Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, The Niner Fan

ESPN the Magazine has an article out talking about a Saudi Prince who loves fantasy football, and just happens to be a 49ers fan. Thought the article was interesting and here are a few highlights of where the 49ers are mentioned.

  • He’s wearing exercise pants, soccer sandals and a gray shirt with a 49ers logo on the breast. A 49ers hat, red and crisp, sits next to his chair.
  • He thinks his company can double in size over the next four years. After that, he says, “watch out, 49ers.” He wants to own a sports team, and his favorite NFL franchise tops the list.
  • The first NFL game Prince Abdullah saw was Super Bowl XVI, in 1982, 49ers vs. Bengals, at a hotel in Paris. He’s been a Niners fan ever since.
  • His team names are Saudi 49er and Saudi Niners. He also competes anonymously in American leagues, accumulating titles with team names like Steve Young and John Taylor.
  • The Prince thinks a lot about management tactics and strategy. His 49ers all-time MVP is former owner Eddie DeBartolo. “Not Joe Montana,” he says. “It starts with the owner, because if he wants to win—look at the Browns and Bengals.

Full Article – ESPN Mag

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  • Erock85

    Hey, if the guy is dedicated to win and has the money needed to throw out there to get the best players and get it done… I'd have no problem with him as the owner.

    I bet he wouldn't dock players checks for postage stamps or lock the Gatorade fridge when the team's not practicing like tight-ass York did.

    York's not even a real football fan… it's all business to him. At least this guy enjoys the game.

  • NinerParty