Larry Grant Signs

On Friday the 49ers locked up another draft pick. The 49ers signed linebacker Larry Grant to a four-year contract. Grant was the team’s seventh-round draft pick, the No. 214 overall selection.

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  • faccipazzo

    Hey Mike: You'll never, get a "GET ROLLING FOR NOLAN" going again, because these [neo fair weather 49er blamer fans].(you know, who aren't down with SF, come hell or high water fans)They're all Nolan Haters. They are into naming names, you can come by a thousand ways from magazines, NFL.Com, the internet, etc. But if you don't know about the game itself, about Football Owners, Coaches, Off/Def.schemes, personel, formations, another teams tendencey's. Then you are a fair weather fan who knows their NAMES, but don't know their GAME. This is from Facci(faw-chee), I'll only share with you, what God loves. The Truth!!

  • Mike

    Great, he will be a starter for the team. Good job Nolan. Hay fans remember a couple of years ago, “GET ROLLING WITH NOLAN”. Lets do this going again.

  • Hunterboyz

    First off faccipazzo…God loves us regardless of our, times of untruthfulness.

    But I hear you on the Hate Nolan situation.

    I mean I don't like to see my team with losing seasons ever, but that doesn't mean I'll bash the coach alone. I know he is doing what he can to win.

    I believe it was the era of Dennis Erickson's ride as head coach that put us under the water. & you can't just blame him without giving some of that to the owners.

    I really feel as though Nolan has done us some good.

    I feel if Marty would have stayed last year, we'd have a lot more bandwagon jumpers right now.

    But this is what separates us from the them.

    The Strong from the Weak.

    The Die Hards from the Clear Weathers.

    As a 49er fan living in the heart of 2 enemies, NO & Dallas, I just want to say: "49ers 4 Ever"!!!!

  • ninersfan52

    I had a dream last night that I was on the niners and we were playing the Seahawks. We lost like 28-14 and we were in the redzone on every posession. This reminded me of last year.

  • Grant was only #214 overall? I thought he’d go higher than that.+