Two, Three, I Have No Idea

Two, Three, I Have No Idea

The following is a answer Nolan gave after being asked about the quarterback situation that is now back to a 3-man race.

Question: Have you thought ahead to the preseason games and how O’Sullivan will figure into that mix?

“I haven’t yet. It’s part of the plan, but just like I said the other day, it’s not going to be ‘this guy has this game’ and ‘that guy has that game’ right now. It’s going to be something where we have to get a good look at them. And when it comes out in the game, it might come out as one guy gets more reps with a certain group than another, but you have to go in with a plan, and if the plan stays as you foresee it being, then things work out well. But as we all know, in the game sometimes you’re three-and-out, sometimes you’re more than that. A lot of things enter into it. Sometimes your defense is out there the entire first quarter and can’t get off the field. If that happens, that steals from some of the reps that the quarterbacks get. But we’ll have a plan and work it out the best that we can.”

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  • Adam49

    I get what he means.Having to answer questions everyday of camp probably gets a little repititous.Just cause sometimes he gets a little confused in his answers doesnt give you pussys a right to call him names.And for all you idiots that posted,all he meant was that O'sullivan is the third QB and as you saw last year the third QB doesn't get alot of work.It all depends on how the preseason games turn out.If we put together a 10 or 12 play drive,then the chances that O'sullivan would getin a game would be greater than if we were putting together 3 play drives or our defense wasn't getting of the field much.WOW. That was really hard to think about.And i don't have a PHD you fucking morons.Use your fucking brains you stupid fucks.

  • FranktheTank


  • MSouza

    Its kind of a Madden answer, but I understand what he means.

  • he has a plan? what the fuck is the plan? find me a phd that can discern a strategy from that comment. smoke and mirrors, that’s all i see here.

  • ninerfan4life

    F nolan

  • BDot

    Just usual “coach-speak” BS.

    We all know Smith will be the starter. That much is certain. So when he’s officially named the starter, everyone try your best to act surprised ok?

    Nolan is just saying what every other coach says when asked these type of questions.

  • adam49: you must have esp; between mat maiocchio (sp?), mike sando, numerous media outlets and educated fans, we’re all trying to figure out what nolan is doing. it’s nice to see that idiots like you are in the minority. the reality is that nolan thinks he can run a football organization but he hasn’t proven it yet and the double speak doesn’t help matters.

    get your facts straight too. for the record, nolan has not referred to o’sullivan as the third quarterback. as a matter of fact, he went out of his way yesterday to let the media know that o’sullivan was never out of the starting qb position hunt.

  • Billy

    Hey since we all know that Smith is going to be our starter (hopefully does us some good this season by getting us wins)

    I want to stir some contraversy by saying I think Delanie Walker is better then Vernon Davis I knew it since I saw him in preseason last year he impressed me and obviously the 49ers as well with his 3 year contract extention, Vernon Davis from what I`ve seen drops catches and his blocking sucks period.

  • Adam49

    I got my facts straight and O’sullivan is the 3rd QB.Shaun Hill is the Second and Alex Smith is our starting QB.Ignorant fucks like yourself need every little thing spelled out for you,or your stupid asses like youself can’t comprehend them.Because your to stupid to understand,don’t blame it on Nolan.And Ya the media is always right.Try thinking for yourself for once,and not following the media outlets.You might surprise yourself.

  • Adam49

    Sorry bout the misspelling im in a hurry.

  • Thats how it should be Adam. Smith the starter and have Hill and O'sullivan as the backups. If Alex isnt doing good during the season then pull him he should still be the starter. Last year we had a donkey calling plays. Give Alex a chance!

  • Adam49

    Exactly Medford.And that wasn’t rocket science.

  • Adam49

    Some people need every little thing maped out to them or they find it hard to comprehend.You’ve been on this site long enough for me to know you aren’t one of them.But some of these goofballs wanna put anybody they don’t agree with down over any mispelling or mispeak they make.Like their some kinda genius or something.

  • niceguywannab

    the niners have enough talent to go somewhere this yr we all know who they r its time for the rest of the league to meet our defence which was good last yr but spent to much time on the field if the offence will give them a breath we could be seen as a contender

  • adam49: ever heard of spell check ass? you call me an ignorant fuck? ok, i can live with that. are you calling ray ratto of the chronicle an ignorant fuck too? read his article today and come back here and tell me that i'm wrong. he talks about the very issues that i've mentioned along with the blog master; which is why this post is called "huh."

    eat your words asshole.

  • yeah!!!

  • niceguywannab

    ok im from mo and the rams may be bought by ed debardilo. i know this i love the 9ers but if noland smith davis gore bruce clemans willis do not put something together i would have to make a choice and alex did good when he had a good off cord now he has the best and the better man should when if alex needs to set to see this job is not a given then so b it whatever gives us back to winning bottom line

  • niceguywannab

    srry about my spelling

  • Adam49

    Debartolo is in the past.And there will never be another montana or rice, so it doesn’t make differance which team he buys,he will never be able to put together a team like Walsh did in the 80’s.I’m a niner fan for life,no matter what the circumstances are.
    And I also think people should stop jumping on the hate yorks bandwagon.They have done everything in their power to make this a winning franchise.From getting us a new stadium to trying to bring the best players available to our team no matter what the price tag.(Nate Clements,Justin Smith,and Michael Lewis.)So let’s start putting some support behind our owners because they’re doing a pretty damn good job.10-6 11-5 straight to the playoffs

  • 9erfan25

    check your grammar too, moron.

  • Adam49

    yup.I am.Your both ignorant fucks.Did I spell that OK for ya.