Nolan on Smith

This says everything you need to know about what Mike Nolan thinks about Alex Smith. This is a screencap from the 49ers-Bears game. After Alex Smith threw a pass behind Delanie Walker the network panned to Nolan and he gave us this.

Even Nolan can\'t watch

Even Nolan can't watch

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  • Mike

    This is one time I don’t blame Nolan, Smith is not a QB and never will be. And what about all the money we sepent on him and will the team be getting that back now he is not the starter QB?

  • Rob

    Yeah, I saw this when it happened. I laughed, because that’s pretty much what I was doing, too, by that point.

    It’s a shame that we invested so much in Smith and this is what we are getting. This is exactly why there should be some sort of cap on what rookies can make coming out of the draft. 1st overall pick or not, we are way overpaying Smith right now. And, from what I understand, the 49ers owe him a lot of money after this season. So, the talk I’ve heard about how his career with the Niners may not be over and whatnot is a bunch of crap. Unless JTO tanks this season and Alex comes in and saves the day and takes the team to the playoffs (possible, but unlikely, in my opinion), he will be moving on next season. And, if Nolan does get fired, there’s not a chance of a snowball in hell that Smith stays with the Niners. And, why should he? We are paying him a lot of money to go nowhere. I say try to make it with O’Sullivan this year, then return to the draft and try again next year. Of course, if JTO ends up being a breakout success, this will all be a moot point. But, I’m not holding my breath…

  • YesIsaidIT

    Say goodbye to Smith and Nolan next year!

  • Paul

    I like this site. Straight forward fact/opinion… I really appreciate your work.
    Being a niner fan in Arkansas, sometimes its hard to find out what’s really going on out there.

  • Lowrance

    Sigh….I did the same thing…. I, too, grow weary of the passes behind receivers….

  • FaStRmAn

    I agree with Rob. Nolan can only be blamed for being part of one of the biggest 1st overall draft blunders of all time. Smith is responsible for the putrid horrible aweful quaterback play the last 3 years. Anyone who still thinks Alex Smith can still be a QB in the NFL probably thinks Akili Smith still has a chance to resurrect his career. Anyone who sees potential in Smith probably still sees potential in Tim Couch. Or Jim Drunkenraper…Alex Smith is to blame for Alex Smith at this point. No one else is to blame for the train wreck that has become Alex Smith. He should save face and retire quickly and quietly. I give Nolan credit for seing the situation for what it is. Smith is a bust. They went in another direction. Period. I hope the team can rally behind JTO and do the best they can till the next coaching staff can draft a QB. Lets hope the next coaching staff has better luck than the horrible blunder of a Quaterback that Alex Smith has become. If that draft were held again today, Smith would go undrafted. He would be flipping burgers or waiting tables, or whatever wanna be college QB's aspire to when they are done with their mediocre college careers. Nolan deserves the initial blame for picking Smith, but the rest rides squarely on the head of Alex Smith. Perhaps he will go down as the worst 1st overall draft pick of all time, eclipsing Ryan Leaf as the biggest bomb ever. I'll be glad the day Smith is cut, so he can stop soiling the Red and Gold with his presence. People make mistakes. Lets move on from the Smith disaster and hopefully have a decent year with JTO until we can draft better players in the future.

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  • jaryd

    WOW! there are a lot of former football coaches, football analysts and really experienced quarterback evaluators people throwing there opinions around in here… NOT! tell you what,, all you geniuses who obviously not played a snap at this position and NO being a wiz even when your 360 is set to the “all madden” setting doesn’t count, but just for giggles, do some research and you tell me that there has been a q.b. that came in the same year his coach got his fist head gig, played with an abysmal supporting cast and has had to learn a “new language” every year of his career and still was able to have the success a no. 1 overall pick is expected to have. you show me that guy and ill give you a cookie..guys lets leave the judgment to the pros. kay? good. =)

  • davin

    I think jaryd must be Alex Smith with a phony log-in! Hey Alex whatsup. I hope you go to rehabilitation for porn addictions and come back with your arms a little well rested and get some !st downs!