O’Sullivan to Start Again

No Smith/Rodgers battle with me around

No Smith/Rodgers battle with me around

Mike Nolan named the starter for the game against the Packers and it should come as no surprise that JT O’Sullivan was named the starter. Word is that JT will play the first half, along with the majority of starters, then Smith will start the second half and Hill to get mop up duty.

So much for the Alex Smith – Aaron Rodgers matchup.

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  • 49er4life

    Two words: fucking retard.

  • MSouza

    Smith's friend died earlier this week, he is taking tomorrow, the day before game day, off. The reason why I bring this up is that I think he would have got the start had he of been available to go through the full preparation. I think he may start next week and take Hill's game. I'm probably wrong, but I still don't think it is JT's job.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Why are so many of you hung up on a QB (Alex) that isn't

    playing as well as JT. Its not Nolans fault that Alex isn't

    winning the job. As a 49er fan why don't you want the QB,

    that gives us the best chance to win.

    It shouldn't matter who waa drafted higher or how much their

    salary is. All players are competeing at their position. The best player should start. There is no conspiracy here.

    As far as Nolan saying that there still equal, If they bad

    mouth him his trade value drops even lower than it already is.

    There are 2 49er beat writers that see every practice and

    have said that they wouldn't be surprised, if the niners

    are trying to move Alex to another team.

    JT O'Sullivan #1 QB

    Shawn Hill #2 QB

    Kyle Wright #3 QB

  • joe gomez

    oh by the way Adam49..your the only one in here swallowing Nolan's nuts and swallowing Alex's jism..it proves you dont know shit about what the fuck your talking about. yeah i said its gonna be a long season bitch..yea im crying. what..you think were headed to the playoffs? hahaha..fuck crying..im laughing now..at idiots like you.

  • joe gomez

    "Alex Smith was the only bright spot on offense"…this is a quote from Adam "im an idiot" 49….so Alex is was our only "bright spot?" hahahaha…yea moron..he looked so good his ass is riding the pine this week. Man Alex and Nolan have their cocks up your ass and mouth so deep your eyes are starting to see things. which QB were you watching?

  • Bobby Boucher

    And how many million did we give Hill to stick around? I can't believe were letting the fucking Detroit Lions sloppy seconds start at QB. Hill and Smith haven't been given a chance to show anything in preseason, and it looks like thats going to continue.

  • mouse

    J.T. looks great until he throws an interception or fumbles the ball. If he does well against GB maybe he deserves to be the starter but if he turns the ball over like he did against the Raiders he needs to sit down. This quarterback competition has been less of a competition and more of a favoritism. Martz brought his guy in and now he's getting all the reps despite sucking it up in his first start. Of course he looks better than Smith and Hill he's getting twice as many reps and he's getting them with the first team. At this point it's almost better to just go with J.T. because Smith and Hill just haven't had enough reps to be effective in a new offense. There's no way they can get ready even if they start getting reps after this next game. All in all anything could happen but this much is clear… Nolan is not the great coach we thought he was.

  • Bobby Boucher

    If thats the case mouse, and O'sullivan gets the starting job because he has more experience in Martz's system, how many losses do we have to sit through before he sits his ass. Time will tell, but to me Alex is the no brainer. And the lack of playing time he's getting with the ones can't be helping the learning curve. Fuck…if Martz's system is so unbelievingly complicated that a guy as smart as Alex can't learn it before the season starts, why the hell did we hire him in the first place. I think Alex could have been well prepared for Sept. 7 if he was given an equal amount of reps with the first team. I just don't get it at all. Hill's got game too,regardless of his arm strength, yet he and the no.1 pick are sucking hind tit to JT the"ass clown" O'sullivan.

  • Adam49

    Here goes Gomez and his nuts,jizm,and suckin dick rage again.I truly know your a fag.But that's behind I mean besides the point.Hey gomez,your so smart man.Gosh I wish I was as smart as your stupid ass.Try reading that again dipshit.That was a writer on 49ers paradise that wrote Alex was the only bright spot.LMFAO.Fucken moron.Alex didn't fumble like an idiot.Alex didn't throw the ball up for grabs like a fucken idiot.So he did look like the only bright spot on offense.Now I said it.Just to show how stupid you are,you said fuck the lame offensive coordinator excuse?Oh ya good one,we all know an offensive coordinator isn't important.WOW.And ya your cryin,cause your a pussy.That's what little pussies do cry and whine and you do both well.This is gonna be a good year.What sucks is that you've tried to put this team down all preseason,so know your hoping we don't do ggod cause you will look like an even bigger fool.By the way,we will see who starts the regular season.Ninaz just so you don't feel left out,your a bitch too.Fucken cowards.

  • Adam49

    And Bobby Boucher.Let's wait and see if Smith starts gettin reps after this game.If O'Sullivan gets the reps after this game then were fucked cause it's prolly JTO's job.But if you see Alex start to get reps after, then I think were in good shape.But I think Hill is gonna be 3rd string.And Alex Smith isn't gonna be traded anywhere.Unless we get a rediculous offer for him.

  • marksmen22

    WeLL 49ers fans, we still got 2 more after the packers game and we'll see if nolan gives the OK to start smith for the starter for the next game or hill, i think everything will come together untill the season have hope guys, 49ers faithful forever 😉 but dont think nolan will be head coach for after the seaso, we need a head coach who has experience, balls, who is aggressive, and motivation to give our team tht they need, someone like Marty shotimhenier 😉

  • Retarded. I can’t believe we aren’t giving Smith a chance to fail. Whatever…

  • mouse

    At least I know I can save some money and not purchase Sunday Ticket this year.

  • Paul

    I am tired of Nolan beating around the bush, saying all 3 QB’s are equal. Give me a break. For once I want him to be HONEST! He basically says the same thing at every press conference….heavily uses words such as “trust” “getting better” “working hard”. Be honest! Tell us if you are worried about the offense, tell us who is doing better from the QB’s, we’re not going to bite!!!!

  • Adam49

    Ya, well, I already got my tickets.

  • Ninaz

    ^^^fuck you Nolan lover bitch!

  • Ninaz

    Know what Adam im quite happy your hero is making dumb decissions it just means he will get fired earlier than expected ha ha.

  • Ninaz

    ^^^^ JTO is playing just as shitty as Alex and Hill in practice its Nolans decision to start JTO. Did you forget that Nolan hates Alex and Alex almost got nolan fired at the end of last season i guess now hes taking it out on him.

  • joe gomez

    fuck the lame “offensive coordinator” excuse.. Alex has sucked for the last three years and im tired of his behind the receiver, underthrown, holding the ball too long, happy feet ways! if JTO is looking better with the 1st unit then he belongs in there. like i said a million times, NONE of these QB’s have any special talent so lets just go with the best “average” QB because thats what we have, average QB’s. until we sign a proven veteran QB with some talent we will have a hard time scoring points again plain and simple. lets face it, we weren’t making playoff plans this year. hopefully we get lucky and land a stud QB through the draft or FA next year. these QB’s are all garbage.

  • joe gomez

    hey Ninaz..dont even listen to this clown Adam “im an idiot” 49..i dont think hes a real 49er fan anyway. listen to what he says.. shit never makes sense. just ignore the bitch.

  • 9er4life

    I agree with you Joe..this coach has no real understanding on how to coach a team. I think he is a good defensive coordinator but his inexperience is getting the best of him. Also, this QB situation does not look good. I have a feeling we are trying to deal Smith somewhere else. That would be great because I’m not too fond of him either. A pretty good college QB and a below average NFL QB.

  • joe montana has a hard time making this team with the current regime…

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Wenwon was that a joke or are you the stupidest person on
    this site.

  • Bobby Boucher

    You guys are right about Nolan being retarded about this whole QB snafu. Anyone who saw the Raiders game last week wouldn’t be tooting J.T.’s horn. He looked like a castrated bull trying to fuck. He threw a backward pass to a RB, got picked on a terrible throw, and then coughed up the ball on a lame QB sneak. There is no fucking way he should be ahead of Alex at this point. There has been no real rotation at quarterback like there should have been. How do we evaluate what should be our number one quarterback when he has back-ups blocking for him and guys who aren’t even going to make the 53 man roster to throw to? Forget last year, but do you guys remember Alex’s performance in the two games against the Seahawks the year before? You can’t tell me he dosen’t have it in him. J.T. couldn’t wear Alex’s jock…. period.

  • Bobby Boucher

    This may be the first time that I am actually hoping that the niners look like shit. If the first half of the Packers game dosen’t produce some points on the scoreboard, and Alex gets at least decent production,then he has to get reps with the first team so he can have a fair shot at the job. Supposedly by next Thursdays game against the Bears we will know who’s starting opening day. Just hope JT dosen’t have a flukey good first half(and he won’t), then we might actually win some fucking games this season.

  • Ninaz

    joe gomez, stfu because im pretty much the only one that provides facts and evidence for what i argue you stupid punk. Ive been a 49ers fan for over 15 years you little shit so just because the best player youve seen to wear a 49er jersey is frank gore doesnt give you the right to talk any shit. You and Adam obviously dont know shit your just defending Nolan because he brought talent here but yet we still suck year after year. Its shit head fans like you and adam that are satisfied with consecutive shitty seasons but good players that havent proven shit either. I bet youve never even been to a game you fucking 12 year old.

  • John H.

    Mike Nolan is a dumbass coach why the hell isnt Alex starting? and joe gomez your a stupid fruit cake Ninaz is part of the Nineraholics boards and he has been for a while so id take his words over you and your boyfriend Adam anyday.

  • Bottom line IS……Martz likes JTO and JTO is NOT as talented as Smith……PERIOD! IF you don’t think that then you’re an idiot. Alex Smith HAS NOT been given a fair shake. We have the most talented receiver core (eventhough some of them are pussies that milk contracts) we have had since Alex Smith came to the team and he is not even going to be given a fair shake for the starting job. Nolan doesn’t want to get fired so he is going to do whatever martz tells him to do pure and simple. Nolan knows defense and special teams….you can’t deny that. But, I think that I KNOW MORE about the offensive side of the ball than he does. So, in order to save his job he is letting Martz do whatever he wants with whatever player he wants. KEEP FEEDIN THE EGO NOLAN BECAUSE HE MIGHT HAVE YOUR JOB AT THE END OF THE YEAR….but I really hope Nolan is just GONE!

  • http://www.firenolan.org atleast we could all agree Nolan should get his ass fired b4 the year is over.

  • R,Craig33

    I'm sorry guys but I'm not comfortable at all with our QB situation we should had drafted a Qb or picked up one but culpepper is still out there WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOSE AT THIS POINT.

  • Adam49

    Fuck culpepper.

  • CO9erfan

    Is Alex Smith that bad he can't win the job from 2 unproven QB's. It's becoming more clear that he's turning out to be a No. 1 BUST. $50 million to ride pine……if that doesn't get Nolan fired what will.

  • ninerfan4life

    j.t. may not be the answer. however, he may be the answer as we don’t know as of yet. but one thing is for sure … a. smith is not the fuckin’ answer. i hate nolan and and his conservative approach on game day, but i give him a “pass” on this one especially since i believe that it is martz who making the decision on this one. if martz can make our offense respectable (top 50%), our d should be strong enough to allow us to make some fucking noise.

  • Medford

    Well if JTO looks like shit against the Packers then what do they do. You cant tell me he is still the starter just cause u look good in practice doesnt mean u should start.

  • MorningDew

    Is it possible that ASmith’s situation is similar to a rookie QB landing on a team with a terrible QB, but not starting anyway because he doesn’t know the system yet? People talk about the Martz offense like it’s organic chemistry or something. So I repeat the question, does JTO have the advantage because he is more talented and knows the system better or solely because he knows the system better? Are we set up for a situation where JTO starts the first few games of the regular season and fails miserably while giving Smith a couple extra time and a little bit of momentum/Disney magic?

  • Adam49

    John H.I don’t give a fuck what board anybody belonds to.Ninaz is a fuckin bitch and an idiot on top of that.He’s a pussy with a big mouth.Gomez agrees with him and then he cusses gomez out.lmfao.Gomez you need to pick your friends a little better.Even though gomez gets on my nerves,at least he says shit that makes sense.(sometimes)Ninaz your just a dipshit from the start.You post facts?You’ve been talkin shit bout the yorks for a while.I’ve been waiting for an answer on why they are bad owners,and your stupid ass has no response.Cause they’re not bad owners.They’re doin everything they can to make this a winning franchise again.

  • Adam49

    Alex should start no matter what.And Nolan is handling this QB situation very bad.If he should be honest to anybody,it should be to us.He’s blowin it.

  • Adam49

    Well we are not starting JTO at shit yet.Alex was not bad under Norv.He had a good year that year,and I believe if Norv woulda stayed alot of your big mouths would be smacked shut by now.All you Smith haters might wanna stop kissing JTO's ass.He has started 1 preseason game and looked like absolute crap.He gets the chance to start tomorrow,and if he has another outing like the first,it's all Alex Smith.I believe it's gonna be Alex after this game anyways,but we'll have to see.I sure hope Alex starts the season and has a good year.He deserves it.

  • joe gomez

    hey adam "im an idiot" 49…i pasted that right off your blog dipshit..haha..you must be that stupid to not remember what your typing..as for ninaz..yea i was on your side so dont know what your talking about you must be reading things wrong. as for the homo comment adam.. your the only one rooting for Nolan and Alex so you must be suckin' that dick. those 2 are the BIG reason why the Niners will be picking high in next years draft so for that i will thank them.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    The reason why Alex is running with the 2nd team is because

    he doesn't throw to the spot. Which is why his timing is so

    bad. Alex doesn't trust the system yet.

    Some of you keep talking about him not getting the reps with the 1st team. Well he got demoted in practice because he doesn't throw to the spot. he waits to long, (after the

    rec makes his cut). In this offense, you have to trust

    your recievers, until he does, don't expect him to regain

    the starters role.

    When he comes in the game against GB watch how many times

    his balls are either in front, behind, above, or below the rec. Or even worse he doesn't get rid of the ball in time.

    I'm not an Alex hater or a Nolan hater. I just want the

    best possible team out on the field winning. If its JT so

    be it. If not then I'll support the other.

    One thing is clear Alex ia not comfortable with the speed

    of the NFL game.

    Adam if we can trade Alex Smith to anybody, and get them

    to pick up at least 1/2 of his salary, that would be

    rediculous. He has no trade value. San Diego couldn't

    get another team to take Ryan Leif, how do you think we're

    gonna get anything. Not only does Martz feel JT is doing

    the best job, so does Ted Tolner who has groomed many QB's

    in this league.

  • MSouza

    All you guys keep saying its Nolan decision on who starts at QB. Ultimately it is, but as all of you have pointed out numerous times on a daily basis since the beginning of the offseason, he doesn’t know about offense. He’s differing to Martz and Tollner on the QB situation. Think about it, Martz loves QBs that come out of nowhere. Everywhere he has been he always gives the least talented guy a shot. Dan Orvlovski was getting starts every now and again when Martz first got to Detroit. Nolan drafted Smith, Nolan was a big part in bringing Hill back. You guys always talk about how Nolan has his guys, when did JT become one of them.

    Martz is the one who likes JT, Nolan is differing to Martz, as he should because as previously stated, Nolan knows nothing about offense. Also, Martz doesn’t necessarily need the most talented guy to run his offense successfully.

  • Adam49

    Jerry i was referring to a comment that someone said about 2 sports writers saying he was being shopped.I know we will not trade him.And we will see what team Alex is playin with after this Green Bay game.And as for gomez,ya im rootin for Alex and Nolan because that's what we got.Who the fuck else am i gonna root for.Alex has the goods but needs to show it,and Nolan has put a good team together.When Baltimore won the Super Bowl they had Dilfer as a QB.He wasn't great but he didn't turn the ball over.Alex doesn't turn the ball over much as you seen on Friday.Our defense is gonna be great.We have the pieces in place to have a good year.

  • 49er4life

    Nolan will be fired mid-season after our 2-6 start.

  • There is no point talking about it……JTO is nothing more than Martz' pet and thus Martz is putting him because Nolan KNOWS that martz is the only one on the staff who is competent enough to run a legitimate offense. CAN ANY OF YOU TELL ME HOW YOU THINK JTO IS THE BETTER CHOICE OVER SMITH? What has JTO done that has made you fall in love with him…..is it the fumbles, his Kareem Abdul Jabbar hook shot impression that Foster had to clean up, or is it that INT that he threw to the Raiders defensive back that left you saying, "Did he INTEND TO throw that pass to the other team because is sure looked that way!" because I would love to here a legitimate and rational explanation besides blatant favortism. This is the niners season and Nolan is about the flush it down the toilet…..HE IS DUMB ENOUGH to start JTO!

  • fan49

    It is very hard to see how the QB perform when the defense can't stop anything. Whenever the offense gets its turn, it is always three and out. I am sick of this style of playing. Please move the ball for goodness. Even if it is 10 yards at a time. Cmon niners, have some pride and start winning for us.

  • gmoney

    I am shocked at all these Alex Smith boosters. The guy is a terrible QB. Even under norv turner he was bad. I have, like most of you, grown up watching hall off fame quarterbacks do their thing. Smith looks nothing close to that. He is stiff, he is lost, and he makes the decision to throw about three seconds after his receiver has gotten open. On top of that, when he gets hit he gives the ball up like a little b***h. Starting JT) is the best thing that happened to this franchise because you cannot wait four years to see your first pick make ONE GODAMN play. At least now we aren’t wed to that bust. And don’t get it twisted, he is a total bust.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Gomez I don’t always care for your writing style….
    But I definately agree with your assesment of Alex he is
    a total bust. The year after the Niners drafted another
    bust VD. Brent Jones, Russ Francis, and Charlie Young,
    didn’t get thrown out of practice for fighting all of the
    time. They just caught TOUCHDOWNS

  • sf

    can anyone tell me where to watch the game because im from the east coast and last week i tried to watch it with TVU player and the game never came on. please help

  • MSouza

    Jerry how is Vernon a Bust. He had 52 receptions for 500 yards on the worst offense in the NFL. Those a respectable for any Tight End. I know he hasn’t caught a lot of touchdowns, but the niners haven’t scored a lot of touchdowns either. You’ve made it pretty clear that you think Alex Smith is garbage, how’s Vernon going to get the ball with “garbage” throwing to him.

    Dallas Clark had 58 receptions for 616 yards in one more game, on one of the best offenses in the league. I’m sorry he hasn’t revolutionized the position, and that he hasn’t scored 17 touchdowns and broken the thousand yard mark, but he is a tight end, his primary job is blocking, which he is great at.

    I also haven’t found one article saying that he has been thrown out of practice once, maybe you can provide me with the link. I know he gets into scrapes, but if you have ever played the game outside of Pop Warner that’s how it works. I’ve been on good teams that fight and I’ve been on terrible teams that fight, it doesn’t effect the team, it is a contact sport.

  • MSouza

    Brent Jones: 2 TD’s in first two seasons 33 in ten years.
    3.3 average per year.
    Russ Francis: 7 TD’s in first two seasons 40 in 13 years.
    3.1 average per year.
    Charle Young: 9 TD’s in first two seasons 47 in 13 years.
    3.6 average per year.
    Vernon Davis: 7 TD’s in first two seasons
    3.5 average per year.

    Man good thing you weren’t a GM back in the day Jerry you might of cut some of these guys.

  • Adam49

    Please don’t give me Alex’s turnover stats.I know what they are.My point is that he tends to make pretty good decisions with the ball.lol

  • excuse me I meant to say “hear”

  • c-tree-p.o.

    Man I need an opening drive TD! No more bullshit tonight, just get the ball and drive down field and put 7 on the board. I'm already having fickin nightmares of last season. I don't even care who the QB is at this point, just get it done! Not to give them any pub, but I saw the raiders last night drive 6 plays, 61 yards in 2:45 mostly Russell to some TE I'd never seen in my life. As I smacked my head on the coffee table I sat there and wondered why we can't do that!! Go Niners!

  • 9er4lyfe

    i can see why they are giving JTO the reps with the 1st string. i for one have been to alot of training camps and it is clear that Smith just doesnt have it. most his passes are thrown hard but he has no touch and his timing is horrible. he just doesnt have it, it was a mistake to grab him #1. i am very curious what aaron rodgers could do since thats who i wanted the 49ers to pick.

    hey joe..you are hilarious guy..maybe this guy adam is related to nolan..ever think of that?

  • joe gomez

    Hey 9er4lyfe, I dont think their related, I am 100% conviced Adam is some moron who thinks he knows 9er football. Sorry for the writing style Los Banos Jerry, you should know that I don't attack anyone on here first. But when some faggot like adam personally calls me out then I have to react. This Nolan/Alex lover drops my name when I personally have said nothing to him, I was just speaking my opinion, then that person better have his facts straight and obviously he doesn't. He is probably the only idiot here who thinks Alex and his hero Nolan our going to take us to the promiseland. I have been a 9er faithful for 29 years and I know for certain that Nolan and Alex Smith are NOT the key to our success.

  • joe gomez

    I have stated this a million times and I was saying it a long time ago…just remember this blog when it happens.


  • Adam49

    Oh,cry me a river gomez.lmfao.Look up at the top part of this page asshole.It's your dumb ass that comes out and attacks me.I didn't say any thing to your stupid ass.So maybe your the one that should be gettin your facts straight.All i said was that I got my tickets already.I don't give a fuck how long you've been a niner fan and nobody asked you how long you've been a niner fan.Makes no differance.I'm going to keep voicing my opinion on this site no matter what you or the other pussy(ninaz)says.It's your ignorant ass that came out and attacked me,so quit trying to come off as some saint.Bottom line and your not gonna change it is,I like Alex Smith.I think he has the goods to be a good QB.I like Mike Nolan,although I don't agree with some of his decisions of late.And if we make it to the playoffs this year(like I think we will)you and all the other Smith and Nolan haters will be cryin that river I was talkin about for the next 3 or 4 years.But I am in a win win situation because even if we don't win alot of games this year I am content with starting over at coach and QB because Nolan has had 4 years to get this thing rollin.Either way i'm here and i'm not goin nowhere…EVER.

  • sf

    can anyone tell me where to watch the game because im from the east coast and last week i tried to watch it with TVU player and the game never came on. please help

  • Lowrance

    sf, not sure if this helps you but try this link:


  • MSouza

    Ryan Leaf was the second overall pick

  • MSouza

    Peyton Manning went first

  • MSouza

    The big differance is that the niners tried really hard to trade out of the number one spot because they knew that there wasn’t a QB worth the number one salary. When Ryan Leaf went nearly every team that needed a QB tried to trade with the Chargers to get him. I get that if Smith fails he was a bust, but I would call it more of an unlucky pick than a bust because the niners needed a QB and had to settle for Alex.

    Sorry for the triple post