Ahmad Brooks a 49er

It took a few years, but 49ers finally got Brooks

It took a few years, but 49ers finally got Brooks

The 49ers claimed LB Ahmad Brooks off waivers from the Cincinnati Bengals. To make room on the 53-man roster for Brooks the 49ers waived Derek Smith Jr. LB Dontarrious Thomas.

The 49ers tried getting Ahmad Brooks in the 2006 supplemental draft but the Bengals snagged him in the third instead. Speculation was that the 49ers were ready to grab Brooks with a 4th.

In practice squad news, the 49ers also signed six to it: RB Thomas Clayton, DT Atiyyah Ellison, TE J.J. Finley, LB Larry Grant, DE Louis Holmes and WR Dominique Zeigler.

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  • pintor98

    great signing

  • Billy

    Damn no Cam Colvin I thought he would make it, then join the team incase of injury ah! Oh well I hope we sign him later on though

  • Adam49

    T%his is it boys,the season is upon us.Time to whoop some ass.Gonna be a interesting year to say the least.Sure would be nice to watch the niners in the postseason.I'd be doig cartwheels if we had a Wildcard Home game.That would be the shit and i'd be there no matter what the ticket price was.If any of you guys wanna goto a niner game this year,goto StubHub.com.I paid 40$ a ticket for basically the same seats i sit in every year for 85$.They have endzone seats for 20$ a pop.

  • gee-ray

    i hope he brings more class than what he had at UVA.

  • Mike

    actually like the brooks signing.. he’s a big guy who can playh that ted position for us.. I am a little surprised we didn’t sign colvin to practice squad though

  • Lowrance

    This was almost a no brainer. After I saw Thomas miss two tackles and get called for a penalty in the first 5 minutes of the game, I was wondering how he was going to stay on this team…

  • pintor98

    Brooks was a 1st rd talent coming out of college. 6′ 3″ and 259 lbs. The Bengals had high hopes for him this year, close to double digit sacks. But they play a 4-3 defense and his blossomed in Al Grough’s 3-4 in Virginia. Hopefully surrounding him with quality people it can change this young man only 24 yrs old. Singeltary should coach him up to his 1st rd potential.

    Practice Squad

    We should sign R. Colvin and pick up Chad Johnson from the Patriots.

    I really like Holmes from Ariz St as a DE/OLB for 2009 our weakness is NT.

    Our recievers for 2009

    J. Morgan
    B. Johnson
    A. Battle
    I. Bruce
    J. Hill
    Zieglar is a great route runner with great hands
    R. Colvin can replace Bruce on the roster the following year.

  • Adam49

    D.Thomas looked like shit anyway.When we signed him all I kept hearing was that he had alot of speed.I didn’t see shit from him.We tried to pickup Brooks last year in the supplemental draft(I think that’s how you spell it).I think it’s a very good pickup for us.

  • Adam49

    And 1 other thing.I pretty much knew this would never have happened,but we shoulda kept Thomas Clayton and dumped Foster.He looks like he’s in slow motion and doesn’t break any tackles.

  • Adam49

    Along with the penalties and the missed tackles he looked like a D-Lineman in pass coverage.I wasn't sure why we signed him in the first place,he was never any good in Minnesota either.

  • 9ers4lyfe

    Yea, that was the key to keeping Foster, a proven veteran who may have not shined in preseason but im sure he has more value than Clayton.

  • Adam49

    Dollar signs before the number?Ya your a fuckin dumbshit alright.lmfao.Idiot.This is my last comment to you pussies.5Rings thank you for reading my posts,I appreciate it,but I wasn't talking to either one of you queers.

  • joe gomez

    Hey dipshit, the dollar sign comes before the number. Thats how us educated people do it anyway. As far as cutting D. Foster, he was kept because hes a veteran and probably knows blocking assigments better than T. Clayton. They dont just look at running, they look at overall skills in the RB, fucken idiot.

  • 5Rings

    hey i got a ticket for sale its for 50$..LMFAO..where you from dipshit? yea i like the personnel moves so far, it looks like were gonna have a decent season. as long as adam’s butt buddy stays on the bench.

  • Billy

    pintor98 I agree with you 100%, heck I think we should cut Bruce now he hasnt really done anything game wise but maybe he coaching up the WRs, but I want Colvin. Not to mention Chad Jackson was 2nd round pick. Yeah I liked Holmes too I dont know why Matt Maiocco said that he wasnt good heck from what I saw he was the best we had but then again TBC looked good too.

    Also Im not happy with Keasy, I want Mike Tolbert if he gets cut somehow by the Chargers he kicks ass man, I wouldnt think twice Id pick him ASAP

  • pintor98

    Dre Moore was cut maybe we should get him on the PS
    Chad Jackson would be great keep him for a yr and see
    what he has. We are pretty much set for the future at
    wr Morgan,Hill,Battle,Zieglar and we should sign B. Johnson
    to an extension if he does good the first half of the season. I. Bruce is good to have this year for the younger

    Next season niners are currently 11 million under cap.
    A. Smith 11 mil JTO
    Franklin 1.7 mil FA Haynsworth!If we add 1FA!!!!!!
    Ulbrich 2.2 mil (re-sign)1.1mil FA-Rookie
    M. Roman 1.9 mil Goldston,R Smith
    W Harris 2.o mil Spencer
    Forster 1.9 mil T. Clayton
    Banta Cain 3.2 mil Green,Holmes,Haralson, SUGGS!?!
    I.Bruce 3.5 mil J. Morgan,J.Hill,
    Spikes 1.6 mil Brooks,FA,Rookie 4th RD

    It we could only sign one BIG FA it would have to be Haysnworth. He can eat up Double teams all DAY!!!

    Thats a savings of over 29 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!
    Maybe after dead money 20-22+ 11 Million under the cap 08
    30 MILLION FOR 2009!!!!!!!!!! SUGGS/OLB, Haynsworth/NT OR PEPPERS/DE!!!!
    Were paying A. Smith 11 MIllion for what?? I’ll take Suggs,Peppers or Haynsworth over A.Smith

    San Francisco 49ers: 2008 Season
    53-Man Roster:
    QB 14 J.T. O’Sullivan(2008)-$645,000(UFA)
    QB 11 Alex Smith(2010)-$11,186,200($4,636,200)
    QB 13 Shaun Hill(2010)-$1,700,000($2,100,000)
    RB 21 Frank Gore(2011)-$4,795,000($6,483,000)
    RB 29 DeShaun Foster(2009)-$1,900,000(UFA)
    RB/FB 24 Michael Robinson(2012)-$802,812($892,814)
    FB 45 Zak Keasey(2008)-$445,000(RFA)
    WR 88 Isaac Bruce(2009)-$3,500,000($2,000,000)
    WR 82 Bryant Johnson(2008)-$2,000,000(UFA)
    WR 83 Arnaz Battle(2009)-$2,070,000($2,120,000)
    WR 84 Josh Morgan(2011)-$321,500($411,500)
    WR 89 Jason Hill(2010)-$558,454($648,454)
    TE 85 Vernon Davis(2010)-$3,340,000($3,880,000)
    TE 46 Delanie Walker(2012)-$470,500($555,500)
    TE 47 Billy Bajema(2008)-$927,000(UFA)
    C 66 Eric Heitmann(2008)-$1,890,000(UFA)
    C 59 Cody Wallace(2011)-$417,000($507,000)
    LG 64 David Baas(2009)-$1,158,125($1,266,875)
    RG 68 Adam Snyder(2011)-$1,800,000($2,300,000)
    OG/OT 62 Chilo Rachal(2011)-$743,000($835,000)
    OG/C 69 Tony Wragge(2008)-$697,220(UFA)
    LT 74 Joe Staley(2011)-$1,220,000($1,420,000)
    RT 75 Jonas Jennings(2011)-$5,842,000($6,592,000)
    RT 65 Barry Sims(2009)-$2,030,000($2,170,000)
    DE/OLB 94 Justin Smith(2013)-$3,083,333($10,583,333)
    DE 91 Ray McDonald(2010)-$518,125($608,125)
    DE 93 Ronald Fields(2008)-$567,250(UFA)
    DE 96 Kentwan Balmer(2012)-$1,495,000($2,191,500)
    DT 90 Isaac Sopoaga(2012)-$1,855,000($5,017,500)
    DT 92 Aubrayo Franklin(2009)-$1,733,333($2,683,334)
    OLB 99 Manny Lawson(2010)-$1,690,000($1,974,220)
    OLB 98 Parys Haralson(2009)-$489,000($574,000)
    OLB 95 Tully Banta-Cain(2009)-$3,266,666($3,541,668)
    OLB 54 Roderick Green(2008)-$615,000(UFA)
    MLB 52 Patrick Willis(2011)-$4,075,000($2,355,000)
    MLB 51 Takeo Spikes(2008)-$1,680,000(UFA)
    MLB 53 Jeff Ulbrich(2009)-$2,275,000($2,630,000)
    MLB 56 Donatrrious Thomas(2009)-$866,720($866,720)
    CB 22 Nate Clements(2013)-$5,500,000($5,683,332)
    CB 27 Walt Harris(2009)-$2,066,666($2,366,668)
    CB 31 Reggie Smith(2011)-$491,000($581,000)
    CB 36 Shawntae Spencer(2012)-$3,698,800($3,470,000)
    CB 30 Donald Strickland(2008)-$7,800,000(UFA)
    CB 25 Tarell Brown(2010)-$414,250($504,250)
    FS 26 Mark Roman(2009)-$1,325,000($1,425,000)
    FS 38 Dashon Goldson(2010)-$473,219($563,219)
    SS 32 Michael Lewis(2012)-$4,005,000($5,000,000)
    SS 28 Keith Lewis(2009)-$1,041,666($1,116,668)
    SS/CB 23 Marcus Hudson(2009)-$466,666($551,669)
    PK 6 Joe Nedney(2009)-$1,630,000($1,862,500)
    P 4 Andy Lee(2012)-$991,666($1,281,666)
    LS/TE 86 Brian Jennings(2009)-$913,333($928,335)
    RS/CB 20 Allen Rossum(2008)-$870,000(UFA)

    Injured Reserve:
    OT 63 Damane Duckett(2008)-$520,000(UFA)
    OLB 58 Jay Moore(2010)-$415,000($580,000)
    SS 43 Lewis Baker(2009)-$295,000($395,000)

    Practice Squad:
    OT 76 Ramiro Pruneda(2008)-$88,000

    Cap Total:
    Dead Money:
    Cap Room:
    Workout Bonuses:

    Derek Smith $2,001,668
    Kwame Harris $1,088,509
    Ashley Lelie $1,100,000
    Brandon Moore $570,000
    Brandon Williams $337,500
    Moran Norris $215,000
    Bryan Gilmore $105,000
    Trent Dilfer $93,750
    Joe Cohen $93,250
    Thomas Clayton $72,375
    Melvin Oliver $21,320
    Vickiel Vaughn $16,768
    Patrick Estes $9,750
    Walter Curry $6,250
    D.J. Parker $3,000
    Luke Getsy $2,250
    Sammy Joseph $2,250
    Zac Herold $2,000
    Zach Anderson $500

    2009 Cap Room Outlook:

    Cap Total: $98,143,050
    Top 51 Rule: $98,190,120
    Dead Money: $432,070
    Cap Room: $32,809,880

    Joe Cohen $186,500
    Melvin Oliver $21,320
    Moran Norris $215,000
    Walter Curry $6,250
    D.J. Parker $3,000

  • Wrbk

    That’s a lot of cap room for next season.

  • Wow Breaking news!!! The Raiders signed Ashly Lelie. I bet no one saw that one coming. What is it everytime the 49ers flush the toilet the shit floats to the Raiders?

  • Dan

    Yeah, they got him cause J.Walker may not start. I think it's funny how you said our shit floats to them. Does'nt everyones' shit in S.F. float to the EastBay?

  • Dan

    Yeah, they picked him up cause J. Walker may not start. It's funny how you said our shit floats to them. Does'nt everyones' shit in S.F. float to the Eastbay? That water is cruddy!

  • Dan

    Hey Pundit. I tried to post the same thing twice, and it told me so, but it didn't go up. Whats up?

  • Adam49

    I was reading on a site called National Football Post Brunch News,and they said that in order for Tully Banta-Cain to make the final 53 man roster that the niners told him he had to take a pay cut.And he accepted.

  • Forensics187

    Where is Thomas Clayton in all of this? No way he didn't make the roster again! Nolan, come on buddy!

  • Mike

    I just read that the raiders signed lelie.. nothing like picking up scraps from us.. first kwame now lelie

  • 5Rings

    Damn Adam, you can read? Being that your a fucking idiot thats pretty impressive. LMFAO! Yea whats strapping the cap is Adam’s butt buddy, Alex Smith. Hopefully Alex gets kicked off the team and Adam gets kicked off the site. HAHAHAHA..that would be so sweeeet.

  • joe gomez

    Alex Smith got beat by a $645,000 QB, thats a fucken shame. Getting paid millions and millions and all hes good for is snortin’ cocaine and shovin’ his cock down Adam’s throat. LMFAO! Hey dipshit, pay close attention where I put the dollar sign, see how it goes in front of the numbers? Hahaha…your such a dumb shit.

  • pintor98

    Thomas Clayton passes waivers and is on the practice squad:)

    They got lucky no one signed him. The Bears where the first team I thought would sign him, since they don't have any RB'S!!!

    Clayton is a lot better runner than MRob=Nolans pet!!!!

    The one thing that Clayton needs to do better is block.

    He's just as good as a pass catcher. He will make it next season for sure. Gore,Clayton and MRob for 3rd downs.

    MRob just runs into the pile everytime. Im just waiting

    for him to fumble! He has no VISION!!!! Plenty of running

    lanes just doesn't know how to make something out of nothing.

    Special teams we have enough special team players on the damm roster!! K. Lewis,Keasly,Roman,Rosssum,Banta-Cain,Ulbrich all who I think should of be cut!!!!Im glad we kept Hudson.

  • R,Craig33

    The raiders fucks me up they're always signing our former players this shit been going on for years they might as well be a farm system to us like there's a farm system to baseball these raiders fans always talking shit but it's clear that the raiders organization is on the 49ers organization dicks and Al Davis always wish his franchise could have the tradition our niners franchise has!

    On another note there's some good players out there that was cut so who yall think we should sign?

  • Mike


    The 49ers signed T Joe Toledo and WR Chris Hannon to the practice squad.

    So we picked up Hannon who i have no idea who he is over colvin.. must not have seen enough of colvin to warrant a spot on ps i guess. kind of dissapointing wanted to see if kid could show himself a little more.

  • Adam49

    You know what I kinda find funny about some of these bloggers that have us going 3-13 and use every opportunity to put us down.In some of their posts they claim that the first thing we needed to do was find a replacement for the retired Bryant Young.And they said that picking up Justin Smith was a failed attempt at doing just that.But at the beggining of last year those same bloggers where saying that B.Y was on his last leg and that he should've retired because he doesn't even play all the snaps anymore.They're hypocrites and when we take the NFC West this year all you shit talking maggott bloggers can kiss my ass.Especially the geek Kawakami or whatever his name is.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Medford the question is who diidn’t see it comeing?
    The only reason we kept him so long was we were trying to
    trade him to the Raiders. Looks like we were asking to much.

    Forensics187 Clayton needs to work on his patch catching and
    blocking, to be a complete back. He definately can run the

  • 5Rings

    Man shut the fuck up Adam, you were wrong about Alex Smith and your not man anough to admit it. You have no weight to what you say. Your wrong about EVERYTHING. Everything you say doesnt make any sense so shut your trap bitch.