Jonas is Contagious

It appears that the fragile state of Jonas Jennings is rubbing off on others. Left guard Adam Snyder left practice on Tuesday after injuring his ankle and will not play against the Bears. No word from the team on how serious the injury is.

The team will most likely move Wragge over to the left and rookie Chilo Rachal would fill in at right guard. Another option is to have Brian de la Puente play at left and leave Wragge at right.

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  • Ninaz

    the true mystery is why does Snyder look like a caveman?

  • John Palmer

    Great decision to give Rachel some reps. Thats exactly what a rookie needs, some fulll speed conatact, in a game with no statistical value to the team.

  • Lowrance

    The only notable OL flaw I noticed during the Bear game, was when Staley missed his man, but shoved him to the ground with no flag. (I’m pretty sure his hands weren’t inside the DL’s front section, lol)

    Opening holes, protecting the quarterback, quicker release times. Starting to look a whole lot better.

    Stay healthy boys… our 3 starting QB’s need you!

  • FaStRmAn

    I think the O-Line has played better as a whole because they have a real offensive scheme from a real Offensive Coordinator. Last year, the position of OC was vacant. I think that with JTO, Gore, Bruce, and Davis that the Offense will move the ball and score some points. I am concerned that the special teams looks so bad so late in the pre season. The Bears started alot of their drives in Niner terriory. They had a punt AND FG blocked. And even though they recovered a fumble and Keasey tackled the Bears return man in the Endzone for what should have been a safety, they still played poorly. In fact, the special teams have played poorly in all 3 pre season games. The defense also has not been as effective as I thought they would be with the pieces they have brought together. The D-Line has not pressured the QB or slow down a RB yet. They have had a few stops and have looked good in spots, but by and large they havent played as well as they played last year. Last year we blamed the offense for leaving the defense on the field too long. We all just accepted the fact that the D was worn out because the Offense was 3 and out too often. But now that the Offense is set to be more sucessful, how will the defense respond. Where is Kentwan Balmer? Has he made any plays? We need help on the D-Line sooner than later.

    All that said, I am excited about the upcomming season. Go NINERS !!!