49ers-Bears: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

O\'Sullivan, Hill and Clayton were part of the good

O'Sullivan, Hill and Clayton were part of the good

The 49ers have come on strong their past two preseason games, this time beating the Bears 37-30 in Chicago. Here is a quick rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of that game.

The Good
JT O’Sullivan – All I have to say is he looked damn good. He played the first quarter and finished the day 7 for 8, for 126 and one touchdown. He had a beautiful pass to Vernon Davis for 40 yards and hit Jason Hill on a nice touchdown pass.

Jason Hill – With Bruce not playing much and Lelie, Battle and Johnson still out. The second year receiver finished the game with 4 receptions for 94 yards and a touchdown. Not to worried about our receiving corps this year with the likes of Hill and Morgan out there.

Thomas Clayton – Clayton got lots of touches due to limited action by Gore and Foster out due to a death in the family. He finished the day with 18 touches for 81 yards and a touchdown.

Offensive Line – They opened up nice holes for Gore, Keasey and Clayton and only gave up one sack.

The Bad
Alex Smith – Yes I know he threw a touchdown pass, but I don’t believe one pass was thrown to a receiver. It was either behind, infront, or over. It is clearly JT’s team at this time.

The defensive front seven – After getting good pressure last week against the Packers, this week they couldn’t do anything. They gave Kyle Orton all day to throw.

The Ugly
The secondary – They made Rashied Davis and Kyle Orton look like Pro Bowlers. There were some decent plays but the only one that stood out was Walt Harris breaking up a pass to Greg Olsen in the endzone.

Special Teams – They were worse than ugly, they were horrid. They were responsible for the first 10 points the Bears received. Bad play all around.

Overall another solid performance by the 49ers. It is clear that the offense under Martz will be ten times better than under Hostler. Hell they’d be better under my grandma. Anyway offensive line was giving the running backs good holes and overall all quarterbacks made smart decisions.

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  • Defense needs to step it up and stop playing 20 yards off the recievers. And cover the tight ends!!!!!! I guess JTO is the starter.

  • ninerfan4life

    our d will be fine. i'm thoroughly impressed with jto. he gives us the best chance to win some games. as i've said before, i have not seen down the field passes like that since steve young (and his arm is stronger that young's and montana's). jto's ability to get the ball down the field will open it up for gore. i'm excited as a niner fan going into opening day for a long time…….

  • Rob

    Ok, I haven't watched the entire game yet (have it on tape), but from what I have seen, I wasn't terribly impressed with O'Sullivan. He wasn't terrible, but he wasn't impressive, either. Though, I do agree that, from what I saw of Smith, he was even worse. He was always throwing behind receivers, requiring them to adjust to balls. You won't get a whole lot of YAC yardage if the receiver is constantly having to slow down, or even stop, in order to grab an inaccurately thrown pass. Not to mention the receivers will get tired of always being responsible for going after a pass. So, I guess JTO is as good as it's going to get. I've said it before and I'll say it again – we don't have any truly good QBs on our roster.

    Also, I agree that I was impressed with Clayton. Morgan wasn't terribly impressive last night, though. If anything, the night belonged to Hill. I still have more tape to watch, though. Oh, and is it me, or does Gore look as good as ever? I think this offense will suit him just fine.

  • Lowrance

    We'll for the first time in a long time, the offense moved the ball! I just hope it can continue. It's definately nice to actually put 7's on the board.

    I can't believe the special teams play???!!! 3 missed tackles inside the 5 on the one runback??!! Screaming at the TV doesn't seem to help!

    And what about the Hester NON safety call??? He took 3 friggin' steps in the field of play before he was tackled in the end zone!!! But the Niners had already used up their 3 TO's! So no red flag….

  • Josh

    J.T. is our guy. I expect Nolan to announce him the starter in a few days. Alex has the tools but his timing is way off. He either underthrew or threw behind his receivers for most of his completions. That’s the worst thing I see with Smith is his timing. J.T. isn’t great but if he can produce more points than we had last year on offense, then we’ll have a chance for the defense to win games. It’s time to settle with the fact that J.T. is the starter and let’s see how it goes. I know one thing the defense needs to play better than they did tonight for us to have a winning season.

  • Shane

    JTO looked real impressive especially in the area i have been waiting for, down the feild, it was also a good feeling to see some touchdowns put up and just those damn feild goals. Alex Smith looked aweful, everyone is stickin up for him but in reality he might of had 2-3 good passes, everything else was off target even his touchdown pass. I seen someone said josh morgan didnt look that impressive but alex smith through him 3 bad balls which could of added up to about 50 yards, 1 was just completely off while morgan was wide open, and the other 2 looked like alex tried to set morgan up for murder. Also that secondary needs to step it up, that was just pathedic, im not to worried because your not suppose to show all your blitz and coverage packages but the third preseason game is suppose to be the closest to it so it was a little scary. Takeo or TKO didnt make to many big plays but the old bag looked pretty speedy out there, and justin smith was invisible, i didnt like that. The O line how ever dominated, hopefully they can keep that up becasue they are younger than ever, most of them could be together for a good 8 years excluding jnoas glass jennings. Overall i was pretty happy and it got me excited for this year, not to mention it made me forget about my horrible yankees, im from new york by the way, but a die hard niner fan since i was 6 years old

  • R,Craig33

    I agree with medford our corners needs to stop playing that far off the recievers that's how they was able to get those big gains, score tochdowns almost immediatly and and make kyle orton look like a genius even though I like orton over grossman but other than that they look pretty good and alex smith looks kind of off.

  • YesIsaidIT

    If Alex took his life like his friend did, what would the salary cap ramifications be?

  • joe gomez

    Hey Adam, takes a real man to admit that. Sorry about your QB.

  • Adam49

    I can defend Alex all day long,but actions speak louder than words.I think it's pretty clear who should start.

  • Adam49

    I think 8-8 is more pessimistic than optimistic.Where goin 10-6 or 11-5 straight to the playoffs.

  • Dan the man

    JT all the way… And lets give Martz some credit. The Niners are actually moving the ball down the field. Its beens nearly 4 years since I've seen that. I know its preseason, but it gave me a smile all night.

  • Lowrance

    Oh, and it was good to see Singletary on the sidelines. I, too, hadn’t seen him in a long time. And after the comment from Ryan, I think, a while back, I wondered if we hadn’t lost him somehow….

  • Vin

    JTO was very impressive. I thought Smith played well too despite his stats. Both QB’s threw some nice balls. JTO will be the starter if he turns the ball over too much, or until they are basically eliminated from the playoffs (hopefully that doesnt happen), at which point Smith will be the starter. There will be no QB controversy next year, I firmly believe Alex Smith will be the guy once he has been in the system for a year.

    2nd…. I think Michael Robinson should be cut, unless he makes the team as a special teams player. Clayton is a better running back. Lelie needs to be cut.. we have some good young guys.

    I think the special teams will be much better going into the season once all the roster spots are secured (hopefully).

  • Adam49

    Well we can’t cut Michael Robinson cause we just signed him to an extension,and he is an excellent Special Teamer,and from what I see we need help on the Special Teams.I also think Mark Roman looked like shit last night.He got burned for 2 touchdowns and missed a couple easy open field tackles.Goldson should win that job soon.I saw Goldson on the ground hurt last night,not sure what the injury was.

  • R,Craig33

    Oh yeah did yall see the cutback from thomas clayton for the touchdown not to mention the moves from gore when he normally runs up field and zeiglers looks good (if I spelled his name right.

  • Rob

    Ok, I do want to recant my comments about Morgan a bit in light of Shane’s comments. It’s true that Morgan did get open, Smith just didn’t get him the ball. And, I haven’t yet seen all of Morgan’s time with JTO, so maybe that went better.

    That was also a good point about Justin Smith. He hasn’t made a huge impact thus far. Either he is getting pulled out of games early (which is possible), or we may have overpaid for a mediocre pass rusher. I hope it’s the first one.

    By the way, Shane, I am also an East Coast Niner fan. Sucks, huh? It was nice that last night’s game was nationally televised so I can actually see my Niners play for a change.

    So, what is the latest on Goldson’s injury? Is it serious?

  • jstyles

    I was one of the guys that wanted Alex to win the starting QB job but after watching last night game it just seems to me he needs to sit for a year or midway through the season and come on strong then. I dont think JT is the answer for us long term but i dont want to team to throw ALex away let him sit this year and learn something he has never done and maybe next year if we dont draft a QB come on strong then after a year in the system. Hell thats what JTO done

  • Alex Smith … same song and dance,misfired badly on several throws, including a risky throw that almost got Josh Morgan sidelined…..Atleast if he doesnt start he will save da niners some loot….. click below


  • joe gomez

    One word.. “WOW.” Never knew a journeyman from U.C. Davis can look like a solid NFL Starter. Shawn Hill looked pretty decent. As far as Alex Smith..same old tired story..nothing has changed. The touchdown was an outstanding grab..other than that its the same usual “off target” throws. One thing I really hate is when after he throws one of his “ducks” he hangs his head which shows ZERO confidence, leadership, and poise. Adam49’s hero looked awful again. Also, I have no idea whats going on with V. Davis, all those muscles and speed will be all for naught if he doesnt have hands. He needs to come up and snatch the ball in the air and come down with it rather than letting a smaller CB wrestle it away. The last Bear touchdown should be a good example for him on how to do that. Clayton was beast. J. Hill and Morgan looked like starters. We need to work on the special teams more, they looked awful. Not worried about the secondary they didn’t cover too well but the starters are proven. I think Martz’s system is working so far. As long as Alex Smith is not in there well be ok.

  • YesIsaidIT

    Smith sucks! I always said… take Braylon!

  • Adam49

    The touchdown pas was a perfect throw.That’s staraight from Aikmen’s mouth.It was not an outstanding grab.But in all fairness that was his only good throw of the night.

  • J. Johnson

    Hey Rob, 7 of 8 for 126 yards, 1 touchdown, and with a 158.3 QB rating not good enough for you. Thats outstanding quarterbacking. Even Hill went 6 for 7 for a QB rating over 100. Dont know whats up with Alex. Same old story.

  • sonoflubbeer

    Hey Shane! Great to find another Yankee-49er combo fan. There aren’t too many of us. I agree the Yanks are dead this year. The Niners were tantalizing last night. Gore’s ability and JTO’s arm strength could be an excellent and unanticipated combined weapon. I still think that JTO will make many mistakes when the pressure is heavy. In order to win in the NFL, teams need to win close games, and pull games out at the end. We have no idea whether JTO has that mad skill, but I’m guessing, by his journeyman history, that he doesn’t. I hope I’m wrong. And once again, no pass rush equals a torched secondary. Hoping not to see that over and over again this year. Where was Justin Smith last night? Does Manny Lawson, on a repaired knee, still have the speed to get to the QB? As good as Nate Clements is, he sure busts assignments too often, leaving wide open receivers down field. Are we going to lose games on special teams this year? Good teams find a way to win, bad teams find a way to lose — not looking for inventive ways to lose… Niners will be improved this year with Martz but, if you look at their tough schedule, 8-8 is optimistic. Again, hoping I’m wrong!

  • Lowrance

    What’s wrong with 16-0? LOL

  • Dan the man…. it did feel good to see….. times have changed… we seem to be back

  • Bobby Boucher

    It’s official JT was just named starting QB. After the last two pre-season games I can’t say I disagree with the decision. Alex did not perform last night when he had the opportunity with the first unit. His throws were off target and JT’s were on the money. There was a shot of Nolan on the sidelines rubbing his temples after Alex threw an off target pass. I think he was hoping Alex did well so he could give him the starting job. He just did not perform. Hey JT if you’re out there… sorry about the Ass Clown remark the other day. I’m behind whatever guy can get the job done. I was hoping that guy was the one that we’ve invested tens of millions of dollars in, but whatever. He won the job, let’s see what JT can do.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    the 20 million we save on Smith not being the starter. will
    really help pay for Tim Tebow next years 1st round draft

  • joe gomez

    Los Banos Jerry…Tim Tebow for real? Cant live with another Druckenmiller/Carmazzi/Smith. We havent had any luck drafting high on QB. There seems to be alot of QB's who end up studs from the middle to late rounds. I think high draft choices are over rated.