Johnson Tweaks Hammy

At least I can stay healthier than Lelie...for now

At least I can stay healthier than Lelie...for now

On the very first route he ran today during a one-on-one session against the Raiders, Bryant Johnson and his hamstring came up lame. His availability is day-to-day.

With Johnson sidelined and Bruce sitting out, Ashley Lelie saw more action, but of course he couldn’t stay healthy long enough either, which thus gave Cameron Colvin lots of action. Apparently enough action the he was good enough to impress Mike Martz, who did not expect the undrafted rookie to be much of a factor.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • wtf

    Who the hell is in charge of their warm ups? Doesn't this guy know how to get his players to properly warm up? Last season, guys like Jason Hill were injured for a significant portion of the season because of things that could've easily been prevented with adequate warm ups. This guy will continue to be a liability this season if he is still on our staff.

  • Niner Pundit

    @9er: ah crap…can't believe I did that. I fixed it, thanks for the heads up. It would be interesting to see Cam Cameron out there receiving though….

  • Billy

    Hopefully he Cam has a blow out season and becomes the Antonio Gates of WR

  • 9er

    Cam Colvin is the receiver getting the reps. Cameron is a coordinator.

  • Adam49

    WTF.These players should know how to stretch and warm up on there own along with team warm ups.You can’t keep blaming coaches for everything.These players are supposed to be pro’s.We need to cut Lelie i’m sick of his shit.If this is what where gonna see from Bryant Johnson,then we need to give Nolan his props for only signing him to a 1 year deal.And it was good that we only signed Lelie to a 2 year deal.But i think we have some really good young recievers in Colvin,Hill,and Morgan along with Battle,Delanie Walker,Vernon Davis,and Gore lining up at reciever we have some depth.I also here that Zieglar is looking very good in practice.

  • Adam49

    By the way I goto 1 niner game every year with my wife and kids.I’m trying to go see every team in the league before I die.I’ve seen the niners play the Bears twice,Packers,Chargers(In San Diego),Eagles,Cardinals twice,Rams,and were going this year to see the niners play the Lions.I picked that game because I thought it would be a interesting game because Martz came from the Lions.