Equal Footing?

Are Smith, Hill and O'Sullivan really on equal footing?

Is Nolan blowing smoke or are Smith, Hill and O'Sullivan truly on equal footing?

There are only 15 practices remaining in training camp and Nolan is on record as saying that he will equally divide the remaining sessions between Alex Smith, Shaun Hill and J.T. O’Sullivan. Each quarterback will get five sessions with the first, second and third teams.

Now it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Does each quarterback have a legit shot at starting?

Looks like we’ll only have to wait a few more days until preseason starts.

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  • 9erfan25

    I wonder if the Niners would be in a better situation if they had taken Rodgers instead of Smith

  • Gore4Four

    How does the QB competition affect the WR competition?

  • ninerfan4life

    smith is a bust. his arm is not strong enough! he is mobile, but gets "happy feet" when driven out of the pocket! while in the pocket, he's eratic and inaccurate. he's somewhat successful on roll outs, but that cuts the field in half! cut his ass now and let hill and o'sullivan battle for the top spot! i can't take another year of this!!

  • Niner Pundit

    I doubt the Niners would be in a better situation if they had Rodgers. Not to make excuses for Smith, but Rodgers would still be having 4 OC’s in 4 years. Also has Rodgers really proven anything. You also have to look at the team around him. At this point in time Niners would have been better off drafting Braylon Edwards sticking with Rattay for another year or two and then went out drafted another QB or picked up one in FA.

  • Forensics187

    I know that it is only pre-season, but if Smith looks half as good as Jason Campbell and can just manage the game we will be fine. We don't need Smith to go out there and be Joe Montana.

  • Shiet

    Rodgers is lucky as hell that we didn’t draft him.

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