O’Sullivan to Start and the Earth is Round

O\'Sullivan gets the starting nod

O'Sullivan gets the starting nod

Mike Nolan named the starter for the regular season and it should come as no surprise that JT O’Sullivan is getting the nod. Alex Smith will be holding the clipboard and Shaun Hill will not make dress to often.

“We want to play our best players to give us the best chance to win,” Nolan said of the quarterback position. Nolan said, “He’s just not there at this point.” This is a case of J.T. O’Sullivan playing very well, not Smith and Hill underperforming.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.

    jt o sulevin??? ur kiddin me

  • ninerfan4life

    omg … i'm going to church sun.

  • 49ercatz

    My heart is truly broken for Alex Smith… sad day in niner country.

  • jimmyTOS

    Fuck JTO start Alex motherfuckas!!!!!!!!!

  • As a Seahawk fan, I love the news. Mike Martz is a washed up offensive coordinator who WISHES he was as talented as Mike Holmgren when it comes to play calling.

  • not sure that alex should be second on the depth chart to be honest, i think hill out played him for the back up…

  • seahawkfan: we're closer to our sixth championship than your team is to their first. your dismal town and football team know nothing of winning. so if the best that you can do is find a niner blog to spam, so be it…

    p.s. shaun alexander find a job yet? he cashed in nicely didn't he?

  • Adam49

    We've gotta give JTO a chance to start.He clearly outplayed Smith and Hill in the preseason.But there is a reason he's been on 8 differant teams in his career.But it was nice watching our offense move the ball down the field with some confidence.We'll see how it goes.Meanwhile I think as niner fans we should support the decision by Nolan because as of right now I think it was the right one.My question is if O'Sullivan blows it up this year do we sign him to a big contract?

  • Adam49

    And I also think Mark Roman is a liability.

  • Goldsmith 49

    I can admit when I am wrong. JTO out performed Alex Smith and he deserves to be the starter. The offense looked better when JTO was in the game. Alex was not very accurate. I am glad Nolan gave him an opportunity with the first unit. I hope that Alex continues to improve as the year progress in case of an injury to JTO.

  • marksmen

    hey it maybe a garbage stadium, but that garbage stadium has a lot of history to it simple Jack

  • marksmen

    Simple Jack=619Niners


    Hopefully JTO’s passer rating will consistently be high when he starts REAL games.

  • Adam49

    He deserves it,no doubt.

  • ninerfan4life

    thank you jesus

  • Jesus

    You’re welcome.

  • Hey Seacock fan get the hell off this site. Ur team isnt going to be that good no WR's and a Cowfag reject at RB.

  • lottie901

    Lol………………………………………………….that was a good one Jesus. The Alexis Smith nightmare is over baby

  • Mike

    Finally Smith you were given the chance and you showed us once again you can’t throw a bowling ball more less a football. Hay out there in 49er land, could Smith be doing this to be traded to another team?????

  • lottie901

    If so, BYE MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marksmen

    u make an interested point there FastRmAm, JTO does deserve the starter no dought, i think the defense and st didnt do very well as they did last game where tired this game and becasue they practice the day before the game with the bears, and it was on a thursday night game but who knows..i rly see them improved well tremendously. Also another point is about the d/st didnt perform well i think it was simply because of it was just preseason game, alot of these guys dont want to get hurt before reg season starts, another point out there.what u guys think?

  • cowboys981

    lol, it dont matter who u throw out there, your niners suck!!! COWBOYS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck O’fumbleman, I’m expecting Smith to start some time during the reg. season. Fuck Nolan and Marts. I hope the Saudi Prince can buy the Niners so we can have some quality player like……..who ever besides GTO. Plus getting a news stadium, SF should be embarrassed for playing in such a garbage stadium.

  • Lowrance

    I, too, have been an Alex supporter because all he's gone through. No offensive line, injuries, fighting Nolan who wants him to throw accurate with an injury. (I'm pretty sure Nolan had him penciled in at 3rd QB, just to spite him for exposing Nolan last year) Multiple OC's.

    But his confidence is shot. He can't throw accurately to save his life or job. He almost got Josh laid out. And many passes are behind the receivers.

    Learn the system from the bench. Get comfortable. Trust the receivers. And if JT goes down, BE READY! Play like the 1st round pick we chose you for.

    I'm just a hopeful 49er fan. It's the first time I've seen ANY offense in quite a while. All this with 3 receivers not playing. If JT can continue to improve and play with confidence we may have a chance. 2 INT's and the fumble scare me. But last game was error free. So there's hope. O Line and Frank in the backfield.

    It's Preseason…. every team has a shot at the SuperBowl!

    GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lowrance

    PS… I got the NFL DirectTV package this year…. don't make me regret it!!!!

  • ninersgold

    If JTO continues to get better with more play i dont care as long as we win games and put up some points. this is the first game i saw him not turnover the ball for once! If he is safer with the ball he will be sucessful. Smith will probaly get better with the timing and learning of the system when the spotlight is on JTO. If Smith comes in midseason due to an injury he would probaly look A LOT BETTER than he has this preseason. I wont be worried.

  • FaStRmAn

    JTO earned the starting spot. Smith has been abysmal this pre season, and most of his career. Reality is, Smith will be cut early next year because he is not a professional QB. He was a decent college QB, but that does not always equate to a good pro. JTO Was a great QB in college. He holds several DIV II Records and most of the passing records at UCD, a DIV II school that has beaten DIV I schools when JTO was the QB. He has never gotten a chance because the numbers game has kept him from getting a shot at a start. I believe that Martz had JTO as the starter from the begining. He allowed the QB Competition in order to prove that 1) Smith is incompetent 2) Hill is really a scrub who had 2 good games against teams that didnt care. and 3) JTO performed well and may be Martz’s next Kurt Warner ?? I am more worried about our special teams and defense, than I am with the offfense. The offense has improve without a doubt. Lets hope that the defense hasnt taken a step backwards. Our nose tackle Franklin cant seem to hold his ground on running plays. There is still no pressure on the opposing QB from the D-Line. I hope that all the money spent on defense and the draft picks spent on defense results in improvement on defense. I am excited about the season and cant wait for the opener against the Cards. I guess we will see if JTO is a Professional QB or not very soon. Lets hope he is for the Niners sake.

  • 49er4life

    Martz may not have been a great head coach, but the guy knows offense. He knows far more about football than any of us, and he is confident in JT as a starter. That should say something. Now all we have to do is cut Alex Smith to free up some cap space and go after a big time free agent next year.

  • willis

    hey cowboys981 go suck a 8=====D~ ~ ~~

  • how quickly we change…

  • wrbk319

    I don't care who starts as long as we effin win!

  • joe gomez

    Couldnt have said it any better.. "The Alex Smith Story."


  • joe gomez

    hey cowgirl… FIRST TO FIVE BABY!!!!

  • Billy

    Cowboy fans get out of here and take Tony Homo with you cause hes not moving into San Fransisco, no matter how much he begs haha

  • I for one was shocked and amazed.


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  • joe gomez

    ive been saying for years that Alex Smith is not the future of the 9ers. hes never got the timing or the accuracy down ever since he came in 2005. no improvement=hit the road. i absolutely hate when he hangs his head after every “duck” that he throws which shows me he lacks confidence. dont like to kick someone when hes down but Alex is a bonafide bust and we need to cut him now to save from any QB controversy in the locker room.

  • angelo

    fuck those cowgirls

  • 9nerfan

    what the fuck is s seacock and cowgirl doing in here. they have to be scared of somthing knowing we play them this year. i know the cowgirls were here in oxnard for training camp so i thought me and my homie drive by with my big ass niner flag waiving in the wind and yell out cowgirls suck dick.i think couple people were mad. they lucky i didnt throw a grenade during practice. i wanted to but i aint stupid. haha. god i hate the fuckin cowgirls.

  • Texas9er

    Now yall see what I have to put up with everyday living In Texas. Fuck the Cowboys. They won’t be laughing to hard when we beat the shit out of them in November. Go 9ers.

  • This is something everyone could have seen a mile away. Now do the decent thing Nolan and start Morgan…..you have no reason to start Johnson over him at this point. JTO and Johnson have NO chemistry whatsover and Morgan is playing good ball. Plus, Bruce is going to be more than reliable. Battle just isn’t THAT good and Lelie should be cut. By the way….start Wragge at LG and Rachal at RG until Baas comes back and then HE starts at RG. Snyder has big arms but they are about as short as a t-rexes.

  • by the way….how do you guys get those pictures pasted into that small square next to your comments???

  • ya Texas9er, i feel u, i gotta deal with the Chargirls!

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Why does Girardi still have Giambi batting 5th with Matsui being back in the lineup?

  • Lowrance

    Ryan, all I can remember is going to this sight:

    Maybe Pundit can shed some light on it. He, or someone, mentioned it earlier this year I think, and that’s when I added mine.

  • 9nerfan

    texas9ner i got a question. how did you become a niner fan living in texas. you know cowgirls this,cowgirls that, blah,blah,blah. im just wondering

  • well alex smith has been the worst QB in the leage for the last 3 years.. maybe he'll be good somewhere else but its time to move on. but there should be no doubt that mike martz is the best O coordinater that we've had in a long time

  • this offense should make strides and with manny back out there with willis and our secondary.. our defense will make plays and give JTO plenty of chances to do something out there.. don't forget about rossum hell make plays.. and VD.. and frank.. and even a few of our late draft picks look good.. josh morgan.. and reggie smith go watch his college highlights

  • I hope this guy does well. Not because I’m a Niners fan, but because I picked him up as one of my back-up fantasy QBs. I’m either going to look like a sharp opportunist or an absolute moron by week 3. I’m hoping for the former.

    Sir Bolt

  • oh.. but has there been any news about larry allen.. I was hoppen he would return after camp

  • West

    What are the salary-cap ramifications if the 49ers release Smith after the season?

    Believe it or not, they're minimal. The 49ers structured this deal in such a way that it would not be catastrophic if they had to part ways after four seasons. Although all of the orginal $24M is accounted for, there is only $5.3M of money that would accelerate to the 2009 cap. Right now, his scheduled cap figure for 2009 is $12.29M. If he were released, he'd still count $5.3M, saving the team from paying him his non-guaranteed base salary of $9.625M. Remember, the 49ers are already going to have a $7M credit on the 2009 cap, thanks to the incentive clause in Donald Strickland's deal that will not be earned.

  • Texas9er

    9nerfan, the main reason I don’t like the Cowboys is because of there fans. They couldn’t name 5 people that played for them. My whole family and most of my friends are Cowboys fans. I can remember the day I became a 49ers fan like it was yesterday. I was about 10 years old and I started to notice that Cowboys fans were full of shit. So I started watching other teams play and one day I happened to turn on the game between the 49ers and Vikings and not even 10 seconds after I turned it on Steve Young busted that QB run for about 60 yards. Ever since then I have been A diehard 49ers fan. I like other Texas teams like the Longhorns and the Texas Rangers but I can’t stand the Cowboys.