Charles Haley Enjoys Happy Endings

The Last Naked Warrior

The Last Naked Warrior

I was forwarded this article from the folks over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, which talks about an upcoming book by Jeff Pearlman, which chronicles the Cowboys during the Aikman-Irvin-Smith days. Now you might be asking why we are writing something that deals with the Cowboys, well I’ll tell why. It is because there is a chapter in the book titled ‘The Last Naked Warrior,’ which focuses on Charles Haley. Here is an excerpt from that book from Pearlman:

Haley would stroll up to an unsuspecting (49er) teammate, whip out his phallus, and repeatedly stroke it in his face. Players initially laughed it off…

But Haley refused to stop. He would jerk off in the locker room, in the trainer’s room. He’d wrap his hand around his penis, turn toward a Joe Montana or John Taylor, and bellow, ‘You know you wanna suck this!’

So if you want to more about Haley and his happy endings head on over to Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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