Gameday: 49ers vs Raiders

And so it begins...

And so it begins...

The 49ers travel across the bay to take on the Raiders for their first preseason game of the year. The kickoff is set for 7:00pm PST. Again if you don’t get to watch the game live, NFLN will be replaying the game on Saturday, August 9th at 10:00pm PST.

As we already know J.T. O’Sullivan is set to start with Smith getting action behind him and Hill finishing out the game. Regarding the whole quarterback cluster*ahem* John Clayton says,

Don’t be surprised if J.T. O’Sullivan makes a push to win the job over Alex Smith, which could finish him as a quarterback in San Francisco.

But at the same time Peter King says,

I think I still believe Shaun Hill, who sat a couple of practices with a dead arm last week, will beat out Alex Smith for the 49ers starting quarterback job.

So what does that mean? Absolutely nothing.

One thing we’ll see more of this game then we have in the past is that you can expect the 49ers to air it out more, so Martz can see what he has in his quarterbacks. This is what Nolan had to say,

“There’s going to be a little bit more of the passing early on just to get a look”

Here are the players who will not be playing in tonight’s game:
Michael Robinson, David Baas, Lewis Baker, Mark Roman, Ashley Lelie and Bryant Johnson. Isaac Bruce will be a game-time decision, meaning the starting wideouts could be Josh Morgan and Arnaz Battle.

Feel free to discuss the game here…

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  • montana9er

    will this be live online anywhere?

  • ninersgold

    josh morgan is beasting despite JTO sucking ass! here you can watch it live right now…

  • c-tree-p.o.

    You can go to SF and watch it. The blackout rule states that the game will be blacked out for a 75 mile radius unless the game is being broadcasted within the 75 miles to an area that is deemed another teams market (SF for the Niners baby!!). If you call any of the sports bars in SF all of them will be broadcasting the game at 7pm kick off. Go Niners!

  • Billy

    I hope we get a look at Cam Colvin!!!!!!!!

  • Billy

    Oh yeah looked better then anyone else except for the int

  • Billy

    Yeah but his passes where way better then Smith

    Ah I hope Smith gets better or Hill or whoever just get us to the PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!!!!

  • 9erfan25

    you think so? i think smith had better passes… as long as they were being held on to. he also didnt look as scared as jto in the pocket. hill is not impressing me either. i guess we have to wait and see how they do in the rest of the preseason.

  • Billy

    Yeah but Zielger and J.Hill look horrible right now kick em out bust out Cam Colvin!!!

    By the way anyone know why the hell we are the only team to run a god DAMN reverse every single game!!!

  • 9erfan25

    there's colvin… shit, too bad about the penalty

  • Billy

    Didnt get to see him

    Maybe Smith and Hill look bad cause they didnt get to play with Morgan hes the only one catchiing the ball

    J.Hill has butter fingers, both picks were thrown at him he ran the wrong route then slipped.. agh this is frustrating!!

  • Billy

    CAM COLVIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy

    See that catch!

  • 9erfan25

    so overall, who were you impressed with in this game?

  • 9erfan25

    what a great ending

  • Billy

    Josh Morgan I hadnt seen him till now

    I wish we saw more of Colvin besides his 21 yd catch though

    As for QBs I dont know, But Hill and Smith looked par to O`Sullivan who knows the "system".

    What do you think 9erfan25?

  • Billy

    I think so not sure on that one

  • ninerfaithful

    cam colvin and josh going to break out tonight raiders we are coming bitches

  • That was awful!!!! START ALEX SMITH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jt Ofumble isnt the answer that is for sure. Josh Morgan is a stud and should be maybe r 3rd WR Jason Hill is probably starting to pack his bags right about now. The man cant catch! Man that was a bad performance i feel sick and also I had to hear the dumb Raider announcers and that dumb fuck Greg Pappa go nuts cause they scored a TD what a idiot.

  • ninersgold

    im watchin us get our ass beat here…

  • Billy

    Wow Josh Morgan has impressed me its him not Bryant Johnson whose going to be our lead receiver

    By the way Jason Hill looks like crap on the field, so far no Cam Colvin

  • 9erfan25

    jesus, everybody is running the ball on us.

  • 9erfan25

    by the way, anyone else impressed with O’Sullivan? he’s got the starting job locked HAHA

  • 9erfan25

    Billy, dont forget that sweet fumble

  • 9erfan25

    i did like josh morgan. he seemed to catch everything that was thrown to him. all three qbs did about the same. really the only difference there was that smith had no turnovers as far as i can remember. did the raiders play all of their starters?

  • 9erfan25

    well, on to next week

  • Lowrance

    Sigh…duplicating last year so far.

    2 field goals.

    Hill with endzone hands of stone.

    Alex running for his life

    Alex throwing behind 2 receivers.

    (And I really want Alex to start!)

    Only 2 bright spots for me.

    Josh Morgan…

    and whoever 25 on our defense is. One minute to go, last Raider offensive play….and he pulls down a Raider jersey who he though had the ball….unfortunately he didn't, LOL.

    Nice play by play, too. In the first preseason game, tell us who is making the plays and who the penalties are on.

    I can only pray we get better….

  • Tim

    Here we go again. 4th down and short yardage to go inside the 5 yardline during an exhibition game and Nolan kicks a field goal. Why? I guess he needs to see if Nedney can still hit from that great distance. Nolan is an ass clown in my opinion. Our team needs to build confidence and this move proves to me he is an idiot. Does this bother anybody else? Cause it is killing me. God forbid they try to build some confidence in a practice game by scoring a TD. You mark my words Nolans conservitism will eventually become a problem with Martz. I can almost guarantee it. Peace out!

  • MSouza

    I liked the way Smith looked I thought he got screwed because FUCKIN Kalimba Edwards was making Joe Toledo and Demane Duckett Look like bitches, but he looked like the best of the three to me. I'm excited to see what he does with Staley blocking his blind side.

  • 9erfan25

    I agree with you Tim. There is no reason not to go for it from that short of a distance. Adam is right about Josh Morgan looking awesome.

  • Tim

    Try not to forget once Frank plays full time our offense will be a totally different animal. I agree with Adam49 that it is almost near impossible to assess Alex with what he had to work with last night. Could we have finally found a decent WR I think so. Will we get run on like last night with the beast out there I think not. I believe in a regular season game we beat the Raiders easy. I still will not back down on the fact that Nolan does not take chances and it will be an issue with Martz.

  • Adam49

    We did go for it on 4th down around the 45 yard line,and we got stuffed.3 points is better then none points.I don't think their is gonna be any problems between Nolan and Martz because Martz knows people are watching him for a head coaching job.And Martz knows who the boss is.They will be fine.

  • West

    I liked what i seen out of McDonald. Gets off the snap quick!Our D will be a lock!Morgan also looked good, he could work his way starting over Battle depending on how fast he learns the playbook and how to read defenses. I know there is alot of A. Smith haters out there but he didn’t look that bad, he held his own and will get better as he learns the system. I do feel it will fit him, Next week hope to see Alex start with the rest of our starting WR. Bruce, Bryant and Ash.As for J. Hill, it looks to be a long season for him. He didnt look like he fit da system, first game I could be wrong.

    Good Times!

  • Joe Gomez

    I agree Tim, Nolan is a fucken idiot. Its the preseason and we are settling for field goals inside the 5 yard line. BTW none of these QB’s impressed me. O’Sullivan is a journeyman from U.C. Davis which is down the street from where I live in Sacramento. He wasn’t anything special then and isnt anything special now. The bad news is Smith and Hill are looking just as mediocre. Lets face it.. we were spoiled with Montana and Young back to back and anything less is unacceptable. Hell Jeff Garcia would probably look better than these 3 and I wasn’t even impressed with Garcia. Its gonna be a long fucken season.

  • Adam49

    Go Nolan.And Alex Smith looked pretty good.Our defense got ran on.I didnt think that was gonna happen.But we have 3 more games for Alex to get the offense down before he starts the season.Overall I thought we looked pretty rusty.Alex Smith was the only bright spot on offense.I think he is gonna have a pretty good year as long as we fix the o-line poblems.It’s the same thing with you whinning sissies.The first preseason game and it’s the end of the world.Go cry on some other site you fucken pussy’s.Gomez is up to his same shit.It’s gonna be a long season.CRY,CRY,CRY.The season hasn’t even started yet and already its gonna be a long season.All you guys do is put our team down.Why don’t you try using some optimism.Were not gonna go out in the first preseason game and show all our formations and defensive fronts just to make you cry babies happy.And all you know it alls who were long jumping on the Shaun Hill and O’Sullivan bandwagon look like fools now.Alex did a very good job even with our 0-line still looking like shit.What worries me if anything is our front 3 and 4,but like I said it’s the first preseason game.Our pass defense did a great job and Thomas Clayton and Deshaun Foster looked pretty damn good.So we have some positive things that came out of our FIRST PRESEASON GAME.

  • Adam49

    Also Josh Morgan looking awesome.

  • Tim

    On kicking the FG, Nolan said the special-teams need work, too. With you as the coach they sure do you conservitive non confidence building asshole of a coach.

  • Adam49