Jonas Jennings Injured Again

Your bones don\'t break, mine do. That\'s clear.

Your bones don't break, mine do. That's clear.

Update: Nolan is reporting that Jennings had surgery today on a broken right knuckle and will miss the Bears game, but might be able to participate in the preseason finale against the Chargers.

08.17.08 — I know this might come as a surprise to some, okay to no one but Jonas Mr. Glass has an injury again. Mike Nolan is reporting that Jennings has injured his right knuckle and that the extent of the injury is unknown. Well I’m no doctor but from Jennings past history he’ll most likely miss the rest of preseason or be put on injured reserve.

One thing mentioned during the 49ers-Packers game was that out of the three seasons Jennings has been with the 49ers, he had missed 32 games due to injury.

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  • Tim

    He is the Carl Pavano of the 49ers!

  • Hunterboyz

    He's fine!

    He'll just wrap!

    You'll see.

    This is nothing, and Nolan should not have reported this.

    He throws players under the bus for reasons not understood.

    All he is doing damaging the team.

    "The media never helps any teams. They only tear them down."


  • Hey Niner Pundit, can you give us an update when you find out how long this pussy intends to milk this injury. I really don’t care if he misses the bears game, but anything further than that is blatant contract milking and is grounds to start thinking trade. This guy is so talented, but is the furthest thing from durable and tough. Alex Smith came in with a hurt shoulder…the least this guy could do is toughen up a little with what the niners are paying him. IT is ALWAYS SOMETHING with Mr. Glass.

  • So far Barrows has learned that Mr. Glass is out of the Bears game. Knowing Mr. Glass he will milk it for ALL IT IS WORTH.

  • Desert9er

    LOL. Nice Photoshop!

  • Young2Rice

    out of 3 seasons, he has missed 2 seasons?!?!?!?

    imagine if you did that at your job.