Video: 49ers Season Preview

Matt Maiocco is on ESPN’s First Take previewing the 49ers 2008 Season.


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  • ninerfaithful

    great clip

  • Mike

    Nice job Matt

  • Eric

    finally someone recognizes our defense…you hear so many people talking about how clements was a bust last year but u can tell they had never watched any of the games cuz he actually did quite well…i agree with him on the pass rusher though, but i mean just think how close they were to getting briggs…that would have just completed the defense…as long as a qb arises this year, i think that would be the #1 pick next year for the niners is a pass rushing freak

  • nuttyaboutniners

    Some please tell me what happened to the old website and the way to log in, I feel like i'm in the twilight zone, the niners will win 2-3 preseason games. Help I need somebodies help.

  • NinerPundit

    nutty…on the left hand side of the front page there is a login area.

  • niceguywannab

    maybe we should get farve then alex could learn from a pro?