Martz Fond of O-line

Martz comment the kiss of death for O-line?

Martz comment the kiss of death for O-line?

Is this the kiss of death again for the offensive line? Mike Martz is on record as saying the 49ers’ offensive line, is the best unit he’s been around in a “long, long time.” He said Eric Heitmann is playing “exceptionally well,” and also mentioned David Baas, Snyder and Tony Wragge give the 49ers “some thump up front.”

I ask if this is the kiss of death because before last season GM Scot McCloughan was on record saying that the 2007 offensive line was the best he’s been around. After that they went on to give up 55 sacks. Of course, that was with Kwame Harris in the lineup.

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  • Adam49

    I have a small solution to what I think was a problem in the 53 man roster.A problem I saw on a couple 53 man rosters was Marcus Hudson being cut.I like this kid alot.He has pretty good coverage skills and he flat out crushes people on Special Teams.Not to mention he has good speed for the safety position.From what I saw they have Hudson on the bubble because of Reggie Smith, Terrel Brown, and Shawntae Spencer.And I agree that Brown and Smith look very promising.With Mike Martz offense alot of people say we should keep 6 WR's.If we keep 6,Hudson will most likely be gone.So why dont we keep 5,cut Lelie so we can keep hudson.Why do we need 6 WR's when we have Delanie Walker and Vernon Davis who play WR in Martz offense anyway.And don't forget that Gore will be lined up at reciever also.Just a thought.Lelie is worthless.


    I watched Jim rome is burning today, and he was talking alot of trash about the 49ers. Jim said that Martz was not as good of a coach that he thinks he is, and that we will not be an acceptional team this season. He said it is only Preseason, and that is true, but every team is player is trying there best to make the team and the competition level is high. It seems to me that Jim Rome has a love affair with the cowboys having a segment shortly before about them. He doesn't really know much about the 49ers. Alot of media see the stats and the past few years and say politicaly correct answers about the 49ers, but they do not keep up with everyday operations of 49er football, that we the faithful do. It is the Preaseason, but something is different about this team and everyone involved feel the same way. I am not saying the 49ers will when the championship, but if we can make the playoffs and perform well, to me that is a vast improvement. I hope we pull-off another 81' season and win it all, because that is 49er football, win it all or nothing! If nolan wants his job he better make the playoffs or win it all! I hope we bring in number 6 and shock the world and the Cowboy loving media!

  • red&goldforlife

    good comment lonetexas49er fan! By the way your not the only niner fan in texas on this site. My wife and I both live in texas and we are die hard niner fans and love this site!

  • MSouza

    I think the true kiss of death, like you said, was Kwame Harris. When Martz was first hired he mentioned that the niners have a great offensive line in one of his press conferences. I laughed at the time.
    I know it is just preseason, but they have been mauling the opposition. Even in the Bears game when we had De La Puente and Rachal in there we were moving guys off the ball. I’ve been impressed by the unit and I think it is only going to get better with Bass back, and hopefully Snyder soon.

  • Bob In Pacifica

    LONETEXAS, I agree. This time of year, right before the season starts, is the time of year with the deepest BS on sports talk. I was around at the start of Bill Walsh’s days here. It took a lot of national media people five years to notice how the Niners were kicking everyone’s butt.

    The farther away from NYC you are, the less they know about the Niners. This week I heard someone on “Mike & Mike” say that the Niners were gonna go 4-12. Why? Because Martz is gonna get a third-string QB killed and the defense was 22nd or 23rd in the league last year. Since the defense’s rating is based on total yards, not the yards per play, any team with a sucky offense is going to have lower defensive stats because their defense will be on the field longer. As far as third-string QBs, I remember a guy who had been bagging groceries six months before winning the Super Bowl in Martz’ system.

    And Martz isn’t an idiot. If Kitna can pass for 4,000 yards under Martz anything’s possible. He’s going to tailor his strategy to the players he’s got. When teams crowd the box expect the pass. When they don’t expect a lot of Frank Gore. Look at how the Niners run game worked against Green Bay and Chicago in preseason.

    Anyway, I don’t know how good the Niners are going to be, but you really do have to play the games. I expect that whether they are good or bad it won’t be for the reasons that a lot of these prognosticators have come up with.