Takeo Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone

Can we expect Spikes in red and gold soon?

Can we expect Spikes in red and gold soon?

Update: The 49ers have announced that Takeo Spikes has signed a one year deal with the team.

It looks like the 49ers interest in Takeo Spikes has been renewed. Matt Maiocco has learned that the 49ers are striking up contract talks again with Spikes and would look to add him to the starting ‘ted’ spot.

From Maiocco’s report it seems that if Spikes were to sign he would most likely immediately start at the ‘ted’ spot next to Patrick Willis. Also, Brandon Moore would most likely be the odd man out since he is already in Nolan’s doghouse and has gotten off to a slow training camp.

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  • tekeo spikes would no doubt help this team. but why don’t they go after a better or more confident QB… they could have drafted colt brennen or somebody.. any body but alex, jt, or shawn… ANYBODY

  • does anyone know if mike singletary is still coaching the defense.. I thought that I saw him with the ravens on the nfl network the other day

  • #1

    overviewing the game, Ulbrich cannot be the starter at the ted position. Spikes would bring experiance, strength, power, and a needed veteran presence.

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    Another thing, something is wrong here, Why is zak keasey starting, either he looks really great in training camp, or norris looks very horrible. I understand that martz wants a recieving fullback, however if your looking for someone to feel a hole, keasey may not be that guy. The coaches may be seeing something I am not.

  • never mind about singletary.. forgot he started his coaching carrier in baltimore.. but I say sign spike.. he has that churisma and love for the game that we need.. and he love to talk which would be good for our team because there too quiet.. and soft.. and with picking him up I say trade b.moore and one of our 3 backup QB’s to the dolphins for john beck.. wouldn’t hurt!!

  • Adam49

    Alex Smith is gonna be our starting QB.And he is gonna have a good year.We released Brandon Moore today,so that means were gonna pickup Takeo Spikes.

  • marty

    michael robinson, should be starting fb when gets back, spikes would be good upgrade at ted

  • Tim

    Sorry but I believe some people are putting way to much energy and emphasis on a PRE-SEASON game. Our scrubs got beat by their scrubs period. Gore rushed 2 times, our top 2 recievers did not dress, Alex played behind a makeshift line, and on and on. I realize it is important to win any time you go on the field but come on guys its not like it is the end of our season. I guarantee you our starting offense puts up more than 6 points against the Raiders first team defense. Relax a bit before you write off our season. Nolan is still a conservitive asshole though :)

  • Tim

    Another thing how is bringing in Takeo Spikes a negative for this team? You can second guess past moves all you want but it does not mean that Takeo is going to come in and hurt this team as he has been very successful over his career. He is a help not a hinderence.

  • Mike

    Come on already Nolan get Spikes before another team starts talking to him. THe teams needs him. Who is going to start at QB this week end?

  • jstyles

    i like the move but come on man its not our defence thats needs to be looked at its the QB. I know its hard to find a good quaterback but man it seems like its taking our team 4ever to find a QB that we can hand to ball to and say go win this can. We cant do that with Alex i mean i like him but i think it hurt him that when he came to the NFL he never sat on the sideline and learn he was thrown in. Why?

  • ninerfan4life

    lets face it alex smith stinks! we have not had a good qb since garcia. stop fuckin around and get a fuckin qb or we aint gonna be shit!!

  • MSouza

    Agree with everything Tim said about the preseason. Remember who went 4-0 last year in preseason, the Raiders. Mean while the Colts went 0-4. Our best two players were on the field a combined 7 snaps, 2 for Gore 5 for Patrick, relax its just preseason baby.

    The Takeo signing makes all the sense in the world. Brandon Moore is a good player, but he’s been slacking a little bit and needs to find a home where he can start.

  • Ninaz

    typical Nolan already guaranteeing Spikes as starter for TED LB. Why is it that rookies have to work their asses off to start and old ass veterans get the strts by just showing up. Nolan you suck!!!

  • MSouza

    Are you joking? Rookies have to work their asses off on every team. Its because veterans have played the game atthe highest level. True some rookies like Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson are ready to play, but most are not. Teams that have to rely on rookies starting usually aren’t very good.

  • This is a done deal. Spikes has signed a one year deal with the niners according to Maiocco. This is a good year because he will want to play well and how that he still has IT. Playing in a contract year can be extremely motivating. The niners WILL see all he is capable of at this point in his career. Plus, if he doesn’t work out then we let him go and draft another guy to replace that position. WE NEEDED to have a legitimate player opposite Willis and with what we were GOING TO start everyone should be stoked that we signed this guy. Our front seven is actually legitimate for the first time since 2002. Now Nolan…..FIGURE IT OUT…..the LAST thing you want is controversy when you are on the hot seat. END THE CHARADE AND START SMITH. This “open competition” is nothing short of the laughing stock of the league and is making our offensive coaching staff look incompetent. If anyone on this site says that Hill or O’Sullivan should start over Smith then you’re an IDIOT and clearly know nothing about football. Also, the NFL network is reporting that Lelie and Bryant Johnson will be out for the packers game.

  • By the way, sorry I have been gone for so long….I got married, bought a house, and went to Maui for my honeymoon.

  • MSouza

    Lelie needs to suck it up if he wants a job this year, personally I don't mind seeing what a younger guy like Colvin could do with a roster spot.

  • Adam49

    Lelie is gonna be gone and Alex is gonna have a good year with some talent around him.

  • gee-ray

    where is the brandon moore bandwagon? havent heard from yall in a while.

  • Ninaz

    MSouza, stfu you clearly didnt get my post so you really shouldnt post anything. Nolan is a peace of shit that till this day argued that Derek Smith should be on the field rather than Pwilly. The only reason why Patrick started so early was to save his own ass and thats why he released smith too. Time to get rid of the favorites and get some talent or Nolans gone that is why he got rid of the trash that included Trent Dilfer, Derek Smith, Darrell jackson, and now B Moore. Like ive said a billion times before; until Nolan is gone we will continue to suck.

  • Lowrance

    Welcome back Ryan the 1st…. quite a busy few months!