Josh “Captain” Morgan

A little photoshop fun with the new fan favorite Josh Morgan.

Got a lil captain in you

Got a lil captain in you

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  • tony

    I love it..he’s not the typical prototype of today’s WR that us niner fan’s were hoping for coming out of this last draft, but damn, he looks like he has what it takes in just two games. To me, he’s looking like the best WR since TO left. Applause to you kid. I see great things coming from you and that puts a smile to my face. Let’s go NINERS

  • Mike

    I agree we need a good WR and hoping for one. GO 49ers and keep going our new top QB and Smith is close behind. But Nolan come on and make a decision for the team and fans

  • ninerfaithful

    Josh Morgan the man might just shut the door on the T O Chapter Just maybe i wish Colvin could get a chance to show case his talents more

  • John Palmer

    Goodbye Ashlie Lelie