Aaron Rodgers has been O’Sullivanated

How does that taste Aaron

How does that taste Aaron

It was supposed to be the game of the Alex Smith – Aaron Rodgers matchup, but instead it was the O’Sullivan show. The man who has been on lots of teams outperformed Aaron Rodgers, which was nice.

But it wasn’t all JT O’Sullivan, he had help from a solid defense and the new fan favorite Josh Morgan, who finished the day with 5 receptions for 114 yards and a TD and could have had another if Alex Smith had hit him in stride early in the 3rd quarter.

After JT’s rough start he settled down and lead the team on a 92 yard drive. The team overall looked much better than last week. Alex looked much better as did JT. It still appears as if JT has the edge, but he’ll definitely continue to get pressure from Smith.

On the defensive side it is clear that this is the teams strong point. The defense gave up only 182 yards. Dashon Goldson was playing like he’s ready to start and Ray McDonald was again flying off the snap and ended the day with 1.5 sacks. Also Tully Banta-Cain got 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

In the end much better performance than last week, still some things to work on, but if they can continue to produce like they did today. It will at least be a fun season to watch.

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  • Adam49

    We looked good tonight.Gomez can't be to happy bout that.My nephew was at the game tonight,he said that our defense looked really good.He also said that O'Sullivan looked terrible up until he had a nice throw to Morgan for a TD and a nice throw to Hill.He said Alex left a couple big plays on the field.But he looked OK.He said that bAllen Rossum just returned a punt for a TD.67 yards and that he has amazing speed.Its just preseason but its a win,and against the pack which is always good.

  • Ninaz

    firen, dont get too excited this is a packers team without Brett Favre which i think they will suck this season. MeH on JTO, Alex will start in week 1 im sure of it. Martz likes guys that dont make mistakes and right now Alex has shown hes more mature and JTO is just throwing stupid INT's. Ofcourse he leads in TD's he gets a whole half to play while Alex and Shaun 1 qtr.

  • Dan

    Hey guys! Long time reader, 4th time 'caller'. To be honest, I'm kinda cool with JTO. The happy feet and wierd throwing motion don't bother me. They do throw up flags, but remember, Jeff Garcia had those same tendencies and he was a far better QB than anything we have now. What was it? 2-3 Pro-bowls and a couple of play-off births.

  • firen

    Wait, did the Niners just dominate the Packers?

  • Niner Pundit

    Yes they did…

  • Niner Pundit

    Adam…JT started off slow than had that nice long drive. It’s almost like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’ll make a bonehead play like on the INT, but then come back and look really good. It will be interesting to see how the QB position turns out.

  • Roscoe49er

    It’s worth noticing that Sully only started doing good after the Packers starters on defense were taken out. Our defense looked awesome, and Rossum had a great punt return, but the QB position will be the death of us this year…TIM TEBOW ’09

  • Roscoe49er

    I think Alex Smith can do the job, but something has to ignite him, it just seems like he’s going through the motions right now. He’s probably one of these QBs that thinks way to much when he just needs to go back there rely on his insticts and let it rip.

  • Ninaz

    not to mention JTO has mad happy feet.

  • Adam49

    It seems as if JTO has a very wierd throwing motion when he throws the intermediate to long throws.I agree it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with this QB thing,but regardless we have a good team here.

  • Dan

    I still think Smith will start come (at least) by week 3.

  • MSouza

    I think that if the niners get the QB position to do what it did tonight consistently, we could be a pretty damn good team.

    It wasn’t a stellar performance by any of them, but it was good enough to get the win.

  • Big T

    JT 3 for 9 30 yards and 1 int. in one quarter of play. Smith 5 for 12 62 yards in his one quarter of play. They need to give Alex a couple of quarters and see what he can do.

  • Ninaz

    Alex seriously deserves to start in the regular season. Hes not turning the ball over, hasnt fumbled and has been playing with alot of poise. This is the Alex you get when he is healthy. And for once Smith had TIME to throw so i see good things in the offense if Smith starts if JTO starts expect to see some early interceptions and early losses. Yeah hes 2-2 but hes been given a whole half to play and his TD's were underthrown and its pre season come regular season defense wont allow that to happen hence causing interceptions by JTO. All i see in JTO is a guy with happy feet and bad decision making.

  • joe gomez

    adam49..you really are a dumb fuck arent you. why would i not be happy. i love it when the 49ers win you idiot. im not happy with Nolan or Smith. JTO was the main reason why we won this game moron. Although Smith looked better than last week he still looked "average" and to me a number 1 overall pick needs to look better than "average." JTO was the best QB out there. Alex's QB rating was a whopping 58! Wow thats impressive. Also, quoting out of bay area papers..

    "Smith badly underthrew Morgan on a deep pass and overthrew an open Jason Hill in the end zone". I am so glad we won without his sorry ass as the starter. JTO is CLEARLY the better QB and I hope we never have to see Alex "the biggest bust" Smith as the starter ever again!!!!

  • Ed Johnson

    I love the heading..Rodgers has been O'Sullivanated. But I think it should have read Alex Smith has been "O'Sullivanated!" In my opinion that performance spelled doom to Alex. Alex will never be able to throw downfield and hit his receivers that JTO has showed with ease. That release doesn't bother me as long as it connects! Stabler had sidearm release and he was a great QB!

    I wanted to see Alex succeed myself but he will definitely have splinters in his ass this year from riding the pine. Nolan wants to save his job so he is starting JTO because he obviously is the best choice out of the three. Go Niners!

  • ninerfan4life

    i just watched the highlights and i’m cool with jto. granted it’s preason, but i’ve been a niner fan for a long fuckin time and i have not seen down the field passes like that since steave young.

  • Adam49

    Not only did O'Sullivan throw 2 picks and fumbled the ball in 3 quarters.He almost got our backup running back put in a coma.If O'Sullivan starts the 3rd preseason game,i'll say he's the starter.I'f Alex comes out in this next game and has a good game,he'll be the starter.

  • J. Johnson

    Amen to that Gomez… lets get rid of that bust and move forward. Go niners!!!!

  • Tim Dawg

    We should trade Smith but I doubt somebody will knowing how bad a QB he is. Maybe we can package Battle and Smith for a 2nd round next year. Any good QB's coming out of college next year?

  • Ed Johnson

    Tim Dawg..there will be a few good QB's in the draft next year but they will have to go through that college to NFL transition and its always a gamble because the NFL game is so much faster there is a good chance for failure (Alex Smith) I cant go through that again, picking someone high and then end up being a bust. I say we go after a proven Veteran if one is available next year. I was one of the people who wanted Drew Brees when he was let go by the Chargers a few years back. Look what he has done with the Saints offense ever since he got there. He would of been perfect to run this Martz offense. I hope someday we will have a All-pro QB again with the 49ers. I think JTO is the better of the three but he still is not the answer.

  • Tim

    Personally I can't wait until Gore is fully unleashed in this offense. I think it will open up the passing game even more. I am also excited that we still have Bryant Johnson to look forward to. This could be a good season as I remember we were not an embarassment when Norv ran the offense with much less talent than we have now.

  • Samra

    Right now i dont care who the QB is as long as we win.. and if we dont win it will be even better news as nolan WILL be fired

  • Adam49

    Comebacks?HMMM.Wait for the regular season.Yup,I like Alex and hope he starts.Yup,I like Nolan and hope he stays.Nobody on this site knows anything about who is gonna start.We will see soon enough.Like I said if Alex has a good year he will be our QB for awhile.And oh ya gomez,you said that you were one of the people that wanted us to take Aaron Rogers 1st overall?He looked really good out there..LMFAO.Your wrong again.And he's been in the same offense for 3 or 4 years.I'm done with this discussion.10-6 or 11-5 straight to the playoffs.

  • sf

    JTO has a lot to learn but I do believe that he has a quick release, similar to Burlger. He’ll do fine.

  • unreal

    Roscoe, you really want Tim Tebow in 09 if he even comes out. He played same system as Smith. If i’m not mistaken with the same head coach as Smith. If you want to talk about drafting a QB next year or within next 2 years. I’d look more at Matt Stafford from Georgia, Sam Bradford from OU, Colt McCoy from Texas, Cullen Harper from Clemson. They actually take ball from center not all shotgun formations. This way wouldn’t have to deal with this transition crap that we had with Smith and trying to teach him how to read def. from line and all that.
    However I think Smith will take job from JTO at some point. Not sure if it will be for first week or not. But by week 4 I think he takes the job if we even struggle a little bit. B/c while it seems Nolan isn’t fond of Smith anymore but he knows his job is on the line this season if he doesn’t win I’m gonna say atleast 7-9 games. So if JTO struggles or Off. isn’t clicking well. I’d expect a change of hands.
    Lets keep in mind this is preseason. Teams make the adjustments at half time and while JTO has looked decent sometimes other times he has looked sloppy with taking care of ball. If our def can play like they did yesterday though. We could try to model ourselves after what the ravens did a few years back.. and average off but a stellar def and let it carry us. Big thing there off. did that year was take care of ball, limit turnovers and move ball little by little, aka burn clock.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Souza I heard it on Fitz and Brooks show, on Thursday one of

    the 20 min sports updates. The good news this week is he

    didn't have any penalties that killed drives. But he was only if for a couple series.

    No one wants him to excel more than I do. I wear his 85 jersey everywhere. But this is his 3rd year he better pick

    it up.

  • mouse

    JT did great once the GB first team defense started rotating out of the game. Hopefully all teams will do that against us once the season starts so as to avoid interceptions. O.o

  • Big T

    JT’s t.d. pass was short and Morgan had to come back for it. If it was’nt for a blown cover 2 zone, that pass would have been picked. I still am not impressed with JT. ON his long drive most if it was rushing. It took him the first quarter to get anything going. When Alex came in he drove the team from the start. He still made some mistakes but I think they need to give Alex 2 Quarters and see what he can do with it. Nolan keeps saying he’s seen Alex in game action, but he forgets that he’s never seen him under Mike Matz’s offense. Give Alex a fair chance and see once and for all if he is a bust or not.

  • Adam49

    I think Alex will get the start this week.Josh Morgan is a stud.Good win guys against a good football team.

  • West

    Nice game…. Now dats what im talkin bout!! … Our D is a LOCK, “good times”………. As for JT i do like how he seems to go through his reads quickly, releases da ball as the WR’s are about to cut and has a quick release…. Martz an staff will go with the players that give us da best chance to win….

    Im still rollin wit Nolan & Company

  • c-tree-p.o.

    -19 first downs
    -355 of total offense (237 passing, 118 on the ground)
    -4 TD’s (2 rushing, 1 in the air, and Rossum)
    -0 sacks allowed by the Offensive Line
    -6 sacks by the Defense
    -Josh Morgan 5 for 114 and 1 TD
    -Ray McDonald 1.5 sacks (my favorite was the bull rush and spider man leap)

    Great game!! On to Chicago Thursday to get redemption on that tampering bullshit! Go Niners!


    Alex was not very accurate with his throws. You have to hand the credit to the receivers for most of his completions. He was consistently throwing behind the receiver and he was overthrowing alot. Jason Hill really had to jump up and extend to pull one of his passes down.

    I think Smith needs a little more time to learn this offense. But I do think JTO could hold it down until then. JTO is accurate, but his sidearm throwing motion bothers me.

  • There is no way to really to really put it except that he DOES do the Jekyll and Hyde thing. I agree with Big T….I am glad that JTO made the throw, but it was a breakdown of coverage more than a great throw. Alex Smith did alright, but he didn’t do anything in that game to convince the coaches that he is better than JTO. I think Nolan is going to name the starting quarterback a few days before the Charger game. MORGAN NEEDS TO START. Unless you are going to talk to me about Isaac Bruce you can’t really argue for Battle or Johnson. I say our first three needs to be Johnson, Bruce, and Morgan. Morgan is making way too many plays (plays that Battle NEVER made) to not start. Battle was our best receiver for a few years, but he still is just not good enough or consistent enough to be relied upon. START MORGAN because he makes plays…..we need the best players on the field and I am sorry, but Battle is no longer one of our top three receivers. He should make the team, but not start. ALSO, Jason Hill needs to work on his hands because as of late I have not been impressed with him.

  • Dan the man

    JT is the man. He still needs some more experience, but at least he makes plays. As much as I want Smith to succeed, by now he should be able to lead a reciever. His throws are always off. I know he doesn’t make any mistakes, but he also doesn’t make any plays, and this is his 4th year. When it gets down to it, which QB gives the niners the best chance to win? In my eyes its JT.

  • joe gomez

    i gotta repost ninerfan4life’s post because it is probably the smartest posts ive read on here..his post shows me he is a true niner fan and he feels the frustration of us searching for a sign from the QB position…

    “ninerfan4life | Aug 17, 2008 | Reply

    i just watched the highlights and i’m cool with jto. granted it’s preason, but i’ve been a niner fan for a long fuckin time and i have not seen down the field passes like that since steave young…

    ninerfan4life..i salute you..hopefully JTO just excels in this offense from here on out..lets shut the door on Alex once and for all and lets move forward from our mistakes. as long as he keeps connecting downfield..i couldnt care less what kind of throwing motion he has. he gets rid of fast and they are on target! hallelujah!!!

  • joe gomez

    dan the man..your right on target (just like a JTO pass)with your Alex assessment!

    “by now he should be able to lead a reciever
    His throws are always off” ~ daytheman

    excellent analysis…i saw the same throws hes always been doing..he just doesnt have any touch or timing. he has a great arm dont get me wrong but c’mon your fourth year and you still cant connect down the field?

  • joe gomez

    ninaz..at first i thought you knew your shit but i am now convinced that you are on the crack pipe ..

    “Alex seriously deserves to start in the regular season. Hes not turning the ball over, hasnt fumbled and has been playing with alot of poise. This is the Alex you get when he is healthy”

    check the stats and watch the highlight reels again dumb fuck. its the same Alex Smith badly overthrowing or badyly underthrowing with no timing or touch with his throws. JTO connected downfield consistently and that is something we haven’t seen from Alex who is in his fourth year and who happens to be the #1 overall pick! Go buy some glasses dipshit because apparently your just as stupid as Dan “im an idiot” 49.

  • 9er4lyfe

    I totally agree with Gomez.. O’Sullivan made throws that we haven’t seen since the Young and Garcia plays. Alex is playing cautious and doesn’t trust his receivers. He holds the ball too long and by the time the WR is open it is way too late. We should trade him if we can and move on from this big mistake. He is a big bust and I hope we pick better in the future when it comes to QB’s. We were ignorant to think we could turn a QB from a college with mediocre competition that ran a shotgun spread out offense and think he can be good in the NFL. Lets move on and hope this kid JTO can take us to the promiseland.

  • redngld

    Anyone who still thinks Alex should start should follow the team that he goes to because I don’t see him as our future.
    Go J.T.!!!! Go Niners!!!

  • 5Rings

    Man I have been a long reader but never have said much on here but I am excited to finally seeing balls thrown downfield! Amazing when you have a QB who can fling it downfield and actually connect! And all this time we thought it was the receivers fault!!

  • Medford

    JTO got better when the Packers took out there starting defensive backs. Think about it!!! He still isnt a starting QB I say start Alex against Chicago just to see what u have with him let him have all the #1 reps this week.

  • Adam49

    At the end of the first quarter O’Sullivan had a QB rating of a whoppin 4.2.That was an awesome INT he threw thats 3 quarters of play and 2 INT’s and a fumble.The INT would’ve been for a TD had Woodson not fumbled the ball.And gomez is all happy bout this guy.Gomez your the biggest fool on this site by far.You say somebody has to be a niner fan cause they agree with you.What an idiot.I guess O’Sullivan being 3 for 9 in the first quarter means his throws were perfect.And ninaz,you only know your shit if you agree with gomez.Otherwise you don’t know shit.Haven’t you figured that out yet.Gomez you don’t know shit.Your wrong constantly,and when you’re proven wrong you jump on the bandwagon.Coward.All the other folks on this site can agree and disagree without calling each other names.But your such a pussy that you need to put everyone down.Ninaz is my case and point.You tried to jump on his bandwagon but he gave you the boot and now you’re calling him names.LMFAO.God damn your goofy.You’re a waste of time.From now on i’ll reply to the real niner fans on this site not the wannabe’s like you.

  • Adam49

    Sorry bout the reposts.But I just need to say that Alex Smith led 2 drives for a total of 10 points.in 1 quarter with no fumbles or INT’s.

  • Tim Dawg

    It’s not that Smith was awful during his 5-for-12 performance. He just wasn’t nearly good enough, as usual.

    Smith hit a few decent passes against the soft Packers defense, but he also missed a wide-open Jason Hill in the end zone and did not exhibit much fire in what probably was his last chance to win back this job before September

    So long Smith. Good riddance.

  • joe gomez

    yeah i said you and ninaz are the only idiots on here dipshit because at first ninaz was against starting smith but apparently he is a smith lover like your stupid ass. im gonna be laughing so hard once smith is gone for good. why dont you follow him to his next team which is probably going to be the CFL or NFL Europe because hes been a bust from day one but weve let him have 3 years to prove us wrong but he still isnt doing shit. if he cant beat out a journeyman from U.C. Davis who has been with 8 different NFL teams then the 2005 #1 overall draft pick needs to pack his bags and we need to learn from our mistakes and move forward. keep dreaming and wishing Alex will be our starter because its not going to happen. even if o’sullivan gets injured or if he falters i hope they put in Hill because thats how bad Alex Smith is. its amazing how much you love this guy no matter how many years it took for him to show some kind of sign of a real NFL QB. i have no idea how many more years you will give this guy but most QB’s are gone way before their 4th year. sorry adam…you need to support the best QB possible out there and thats JTO.

  • 5Rings

    All Alex gave me for the last 3 to 4 years is a big headache and the shame to be a Niner fan. First Carmazzi then Druckenmiller and then Smith..how many QB busts are we going to take? Atleast Carmazzi and Druck were not #1 overall. That really hurts because all the money we had to give him.

  • Joe Gomez

    Ed, yeah i remember when Brees was available. That would of been sweet. What do you think if we went after Favre? The man who has always beaten the niners wearing red and gold? That would of been a trip. I hated that man for all those NFC Championship losses but I would of welcomed him. Green Bay was stupid for not letting him come back as the starter. Now the lowly NY Jets have a better QB than our team. Thats very sad. But I agree with you, I think we should go after that proven veteran for next year. We will probably be picking top ten next year or maybe even top 5 if O’Sullivan gets hurt and puts in Smith.

  • 5Rings

    The last time we were in the playoffs we had Garcia at QB. The next time we see the playoffs I doubt it will be with any of the QB’s we have on our roster. Obviously the Alex Smith project is coming to an end thank god. It shouldn’t have taken this long to figure that he doesn’t have it to make a good NFL starting QB. What a BIG waste. And the search continues….

  • 5Rings

    I agree with you Gomez and Johnson..Brees would of been a nice pick up. Lets keep dreaming..haha

  • Tim Dawg

    Adam, the final QB rating is what counts and O’Sullivan easily beat out Smith. Please stop hyping up Alex Smith, he was a huge mistake from day one. He has giving us niner fans nothing to cheer for. Your supporting of this big draft bust is borderline hilarious. Although I don’t agree with the profanity Gomez throws out at you Alex Smith supporters, he is absolutely right.

  • joe gomez

    Tim, I apologize for the profanity but this guy personally called me out and attacked me first on a post when I was giving my personal opinion on this website. He loves to give out personal attacks but when someone gives him something back he gets offended.

  • Tim Dawg

    Its cool Gomez, lets just try to keep it clean. Most of us agree with what your saying so keep cool. I agree with you..Alex is a bust and now lets support JTO and lets move on. Just remember, people will always like Alex because hes a nice kid who gives a good effort, he has the tools but doesnt have the talent. Dont get mad because people root for the nice kid.

  • 5Rings

    Gomez..no need to apologize to anyone. If this guy attacked you first and now is bitching because he cant take it with your come backs then thats his problem. Never start something you cant finish. Besides, if he truly thinks Smith is our answer at the QB position then he his an idiot!

  • check out what http://www.profootballtalk.com is saying about the niners and Rodgers. They are reporting that Nolan did his entire defensive scheme to make sure Rodgers didn’t make the Yorks wonder why they didn’t take Rodgers instead. Whatever Nolan did it worked….if we can hold our opponents to under 10 points a game then we are going to be winning games this year. As for the number one overall pick….hindsight is always 20-20, but it will be said if we wasted that pick because Alex Smith IS a talent, but we DO need the best QB in that gives us the best chance to win. Ultimately I am a NINER fan not an Alex Smith fan, but damn that will be a shame if he ends up being our back up like it is looking more and more likely to be the case. Just think….what if we would have taken Braylon Edwards?

  • webehighrollin

    Yeah i think you dumbfucks are retarted…JTO blew ass when the packers first string was in there..fukin had 4 of 12 completions for 30 yards and a INT…how are you "cool" with those stats?

    and plus..even if JTO starts at QB and plays out the whole season…1. we're not winning the super bowl. 2. does he have a bright future ahead for us since hez not gonna take us anywhere this season?? fuck no..

    so we're gonna start JTO cuz evryone's "cool" with him, blow ass this season, n then draft another QB so we can wait another 2-3 years to mold him into an NFL ready qb? By that time, gore, davis, clements and evry one of r core players are gonna be outta town and we're gonna back at square one

    Fire Nolan, get rid of the yorks and start alex smith, jesus christ

  • Adam49

    As long as we win games this year i’m cool.I think the only question on this whole team is the QB position.But if O’Sullivan plays better and better every game then I guess Nolan had the right idea.But I still think these last 2 games are Smith’s last chance to start.Gonna be interesting but I am impressed at how we looked overall on Saturday.The sad thing is if we do good and Nolan stays,then i’m pretty sure Martz will take a coaching job somewhere else.Anyway you put it this is Nolan and McCloughan’s team.

  • Hunterboyz

    Now I root for Alex to win the game, but more over, I want us to win!

    I think Jt'O should start against this defense in the Chicago, which is one of the best.

    This is his true test. If he can do well here, I say got a starter for the year in my book.

    I really love Alex, mostly for the investment we have put into him. I think he is honestly good.

    Don't count him out…

    He really didn't do bad last year.

    Now for the business…This is year 4 for him…or 3& a half, But 2-3 years into any job, and you should start to catch on alot faster than I feel he has, especially since he's been playing.

    To speak for both though…It will be a different game for both when Frankie Glimore [Gore] plays.

    And for people dissing BattleCat [Arnez Battle]…Why would you get rid of the most consistent reciever the team has had the last few years.

    If he has someone to throw to him, I only imagine he'll do better. Its not like he lead the league in drops…


    4nine 4life


  • Hunterboyz

    I meant the Chicago Game is a big game for Jt'O.

    Most importantly against the 1st string defense.

    I can care less about what he does against the 2nd string since thats not who he will be facing.

    Alex should start the very last preseason game.

    By the way…August 21st is my Birthday.

    I know what my wish is…

  • Adam49

    JTO started 2 games,so I believe Alex should start 2.And whoever looks the best should start.And webehighrollin,I agree with you that O'Sullivan has looked bad in this games.The only thing he's doin consistantaly is turnin the ball over.But if Alex comes out these next 2 games and overthrows and underthrows his recievers,then unfortunatelly JT should be the man.I personally think Alex is a good QB,and I want to see him do well,but he needs to step it up in these next 2 games if he wants the job.But I disagree with you on the Yorks and Nolan.The Yorks are workin their asses of tryin to get us a stadium,and they've also opened up the checkbook to bring in the best players possible.And Nolan has put a very good team together here.

  • joe gomez

    hey idiot..so now your hero needs to step it up now huh? LMFAO..your fucken hilarious..i thought your boy was doing good limpdick? BTW i would of chosen "anybody" over Alex Smith in that 2005 draft. all i was saying was Rodgers played in a college with better opponents in a similar offense with the 3-5-7 step drop..Alex came from a shotgun spread formation and his opponents in the WAC were weaker. Never said Rodgers was a STUD, but in that preseason game last week his QB rating was over Alex so now what. keep your stupid points coming bitch because you dont know shit.

  • Adam49

    but if he plays better than Alex in the preseason then he should get the start weather I like him or not.But we have to give Alex a shot with the first team also.And 5Rings,are you sayin that Rogers played better than Alex in this last game?I believe Rogers was sacked 3 times and should have been intercepted by Goldson.5Rings and Gomez are good together.Just a matter of time before gomez starts talkin bout nuts and suckin dick again.Fag.

  • Evan

    Hey Guys…i know it is only pre-season, but in two games the D has not given up a TD. I thik we could be a top 5 defensive team this year, as lone as the offense can attempt to keep our D off the field

  • joe gomez

    Hey i didnt catch that. still talking shit? Seems like your the only FAG on here Adam since your gargling Alex Smith's cum juice. Get his dick out your throat already Adam, just because you like him so much doesn't mean you have to be his little bitch.

  • jegomez630

    LMFAO..that shit is hilarious 5Rings but it is also a serious and legit question, i asked him too. why does he like Smith so much when hes been pathetic for the last 3 years and isnt better this year. i dont see the talent that he apparently sees.

  • TDawg

    Hes hoping for his potential that never came. Im sick and tired of waiting too. I was hoping hell come up this year myself but i dont think its gonna happen.

  • joe gomez

    Adam..just to correct you once again. Rodgers played spot duty for 7 games the last 3 years. Alex was our starter for the first 2 years and part of last year. Rodgers was riding the pine all those years, this year is his first as a starter. Can't really say he sucks yet because of that. You can definitely say Alex Smith had his chance because hes had plenty of chances and hasnt showed anybody shit.

  • joe gomez

    So true. I think he will though. Eventually after time passes and Alex is eventually dealt to another team he will soon get off the Alex Smith bandwagon.

  • joe gomez

    naw he has another "Alex Smith lover" on there with him. some bitch who calls himself "ninaz".

  • TDawg

    Yea, I remember Ninaz did say Alex Smith is the man and should be our starter. Too funny.

  • Adam49

    It's that blame it all on Smith bullshit that im talkin about.What recievers did he have?What offensive line did he have.The talent level was shit on the offensive side of the ball.And yet you blame Alex exclusively.Thats what kinda idiots you are.One person doesn't make or break a team.Told you the fags where gonna start talkin bout suckin dick.LMFAO.Never fails.And gomez spot duty or not he has had the same offense for 3 years.And what makes a person magically get better is his surrounding cast and an offense that he can learn for more than 1 year.Idiots.You sure you guys aren't 10 years old?

  • joe gomez

    ok adam, your a BIG Alex Smith fan we all get that. once he loses his starting job what are you going to say? how dare we bench a #1 overall pick? bottom line is he has no talent. no skills. no timing. no touch. he played in a weak division in college. being smart in college doesnt translate to being smart on a NFL football field. surrounding cast or no surrounding cast..the kid hasnt showed anybody anything. so when JTO starts and takes Alex's job, please dont say were making a big mistake.

  • joe gomez

    another thing, are you really gonna compare somebody who has been a starter for years to a guy who has never been a starter in his career? please tell me your smarter than that adam. dont get me wrong dude, i wish alex was the answer because we spent a great deal of money plus a #1 overall pick on him. but shit weve given him over three years to show us something and theres nothing there. i know your hoping he shows something this year but as of right now JTO seems to be the best QB for this team.

  • TDawg

    Hey Gomez, dont waste your time on that idiot. Hes never going to get it. He has a Alex Smith poster on the ceiling of his bedroom and its never coming down!

  • joe gomez

    Too funny TDawg. Naw I think once Adam sees JTO moving the ball up and down the field and scoring points, getting 300 yard games (something Alex probably has never done) he will slowly but surely get off the Alex Smith bandwagon.

  • R,Craig33

    Do anybody knows when is the reair of the niners packers game I missed it yesterday and it seems like they’ll show all the other games but ours, WE STILL GETS NO LOVE FROM THE NFL NETWORK!

  • 5Rings

    Yo Gomez, daym dude couldn’t of said it better myself. First Adam was all on Alex’s jock and now hes saying he needs to step it up. hahaha… i think the guy is confused. he wants Alex to do so good so bad hes starting to fumble his words. Good point about Rodgers. His QB rating was still better than Alex so what was Adam talking about?

  • joe gomez

    dont know man..hes just an idiot.

  • Adam49

    Gomez you just attract morons to this site.5Rings wtf are you talkin about?Fumbling my words.What a fucking ignorant fool.My position hasn’t changed one bit.I want Alex to start.But he has to quit missin wide open recievers for TD’s.Just cause I like the guy doesn’t mean i’m not gonna criticize him if he screws up.You 2 fucks sit up here and make it look like i’ve been sayin Alex is great or something.He’s had a bad team around him and now we have some talent on the offensive side of the ball.Also he hasn’t been fubling and throwing INT’s this preseason like O’Sullivan.I don’t sit on this site and put my team down every day like you 2 buffoons.I don’t personally like O’Sullivan

  • joe gomez

    “has to quit missin wide open recievers for TD’s”… so now your finally seeing it? im glad to finally hear that your starting to criticize Alex Smith, for a minute there you had me thinking he was the man and he could do no wrong. what made you think he would improve magically from last year when hes sucked since he joined us. in the last three years he’s averaged 146 yards a game which is downright pathetic. what good does he have as far as being an NFL starting QB other than he graduated college in 3 years so he must be smart and he has a decent arm. im just curious to what “special” thing you saw in A. Smith in the last three years? Anything? Timing? Quick release? Great touch? He’s not capable to be a starting NFL QB Adam and its sad because we spent a #1 overall on him, but its his fourth year and he his still not showing anything. JTO will be Martz’s and Nolan’s pick and we have to root for the best guy period. Alex Smith will be the richest 2nd string QB in history.

  • 5Rings

    hahaha..good one gomez. yea thats what i said. rodgers still had a higher QB rating than Smith with Rodgers going against our #1 defense compared to Smith going against the Packer reserves. hey just curious adam..why you like Alex so much anyways? does he stick it in you that good? hahaha..

  • joe gomez

    potential? what potential? the kid played in a weak WAC college division thats why he had a few highlight plays. this is the NFL which stands for ‘NOT FOR LONG’ if you cant adjust. weve given him 3 years so we have been patient. his fourth year he didnt excel from a couple of journeymen. he doesnt stay in the pocket to let the play materialize, he gets jittery feet, he holds the ball too long, he has no touch, no timing, cant read defenses, lacks leadership, lacks confidence. the good thing is his pretty good arm strength. druckenmiller had more arm strength and hes not in the league anymore. alex is a #1 overall pick which will turn out to be the biggest mistake this franchise has ever made. JTO is no all-pro, but hell move the ball downfield and score some points. i would rather see a pick here and there and score points than see a QB play so safe and cautious just to limit mistakes and never move yard sticks.

  • 5Rings

    Good point, maybe the fag will get it, i doubt it though. You know how lovers get when talk about their “partner.”

  • 5Rings

    he better, hes the only one on it.

  • TDawg

    10 years old? bitch ive been a niner fan since the seventies. you must be ten because you make no real football sense.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    joe and tdwag your both wrong,,,,,Adam49 is actually Alex
    Smith back-up QB, SF 49ERS

  • Hunterboyz

    Not to break up your tag team action you got going on ADAM…
    But what if Jt’O actually loses this battle?

    & Alex is named the starter.

    What do you say when you find out your wrong?

    I mean, it not me to not have faith in the NINERS, but what if the Bear’s D makes Jt’O look bad, and Alex saves the day…

    Just a thought…