Nolan Throws Smith Under Bus, Again

Nolan tells King, Alex basically sucks

Nolan tells King, Alex basically sucks

Update: This is from a quick Q&A with Nolan from Press Democrat writer Lowell Cohn.

Cohn: I just read a quote you gave Peter King at S.I. You’re talking about O’Sullivan and you say, “His play’s been better at the position than what we’ve had at any point in the last three years.” Why did you say that?

Nolan: “My comment to Peter was talking about the entire position, and I’ll talk to Peter because I know him well. As the conversation was going, I said the position is playing better than it has at any time since I’ve been here, not any one in particular. I have been pleased with the way the individuals have played. But Alex is playing at a very high level as well, in my opinion. So it was a position comment.”

Cohn: I want to clarify this. You were speaking about the position. You were not saying O’Sullivan is better now than Alex was at any time in the last three years.

Nolan: (He frowns.) “We haven’t played a game yet.”
Earlier this morning: This really shouldn’t come as a shock, since Nolan did this last season to Smith. The 49ers have only played three preseason games and Nolan has already taken another shot at his former starting quarterback. This is a comment Nolan made to Peter King of SI.

“Thus far,” Nolan told King, “J.T.’s been better than the other two (Smith and Shaun Hill), and there hasn’t really been much of a gray area. His play’s been better at the position than what we’ve had at any point in the last three years.”

The soap opera continues…

Source: Peter King

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  • Ohhhhhhh, Nolan.

  • Damn i hate Nolan, but then again who doesnt? Y the hell is GTO getting the season start, wtf, after 1 good game. what about the first two preseason games? 1 td and 3 turnovers? Garbage! if course he is going to get good passing accuracy when he has been working with the first unit all month long. down with Nolan and bring in Mary S. I might just watch the niners game this season just to C GTO fail and Nolan like usual look like a moron with a clip board.

  • Forensics187

    Who gives a shit, if Sully is better then he is better. I'm sick of suckin ass every year.

  • West

    I see nothing wrong with Nolan comments……… Truth may hurt some of you more then others……lol

    Poor Alex, he's rich, set for life and had us running in place for a couple of years…….Time to Move On!


    Who gives a shit what Nolan says anyway???? He's proven over and over he doesn't know jack shit about anything on the offensive side of the ball. What the hell does he know about what makes a good quarterback? I mean shit, it took a concussion for him to finally unseat Dilfer's old ass after 7 straight losses.

    Nolan's ass is on fire, and on top of that he's a moron. I was on his bandwagon 2 years ago, boy was I wrong. He'll most likely be a d-coordinator in Atlanta soon enough. As far as anything he says about offense, the fundamentals of offense, or who's good on offense….in one ear and out the other.

  • jstyles

    i,m really sick and tired of Nolan and his smart a## mouth.The only thing he is good at is picking players that play defence. I,m not here to say Alex done everything right but when as a coach u want to put players around a young QB so he can go out there and win. Smith didnt have that. There is a reason JTO has played for 8 teams in 7 years. I hope and wish Alex nothing but the best i mean he is the highest paid backup QB in history. i hope when the season is over they fire Nolan and hire Mike Martz as head coach

  • jstyles

    some team is going to pick Alex up and let him seat for a few and work with him and watch he is going to turn into an ok QB. Is he a QB that u go and tell him go win me this game? no but if u put the players around him he can get the ball to them if he seats and learns. Alex game into the league and was thrown into the fire, thats not the way to learn

  • steve

    JTO has 1 good game and all of a sudden he is amazing, didn’t Nolan say the same thing about Dilf?

    Didn’t smith outperform JTO in the first two preseason games?

  • Niner Pundit

    Steve…yes last season he said that Dilfer’s play in a 13-9 loss to the Rams was the best he’d seen a 49ers quarterback during his time with the team. Dilfer’s numbers 20-42, 231, 0 TD’s, 2INT’s.

  • Gandrew

    What’s the big deal about this comment? Haven’t you watched Alex Smith play the last three years? Res Ipsa Loquiter.

  • Dan

    You know what, I don't think Alex is the best, and I think he needs to be out of San Fran. BUT, Nolan did just as the title says, He threw him under the bus. He can have his opinions and make the team decisions, but when it comes to talking with the media he needs to back his players, no matter the situation. The man really put his foot in his mouth in that interview!

  • Gandrew is 100% correct.

    If Smith had such huge success the all the rest of you clowns have been saying, we would not be in the position to name JTO a starter.

    We have such a great team at every other position that to have a horrible quarterback is mind blowing. If we had half the starters in this league right now, we would have a team capable of going atleast to the playoffs, if not the NFC championship game.

    Two of the biggest bust at quarterback this century has to go to Alex Smith and Matt Lienart (who just got benched like Smith).

  • marksmen

    Yea I think so too Dan he needs to be cut or traded away because we have no use for him anymore hes costing us millions of dollars and he aint even good hes a bust. He had his chance 4 seasons. JTo deserves to be starter he did good in the packers game and Chicago game and they have pretty good defense, 619Niners u a moron i feel like slaping cause u are a retard. The season hasnt started yet give jto a chance. WHo gives a shit if nolan said tht about alex he has played pretty good at high level, thts pretty much all he can do (smith) and hes saying tht Jto was the better man and he dosent like alex smith i think smith already knew tht.

  • ninerfaithful

    fuck alex is a good player just needs some time to settle in and develope with one OC but i cant wait to see if JT can stay healthy go niners

  • joe gomez

    FUCK the different OC every year excuse. Its obvious hes never going to get the timing or the touch to make throws “before the wr makes his cuts”. Thats Alex’s main problem. If you watched him in college he’s not used to throwing into an area where the wr should be. He hasnt got it in the last three years and I for one am not gonna wait another three years. Its not all Nolan anyway, im sure Martz and McCloughan had a hand on the decision. Whens the last time we saw balls fired down the field like weve seen from JTO? Exactly my point. Alex is a bust, it was a lousy pick and we just have to live with that.

  • Rob

    Wow, talk about burning your bridges. Alex isn’t off the team, yet, Nolan. And, the 49ers can’t afford to release or trade him just yet. They should at least wait until the offseason, when they can try to draft a new “QB of the future”. Until then, Nolan needs to be careful of what he says. Because I’m sure this will blow up in his face, just like it did last year.

  • Lowrance

    I don’t read too much into Nolan’s words. The Media always tries to make stories where this is none.
    Nolan’s stupid for be non committal for the first time, though. I like the progress that JT has made, but to say that 2 INT’s and a fumble in less than a full games time is better than say, the two games Hill played last year, is not a smart thing.
    Nolan should go back to being a politician, and let Martz speak instead. Just get the defense & special teams better and shut your trap.
    Let’s hope Martz keeps this offense going, so we can all enjoy a decent season for a change. Something with a little more excitement than 3 and out, field goal, field goal…

  • West

    So many of you hate Nolan because you feel he miss handled Alex Smith….. Bottom line, Alex was never da answer!! Picking a QB is always a gamble, we craped out on this roll…..So what! Now we move on an win some games, Stop being scared of change……I get it, he does make some game time decisions on the Offensive side of the ball that I wounder about, but that is why we have Martz, Martz will be aggresive. I like the fact that Nolan is Hard on these players, I like the Team and Staff he has helped put in place over the years, and not to mention the Cap Hell Nolan and Company have gotten us out of….. Good Players actually want to come and play for US, it’s been awhile, what does that say?

  • unreal

    This was an interesting article I read on about Smith.

  • I don’t know why people keep getting upset about JTO getting the job.. saying that he is the best QB we have….Are you kidding me!!! at this point, Anybody! is better then alex smith.. are people forgetting that he has been the worst qb in the leage for 3 years straight… the absolute worst.. damn the OC possition..or the lack of good WR’s.. he still has been the absolute worst..other teams deal with mutliple OC’s..or no named WR..

  • I meant people saying that alex smith is our best QB.. I know it looks like I was talking about JTO..

  • Ninerman

    Nolan is bullshit why doesnt he admit that alex smith sucks everyone knows it but he is afraid to face it if we keep alex he should be our 3rd QB

  • Billy

    Yeah hey we should dump Keasy and Norris and make Thomas Claytpn our full back or heck put Micheal Robinson, we got a great back up in Foster

  • joe gomez

    Hunterboyz.. he's a bust.. turn the page and get over it. Not every QB coming to the NFL is not going to always work out. Alex didn't work out with us or probably not with another team (maybe backup) so lets roll with J.T. who obviously even as a Journeyman from U.C. Davis outplayed both Smith and Hill. Alex will be the highest paid benchwarmer who probably wont be a 49er by the time the season ends, 49ers fans will finally be happy seeing the ball completed, and hopefully well have a decent season.

  • Look up marksmen in the dictionary and the definition will be “RETARD”. PS errogant Nolan vs former niner N. Turner this Sunday.

  • fix that Thursday @ 7pm.

  • Adam49

    1 play and Smith could be the starter again.Smith got outplayed by a QB that already had a year in this system.Which is more than Alex has had his whole career.When Smith gets some stability at the offensive coordinator position he will be fine.Those of you that think Smith's future in San Fran is over,might want to rethink your position.If Martz becomes Head Coach after this year,he will be in the same system 2 years in a row for the first time in his NFL career.But at this point he doesn't deserve to be our starter.He flat out got outplayed,but like I said,O'Sullivan had knowledge of the system already.Let's just focus on this year and support our starting QB.

  • Hunterboyz

    You have to understand how the NFL works.
    You can’t just give him nothing & expect something, no matter how much money you give him. Crash the NFL, thats life.

    They gave him no receivers, kept changing the offense, then once he plays hurt, to please them, he’s critized. I admitt he should not have been talking to the media, because as I said in the past, “the media makes things worst 99% of the time.

    Nolan has no class for his comments. For example, look at how the Jaguars handled the QB change. They closed the media out, and that helped greatly. He never talked about who was doing what, and in the end Leftwich was let go.

    I honestly believe this time on the bench is going to turn out good for Alex. He needs to sit back and learn, just as Aaron Rodgers did. Just as many did. Peyton Manning played early on, but he had alot more consistency in his offense then Alex has had. Just think what great receivers did they surround him with?

    What did they do to make him a better QB compared to what they did to make him worst.

  • Hunterboyz

    Billy, You Talking!
    I would love to see how Clayton fairs in the regular season. I like his style.
    I think Robinson could be moved to FB or you don’t even have to call it that. We could call it a dual back system, just another way to keep the defense guessing, and it would also make the D trust their linbackers in coverage a whole lot more.

  • J. Johnson

    no not with his salary, I dont think we can trade him. Just pray JTO does well and doesnt get hurt. I would throw up if I ever saw another duck thrown by smith.

  • T. Dawg

    Take away Leaf and Smith is the worst pick in NFL history. If not NFL history than 49ers history.

  • 5Rings

    clayb, any coach with a QB who sucks will look bad. if we had a decent QB (and JTO looks decent) for a change than Nolan would look like a good coach. the coach isnt on the field throwing horrible passes all day. alex smith has been "horrible" to say the least since we signed him.

  • Adam49

    The Bucs signed Marques Douglas to a 4 year contract,then turn around and trade him today back to the team he came from.The Baltimore Ravens.WTF

  • Adam49

    Also ESPN has us finishing 4th in our division.They're out of their damn minds.Were taking this bitch.

  • 9er4lyfe

    Alex can study this system for another 5 years. Thats just part of the problem. The problem for the kid is he gets rattled in the pocket because of his hesistant decisions, has no leadership or command of the “O”, has no sense of timing, has no touch, and lacks confidence. Clearly, were not going to wait another several years considering hes already on his fourth with ZERO improvement. Alot of you are reluctant to call him a BUST, but to be outplayed by a couple of journeymens and to be the highest paid backup in NFL history, there is no other label you can plant on him. PLAIN and SIMPLE….HES A BUST!

  • FaStRmAn

    I agree with Nolan. JTO has played the position better than anyone on the Niners has played it in the last 3 years. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes. Smith is a big boy. He's already robbed us for 24 million for being a monumental FLOP. One of the worst 1st overall picks of all time. If he doesnt want to hear comments like this, perhaps Smith should learn how to hit a moving receiver. Or throw a touch pass on the screen play, or make a play.. He has been a complete disappointment to Nolan, the whole Niner Nation, and everyone in the Bay Area. Funny thing is, after seeing Aaron Rogers, I dont think he would have done much better. it was a terrible year for QB's. So Nolan only stated a fact. One that Smith has no way to refute other than play better when called upon. If he is called upon again. Doesnt matter much because he will get waived before the start of next season, and one of the biggest draft blunders of all time will fade away into the sunset with 24 million dollars he did not earn. If Smith had a shread of dignity, he would give the money back. But we all know that isnt going to happen. So he can shut his piehole and take all the insults that anyone on the team wants to hurl at him, As far as I am concerned, Smith is to blame for Smith's poor performances. He has been given ample opertunities. I believe if he was put behind the Patriots line, he would have been a total failure. The name Alex Smith will be sononimous with Total Failure for many many years to come.

  • 5Rings

    Like the article by Dickey says, hes not a big a bust than Ryan Leaf because they were expecting GREAT things from Leaf but Alex is somewhat of a bust because although we didnt expect GREAT things, being the #1 overall we expect better than what he has shown us which is ZILCH. You can make all the different Offensive Coordinator and different system excuses all day long, this kid is the same lost QB ever since we got him. In this league, if you dont show much improvement in four years, your usually out of a job. I doubt some team out there will take him as a starter so hopefully were not stuck with him.

  • clayb

    First, no one should feel sorry for Alex Smith. At the very least he’s going to walk away from his NFL career having made millions on dollars. If he’s smart enough, he should be set for the rest of his life.

    Alex Smith, however, has never been the problem with this team. The problem is that the head coach was hired by our idiot owner because he had the last name of a former niner coach. Plain and simple. Mike Nolan is was an adequate defenisve guy, at best. I haven’t been the least bit surprised that Nolan has thrown anybody and everybody under the bus because the man is clearly out of his element and has been since day one. He’s making decisions on a week to week basis (hell day by day) so that the team has no clear direction.

    If Nolan can keep feeding the QB controversy going into midseason, he will have successfully kept the spotlight of his own inept ability to coach an NFL team. This ultimately gives him a better chance at keeping his job for another year and/or reaching some clause in his contract.