Oliver Waived

The 49ers waived defensive lineman Melvin Oliver, who started 14 games as a rookie in 2006.

Oliver missed all of last season after sustaining a torn ACL in organized team activities.

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  • Forensics187

    Although I understand this move it kind of sucks cause I had high hopes for Oliver. He has a lot of potential and did play well as a rookie when he was thrown into the fire.

  • Samra

    at one point i thought oliver would follow in Bryant Young footsteps as a dominant force on our d-line…hopefully he can catch on somewhere else and pick up where he left off

  • #1

    This guy had talent, there has to be more to the story then him being waived.

  • LOTTIE901


  • Ivan

    I don”t know what talent you guys saw. He was an adequet backup at best but never had the potential to be a starter over isacc balmer and smith. and don’t forget mcdonald. watch he won’t even get picked up

  • MSouza

    He showed that he had something his rookie year. He probably had a hard time coming back from the injury and it became a numbers game. We added two DE, Balmer and Smith, three if you include Soap moving over.

  • ninerfaithful

    well looks like balmer has a number in the 90’s now
    but still sucks melvin is gone hope he signs with a afc team

  • Forensics187

    So who are the two DE’s that look like they will start as of now? Anyone have a clue or at least an educated guess?

  • MSouza

    Justin Smith at DE and Soap at UT

  • Goldsmith 49

    Melvin Oliver had a good rookie season for the niners. I believe he was let go because he fits in a 4-3 defense. He was unfortunately a victim of a numbers game. Since the 49ers run a 3-4 defense they cannot carry more than 6 or 7 defensive lineman. The defensive lineman that will make the 53 man roster includes; Justin Smith(DE), Isaac Sopoaga(DE), and Aubrayo Franklin at NT, as starters. The backup lineman includes Ronald Fields(NT), Ray McDonald(DE), and Kentwan Balmer(DE/DT). If we keep 7 defensive lineman Joe Cohen(NT) has a good chance of making the roster. The defensive ends in a 3-4 need to be big(290+). Melvin Oliver weighs about 280. I know that Justin Smith do not fit the description but the 49ers plan on using him as a rush linebacker. Melvin Oliver will fit better with a team that runs a 4-3 defense. I am glad that the team let him go early in the process so that he will have an opportunity to hook up with another team.

  • facci

    Lotti901: Melvin Oliver, is a second, nothing more, like someone said, he doesn't have the strength to play at down lineman in a 3-4 defense. Numbers also play out in these senarios. But everytime that I see a {get rid of Alex Smith, hater} I sit back and say to myself,"Here's another lame, that knows everyones name, but knows nothing about the game". Alex Smith started out with the West Coast offense, his first year. #1 WCO coordinator, Mike McCarthy left for Green Bay. The second year, #2 Norv Turner comes in with his Verticle Passing Offense, but only had smaller, agile, athletic lineman, drafted for The West Coast offense, a three step drop, 7-yrd. pass, 65 yrds.after catch offense. But Turner inhereted the same problem in SF, that got him fired in Oakland. In Oakland he inhereted Gruden/Callahans WCO offensive roster, the lineman stunk in that offense. Verticle means, big strong lineman who can maul at the point of attack, the ball needs to get downfield, which means when holding blocks longer, you need ballers like they have now. In SF, Turner had a surprise, he didn't have in Oakland, named Frank Gore. who gave him enough running game to complement, a shot out passing game with receivers who dropped balls, and couldn't get seperation [Gilmore, Jackson, Taylor]in the passing game. So the miracle of 6-10 happens. 2007 comes and the 49ers fans expect more/better, they hand Jim Hostler, a position coach, the reigns to Turner's verticle offense. But the offensive line started to leak like a seive, Nolan found that Hostler, didn't have Turners imaginative play calling ability in the clutch. Alex Smith goes on IR, the rest of the year with arm and shoulder problems, because the offensive bums, they finally purged at season's end[Kwame Harris/Justin Smiley]. Hostler gets canned , and Nolan brings in Ted Tollner, an old school OC, who took and reshuffled the offensive blocking schemes and assignments, that made Shaun Hill look like the second coming of Joe Montana. You all jumped on the Hill wagon. Hill, couldn't hold a light to Alex Smith, in anything that has to do with quarterbacking, Alex needs work/practice on his technique, which Mike Martz has had him working on since Martz arrived. Finally, the San Francisco 49ers have purged the last of their WCO offensive roster inhereted from the Mariucci/Ericsson years. Eric Heitmann is the only WC offensive lineman left on the roster. So Mr lottie901, three(3) different offensive coordinators, in three(3)different years. Three(3) different offenses to learn, with the wrong size offensive lineman to protect him. In three(3)years he's had only three(3)skilled receivers, in Vernon Davis, Antonio Bryant, and our guy Arnez Battle to throw to since arriving. Players have got to fit the teams philosophy, schemes and temperment. Martz has new(For SF)passing routes, new blocking schemes, and Martz thinks Alex could be the best of all his QBS, with his talent. Martz' offense is a read and react offense. He has Alex throwing to areas, instead of to receivers. [I sure hope you're able to understand what I talking about]., It's up to the wide receiver to be where he's suppose to be, instead of Alex holding on to the ball too long, and getting himself hurt like he has been since arrivingin SF. No lottie901, you have yourself on a bullshit tip, and should get real about what you don't know.

  • did you see vernon davis on Rome is Burning? He didn't sound too bright.

  • Let’s hope he doesn’t get interviewed any time soon. That didn’t sound like he knew what he was talking about. The guy kept asking him questions and he kept bumbling his answers and sounding really dumb.

  • facci

    That isn’t anything, have you ever heard CB Lester Hayes of the old school Raiders, talk? Now that blew me out.

  • MSouza

    I saw it, it definitely wasn’t impressive but I have seen other interviews with him and he seems very articulate in those. I think it was just a bad interview.

  • loser

    facci, you are 1000% correct. it is finally great to see someone who actually has a head on their shoulders. this is also something that i have tried to constantly explain to other fans.