O’Sullivan Back in the Mix

See Shaun, My Arm is Just Fine

See Shaun, My Arm is Just Fine

It’s a three man race, no it’s a two man race, no wait it’s a three man race. Hey Mike make up your mind.

With Shaun Hill resting for the second straight day because of a sore throwing arm. (Our guess is Martz asked him to throw to many passes over 10 yards.) JT O’Sullivan has been taking Hill’s place as today he got to run with the first team while Alex Smith ran the second.

So what should Niner fans make of this now that O’Sullivan has gotten a chance to show his stuff. Absolutely nothing. In the end it will still most likely come down to Smith and Hill, with O’Sullivan possibly having an outside chance of being No. 2.

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  • Mike


  • Ninaz

    What the hell does Nolan have to do to Alex before the Yorks realize hes a douchebag that throws his players under the bus and needs to be fired. The real question is why the hell is JT running the 1st offense? The seasons right around the corner and they are molding a 4th string QB instead of our #1 pick. Someone please kidnap Nolan for the season.

  • Goldsmith 49

    This is frustrating for me as niner fan. I can somewhat understand the competition between Smith and Hill, but to add O’Sullivan to the mix sounds like we could be headed in the wrong direction. This does not sound like a difficult decision to make. If Hill is hurt give Smith the first team reps to help in learning the offense. I believe that giving O’Sullivan the bulk of 1st string snaps in practice is stunting the growth of Alex Smith. The news out of camp is that Alex Smith is playing better than Hill and he has a stronger arm and he has more mobility. I am ready for Smith to be named the starter and Hill the backup.

  • Texas9er

    I can’t wait until November 23. I hope the 49ers beat the shit out of the Cowboys and show the Country this this ain’t last year. I spent 800 bones on tickets. I want’t to see Patrick Willis and Marian Barber go at it.

  • it’s becoming painfully obvious that we don’t have a coach that’s going to deliver a championsip to the niners.

    if osullivan is this good, why didn’t he get first team reps before?

    playing head games with your starting qb shouldn’t be part of your description if you’re a head coach in the nfl. read around, most reporters who are following the team feel the same way.

    someone has to tell this fucker (nolan) that he’s on the hot seat and he better pick a qb1 soon…

  • erock85

    Texas9er… that's awesome you'll be out at the Dallas game supporting our guys when they take it to the Cowgirls! Wear your gear and be loud and proud!

  • I agree with you Wendell 100% Nolan is just a dumb fuck. What was the last team that didnt have a starting QB in traning camp that made the playoffs?

  • Billy

    Man I hope Willis hits the **** out of Tony Homo

  • facci

    EVERYBODY; Quit trippin on this whole “competition crap” that the 49ers are perpetuating, it is all for diversion. It’s designed to keep 49er fans, at bay, until Aex learns this new offense. San Fran. paid Alex Smith some big bucks for him. There’s a large investment in someone, they’ve learned, who hasn’t really received the correct training, to make him a fall guy, LIKE YOU ALL HAVE. As soon as he gets his rythmn, theyll make this big announcement, on how he won the QB job.