Georgia. So, I’m familiar with him ever since he was a young pup out of high school.”

RE: The position you are playing, it is at all similar to what you have played in the past?
“The good thing about it, I played that position late in my career in Buffalo, but just defense, I played just defense my first four years in the league with Cincinnati, so that’s why I’m familiar with it.”

RE: Were you more the MIKE?
“Yeah, I was the MIKE, where Patrick [Willis] is playing at now.”

RE: Had you met Patrick Willis before?
“Not up until I got here.”

RE: Any quick impression on him as a player?
“He’s just–I’ve seen him do interviews on TV and everything, but he’s all that everybody says he is. I think he is a good young man and I think he is an outstanding player. Everything he’s proven over this past year, I mean it speaks for itself. We are going to get together and everything I know and some of the things I’ve learned over my years, I’m going to help him out and try to notate that transition over as far as him taking his game up into another level.”

RE: What tipped you to coming here at this time?
“I never knew it was going to happen. Even the first time I came out here to San Francisco, I was impressed. I really didn’t–I was impressed with the coaching staff. It reminds me of the coaching staff that I had when I first got to Buffalo out of free agency out of Cincinnati and that really turned me on, and then having the chance to talk to the guys. Mark Roman, Nate Clements, Jonas [Jennings]. Those guys kind of stayed in my ear throughout time, all over the summer time. I still didn’t know, so I was just waiting and seeing what the best opportunity was and the big thing, it really wasn’t about money for me. I wanted to come somewhere where I thought I would have the best opportunity to win because I’ve been playing for eleven years now, so I’m trying to at least, at the minimum, get to the playoffs and then we are going to win it all in the Super Bowl. So, I felt like San Francisco was the best place for me.”

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  • Joe Gomez

    Defense is starting to look nasty. Brandon Moore was a non factor past few years. Spikes was a good signing. The offense? Now thats another story. Two BIG positions are in big question. QB and WR. Who will step up at receiver? At QB is it Hill? Smith? JTO? Too many questions to be answered on offense. I cant take another horrible offense. That field goal Nolan called for inside the 5 yard line against the Raiders shows me he hasnt changed. Nolan's job is on the line so he needs to go with the best of the three QB's. The problem is nobody is standing out. Hopefully somebody will finally show what this Martz offense is about.

  • 49forlife

    damn patrick willis,takeo spikes, manny lawason. are you serious. i cant wait to see the group in action. now someone has to step up on the other side.

  • Eric

    just think if briggs was here…that would have been one of the top backing crews in the league if not THE best…lets see how the other OLB does

  • Ninaz

    mofo better translate in the field.

  • Ninaz

    49forlife, dont forget Tully Banta-Cain the sacking machine that was declared starter before he stepped foot on HQ. (speacking in sarcasm on the sacks).

  • El Mobre

    First of all, whoever did the interview, didn’t do their homework. Stupid questions and based on reading it, he didn’t seem interested in answering the questions..lol.
    Now, let’s talk football.
    Our defense, to me, looks like one of the best out there. Hopefully we can get our offense in sync, because if we don’t, it’ll be REALLY sad to see our defensive stats take a hit because they’re playing 40 out of the 60 minutes. We have in my opinion THE BEST linebacking core, and I know everyone hates to admit it, but it’s because of Nolan. He doesn’t know shit about offense, but can anyone argue our defense? Martz is definitely the best man for the job (that was available), so there should be an improvement, but there’s a lot of work to be done. It’ll be an interesting season for sure.