22 Cut and One to IR

Lelie and Norris perhaps the only surprises on cut day

Lelie and Norris perhaps the only surprises on cut day

The 49ers cut 22 players today and sent one to the IR. There were not really any surprises with the cuts, with the exception of maybe Moran Norris and Ashley Lelie, but most of camp and through the preseason they were both on the bubble. One other player who some were hoping would make it after a nice preseason was Thomas Clayton, but unfortunately he didn’t make the cut. He is still eligible for the practice squad however. As is Cam Colvin who I really like and hope makes it to the PS and possibly onto the roster in the near future. Here are the following players who were released.

  • WR Ashley Lelie
  • RB Thomas Clayton
  • FB Moran Norris
  • WR Jerard Rabb
  • WR Cam Colvin
  • WR Dominique Zeigler
  • WR Robert Ortiz
  • TE J.J. Finley
  • OG Brian de la Puente
  • OT Alan Reuber
  • OT Joe Toledo
  • OT Chris Patrick
  • DE Walter Curry
  • NT Atiyyah Ellison
  • DE LaJuan Ramsey
  • DE Louis Holmes
  • LB Larry Grant
  • LB Dennis Haley
  • CB Markus Curry
  • S D.J. Parker
  • K/P Ricky Schmitt

Jay Moore was placed on injured reserve, which is good for the 49ers since they’ll have another chance at working with him next season and see if he can make the team then. If not injured Moore was most likely to be cut.

As for the practice squad, I’ll say Clayton, Colvin, De la Puente, Ziegler, Grant, Ellison, Toledo and Curry.

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  • shane

    fuck lellie, he hasn't done one thing since hes been here, besides i think were pretty deep on WR even though i dont think were set on are 1-2 punch. I think their juggleing the shit out of Bruce Johnson Morgan and Hill for 1 through 4. First like 3 weeks they will be rotated like crazy to see whats up witht he chemistry between JTO and the receivers. I personally like all 4 with Battle being the odd man out even though i like him too.I see Morgan and Hill as our future and even Johnson even though we havent got to see what he can do in the red and gold but we do kno hit potential as the same for all our receivers. You will see Bruce as either 1 or 2 regardless just because of his experience and relashionship with martz which im ok with. I was kind of disapointed with the let go of clayton, he looked pretty good although im not uncomfortable with foster and robinson. Are line i think is definitely a huge brightside for our future though besides mr.glass and heitman who i do like they are all so young. I especially love Staley and Baas. Im hopeing they olay on the same side. I think our defense is just going to be really fast. Not dominate but Fast and a playmaking defense. I think were definitley see a few taken back to the house, and look for the sack count to shoot up pretty well compared to last year. When you got guys like Justin Smith Willis Spikes and Lawson blitzing its a beautiful thing. Olines are just not build to black speed liek that coming from random directions. Overall though i think we can go 9-7 and hit up that wild card anything more is a plus, any less bye bye Nolan. GO NINERS

  • ninerfan4life

    lelie is fucking garbage! if he would have made the team, i would have gotten on the next fuckin plane to frisco and would have cut him myself. how dare you compare him to battle!

  • 9nerfan

    i hope thomas clayton get signed to the practice squad. i really think he gots a bright future with the team. i personally like him better than deshaun foster or mike rob. that would of been a nice 1-2 punch with him and gore.

  • J. Johnson

    Is Battle really better than Lelie? They both averaged about the same (yards per catch) last year. Career stats Lelie blows him away. This has me scratching my head.

  • wooo.. Battle is way better they lelie.. you’ll see once we start acctually completing the ball to our recievers.. battles game is simmalar to that of terry glenn of the cowboys.. exept terry glen has had a better QB throwing him the ball

  • FYI everybody.. larry Allen is set to retire with the cowboys…

  • Adam49

    Good Lelie is cut and Hudson is kept.Good decision.Was hoping somehow we could keep T.Clayton though.I would rather of had T.Clayton than D.Foster.Foster looks like he’s always running uphill.Oh well,we got our 53 man roster set.

  • Adam49

    And Lelie is a scmuck compared to Battle.I can’t even believe you posted that.

  • gee-ray

    YEAH lelie is TRASH. Battle is and HAS been good for us. His hands are underated. I hope he gets to showcase what he can really do this year. He deserves it. He is one of my fav’s on the team. Look at how many “recievers” we have brought in the last few years. Battle is still holding his own.

  • Lowrance

    Calyton HAS to make the practice squad. Geeeze….with his moves and speed? And last year led the NFL in preseason rushing. One RB goes down, and he makes the squad.
    Optomistic as always, we’ll see how we do when the games count. C’mon JT, us Niner fans have suffered long enough. Let’s hope Arizona contunes to let down all it’s backers with another sub par season. We might even sign another mal contented receiver from them =)


  • Lowrance

    geeeze…. I really should proof read!(Clayton and continues)

  • DonJuan49er

    I think my biggest suprise was releasing Moran Norris and keeping that matrix twin Zak Keasey. I think that was a big miastake and also Dominique Zieglar. We better bring in Norris and Zeiglar to the practice squad too, or that bastard Jerry Jones of the cowhoes will sign them becuase he always seems to recruit players from the 49ers, look at the history. We need to get those two players back and release Keasey. I am disapointed in releasing Norris, and I think we will regret that. What is Nolan thinking! This is nolan's make it or break it year and we need to keep the good players that will make a difference here. We need size at receiver and Zeiglar brings that. I hope Norris and Zeiglar will join the practice squad! I am tired of shitty years, if it doesnt work this year, bring in Holmgren because he is from San Francisco and everyone said this would be his dream job! He told the Seahawks this is his last year because maybe the 49ers have offered him the job if Nolan does not pan out. Maybe their is a plan their for next season to bring him home. We need to bring in a high calibur coach of some sort. Come on this is san francisco 49ers, we are the real america's team and we deserve the best coach out their. their should be canidates lining up to take the job with the prestigious 49ers! We will see!

  • J. Johnson

    Just throwing down stats. Lelie is over 17 yds per catch and Battle 12 yds per catch. Probably has to do with our sorry QB situation. BTW Adam, some of your posts dont make sense most of the time so keep your comments to your self.

  • AM

    i don’t like mrob and i think that clayton is ten times better. mrob runs the ball like kevan barlow. he dances around and then tries to hit the hole after it has already closed.

  • Adam49

    So we release D.Thomas and sign Ahmed Brooks.Good move I think,D.Thomas looked like shit to me.J.Johnson hows that for keeping my comments to myself.

  • Adam49

    All of my posts make sense BTW.

  • Adam49

    9nerfan,Thomas Clayton was named to the practice squad today, but the way he’s been playin I wouldn’t be surprised if he was picked of the practice squad soon.

  • Adam49

    DonJuan,Morran Norris is not eligable for the practice squad.He will most likely end up somewhere else,unfortunately.

  • Montana2Rice

    ESPN ranked SF home fans 24th out of 32 teams.



  • 9nerfan

    good. i think he's way better back up to frank than the other two.i hope he gets a chance to provi it.