Larry Allen Coming Back?

Watch out, he will eat you

Watch out, he will eat you

Free agent offensive lineman Larry Allen has not officially called it quits. There was still a chance that the future hall of famer would return for his 15th NFL season. A recent report from ESPN is speculating that Allen is seriously considering return for one more season.

Head coach Mike Nolan has not spoke with Allen regarding this season, but did say that offensive line coach George Warhop had a recent conversation with him.

“He called a week or two ago to express his interest, but I haven’t heard from him since,” Nolan said Monday. “I just think because he’s a free agent, he just left it up to his agent this time.”

Now the question is do the 49ers bring him back for one more season, after retooling their line with the idea of Allen retiring? Can they really say no to a future Hall of Famer?

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  • #1

    WELL SAID RobBase

  • R,Craig33

    There's nothing else to say or think about GET IT DONE!

  • Ivan

    Come on man Allens days are over. Its time to move on and let Snyder show what he has. Enough said let Allen walk and block out the sun

  • 49er4life

    Even if he comes back, he's not gonna spend his final year as a 49er. He wants a chance to win. We'll be very lucky to make the playoffs. Very lucky.

  • ninerfaithful

    would help out the oline and give chilo and others a chance to learn. wouldnt hurts us to bring him in

  • RobBase

    I heard some say he fell off last year. Yeah right. Two weak lineman and any line looks bad. That’s what we had. With the strength we got this year, it shouldn’t be hard for him to perform at a Pro Bowl level. His worst day is beyond most’s best day. Get the deal done and get him back.

  • Eric

    how would he teach chilo anything ninerfaithful? chilo is playing right tackle u idiot, not gaurd…

  • Samra

    the bottom line with larry allen is that he is too old and slow to pull his own weight around for 16 games a year

  • Texas9er

    Hell yeah you sign him back! Even though he is old he is still a top 10 guard in the NFL if he stays healthy. With a shitty line and 0ffense he still went to the pro bowl last year. That gives us good depth for this year at the oline, something we haven’t had in a long time.

  • Rob

    Hmmm…this is kind of like a weaker version of the Brett Favre drama, huh? The niners have kind of moved on, assuming Allen wouldn't be around, now he might come back afer all. I say if he wants to come back to the 49ers one more year, let him. But, I agree with Goldsmith 49. Don't just hand him a starting position. Make him earn it and make sure he still has what it takes to start. Future hall of famer or not, he's not playing at that hall of fame level anymore.

  • Goldsmith 49

    So Adam Snyder is the next Aaron Rodgers. A Hall of Famer wants to come back and a young up and coming player has to wait in the wings. I am not totally against Larry Allen coming back but at the right price. Unlike Brett Farve, Larry Allen did not have a great year. The chemistry of the offensive line is so important that he can not wait to long if he wants a starting position at guard. Another question to consider is if this move will prevent a young guy like Chilo Rachel from seeing the field. When it is all said and done get the best five linemen on the field.

  • West

    Eric, "Slow Down" …..Chilo is @ gaurd, we signed Simms so Chilo wont have to back up Jennings…lol

  • ninerfaithful

    eric you fucking dumbass he only tried out tackle in ota’s and mini camp he is back at gaurd because of the signing of simms … get a clue.


    chilo did move back to guard, with sims gettin added, BIG LARR (as i call him) would be great to have on that left side. we need to get it locked down with joe and BIG LARR more gore to the left.

  • lottie901


  • facci

    Adam Snyder: WILL NOT BE A STARTER, once, all the lineman are here, because, Adam is the best sixth-man, on the offensive line. He can play all four(4) positions along the line of scrimmage, except maybe center.

  • loser

    hey eric, larry allen has played every position on the line in his career except center, so im pretty sure he can show our tackles