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Welcome to the O\'Sullivan Show

Welcome to the O'Sullivan Show

The 49ers named their starter for their first preseason game against the Raiders and J.T. O’Sullivan gets the starting nod. O’Sullivan will start and play up until the half of the second quarter, with Smith coming in next and Hill to finish the game. J.T. gets the start because Nolan says he is less familiar with him than he is with Smith and Hill.

“We have experience with Shaun and Alex in game situations, and we do not have that experience with J.T. O’Sullivan.”

Nolan also mentioned that this doesn’t mean J.T. is atop the depth chart, that this is only who will start on Friday.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • ninersgold

    Guyz need to chill, Nolan just wants to see how JT does against actual 1st stringers. he already knows what Smith and Hill can do. this also gives smith more playing time, through 2nd and 3rd quarters. this doesnt mean he is actually the strting QB it just means he is going to start the 1st preseason game. This gives Smith some playing experience in the new offense for preseason, even if its against 2nd stringers, to build more confidence in Smith.

    Right now O'Sullivan actually knows the offense, so he actually is our best QB for now. Smith can watch and see what o'sullivan does in martz's offense and watch it work in live action. Hill seems outta the picture though…

  • niceguywannab

    wow u guys act like noland doese not know his jobs on the line hes great with d martz is great with offence .

    i wonder what st.louis thought when he started kurt warner a no name guy that turned out to be a good decion then trent green .? so i guess he knows what he sees we no what we read

    and alex can not do much latley maybe more time is what he needs

  • another reason to hate nolan, making this stupid decision on starting o’Sullivan, why start a guy who wont start when the regular season starts, wtf. why is Nolan choosing who to start? since when has he become the offensive coordinator. he had enough of the martz offense in Detriot, so why not start smith or hill who have no experience with the new offense. screw this imma go play some ps3.

  • AM

    i think that o’sullivan is actually winning the race and that nolan doesn’t want to release it yet.

  • AM

    if you watch it on 49ers.com, you get that vibe.

  • facci

    619ers: Pump your brakes!! It doesn’t matter who says what. THE HEAD COACH IS THE FACE OF THE FRANCHISE. He makes all the annoucements. It was, most likely Martz’ decision. No-one, except J.T. really has a good grasp, yet, on this offense. Only the Head Coach, knows what the method of his madness, really is. NINERSGOLD; above, has about covered it.

  • Nolan is up to his old trick again that will probably get him fired b4 the season ends. Alex needs the work the most we r paying him tons of money it would make perfect sense to start him but no Nolan is going to start JT. I dont get it the only thing i could see is that every time Nolan speaks his nose keeps growing and growing…

  • jstyles

    i really hope Nolan is doing this to lite a fire under Alex Smith. I really dont think we are going to pay him all that money to stand on the sideline.I do have a question for all of my fellow 49er fans. Now that Brett Farve is in NYJ what would yall think if we did pick up Chad Pennington?????

  • No Pennington sucks!!! He is a tree

  • West

    Ninergold……nicely said

  • RobBase

    Anyone know if tomorrow night's game will be on the ticket?

  • ninerfan4life

    wtf do we have to lose. go o’sullivan!! i’m sick of much of the same. maybe o’sullivan can get this fuckin offense moving.

  • Clinton White Trash

    So, by the “getting Alex ready” logic… can we say that barring any unforseen circumstances, Hill starts game 2 and Alex starts game 3, which traditionally has the most 1st string time?

    What do you think?


  • Hey nice guy Warner wasnt supposed to be the starter Green got hurt remember.

  • Douche Bag

    Why is so hard to imagine O’Sullivan as a starter, his competetion is Smith and Hill. Maybe JT is ready.

  • Adam49

    Who is the only QB Nolan hasn’t seen start.O’Sullivan.That is why he is starting the first preseason game.Because it is a useless game.And as for Medford saying this is Nolan up to his tricks again.Mike Martz is pulling the trigger on the QB issue so all you Nolan haters try blaming this one on somebody else.Whoever starts the 3rd preseason game will be the starter for the season.You guys need to relax.You guys get all pussied out over every single bit of info that comes out.You sound like a bunch of whinny bitches.No offense.

  • Forensics187

    The ticket only covers regular season:(

  • niceguywannab

    yes medford but my point was when he started all the hipe was their season was over three games later ppl knew who warner was

  • AM

    The big man is right…in my opinion.


    go to preseason updates it is on the second page at the end.

  • AM

    Actually just use this link:
    i think it should take you directly there.

  • Adam just because u start the 3rd preseason game doesnt mean ur the starter. JT O started the 3rd preseason game for the lions last year and he never started for them. IM SICK OF LOSING ALL I WANT IS FOR US TO WIN AND EVER SINCE NOLAN HAS BEEN HERE WE HAVENT.

  • 49er4life

    It's gonna be a long season fellas.

  • 49er4life

    I'm completely with you Medford. I'll be the guy in the stands with the "Fire Nolan" sign. See you at the games.

  • West

    I hope to see Brandon Moore returns to his 2006 play-making form. I can see him handling the TED, him beside Willis…..NICE

  • Adam49

    Whoever starts the 3rd preseason game is the starter.That’s the way it goes,and that’s the way Nolan said he was gonna do it.His own words.O’Sullivan started the 3rd preseason game with the Lions because Kitna had injured his achilles.If I remember correctly.O’Sullivan will not start the season.It will be Alex Smith.It doesn’t really matter who you or me want to start,it is Alex Smith.On that note lemme say this.O’sullivan is in a great position right now,and so is Alex Smith.If O’sullivan comes out and kicks some ass tonight,he will move past Shaun Hill in the rotation.But Alex has a better chance of blowing it up tonight because he will be going up against 2nd stringers and he’s played alot of snaps with them in practice.Shaun Hill is in a bad spot because if he doesn’t do good,he will have failed against 3rd stringers.Players that will most likely be working at Stater Bros by September.Another reason that I think Alex will start the 3rd preseason game is because I think Shaun Hill will start the 2nd game and Alex will get the whole 3rd and most of the 4th game to get aquainted with the offense.

  • Ninaz

    These little decisions that Nolan is making is only hurting Alex Smith’s confidence which he really needs to get over that bust hump and atleast have a decent year (he gave JT all the 1st team snaps in a few camp days and now this). Its not like JT cant play in the second half so why the hell dont they wait and let Alex get into an early groove. The yorks will get mobbed if we suck this year again.