Highlights: Patrick Willis 2007

Better late than never. A friend of the site put together highlights of Patrick Willis’ 2007 ROY season.

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  • ninerfaithful

    #52 For pres god dam i am glade we scored him in 07 draft what a steal 49ers 10-6 this season

  • Ninaz

    willis needs to spend a day or two in camp cathing passes so he can get those INTs he didnt get last year. Hes a beast tho.

  • niceguywannab

    ap so highly looked at only got three yds all game against willis

  • alc3mist1

    this is the best highlight video i seen of him. you should put this on youtube

  • NinerPundit

    alc…we used to put them on youtube but they kept getting removed.

  • mike in MD

    Awesome compilation on Willis, loved it, great job. I wish we could get that stud 3-4 NT ASAP & pass rusher to FINISH THIS DEFENSE. Instead we’re picking up backup NT’s & late rounders (Franklin & Cohen) to try & fill this spot. Same with useless TBC. For a 3-4 defensive guru why can’t Nolan get this done ASAP? It should have been the FIRST PRIORITY in converting this D. The other pieces we can add in time…upgrade to FS (Goldson?), real Ted LB, aging Walt Harris (RSmith or TBrown?) etc. But the NT & rush LB are the 2 key pieces, why f*** around here with average to subpar talent??

    BTW.. thanks for highlights to the other 2008 games. Do you happen to have the Tampa Bay game? I got a friend to burn all of them but missed that game where Willis had something like 18 tackles. If you have it can you all post that out here for us? Keep up the good work!

  • clintos

    Wow damn that was the best highlight video ive seen made of patrick willis. Great job making this and thanx for the awesome video.

    I knew from the day we drafted him this boy was going to be a beast on the field. I love his humble attitude but his desire to just go out and play hard every game is what truelly makes this guy the best pick 49ers have picked in a very long time. We couldnt have asked for anyone better. He is my favorite NFL Player now and he will be great for many years to come.

    I just hope atleast that our offense can help willis and our defense out more this year and atleast get us to the playoffs atleast, that would be like winning a super bowl for me. Again thanx for making such an awesome video of patrick willis.

  • IF I were to guess where the niners were going with their draft RIGHT NOW for next year…..I would say they will go O line or a TED linebacker. MAYBE a receiver because who knows what will happen after this season with Bryant Johnson, Bruce, and Battle. Bruce will stay for two years, but we need to get the reinforcements in NOW! I wouldn’t mind a trade up for Maheluga…..provided that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg…which it would.

  • that willis highlight reel wuz killa! Im from Texas but a die hard Niner fan since 92' Great view,music,and vibe! He'll

    have another pro bowl year AGAIN