Morgan First to Sign

The 49ers signed 6th-round pick Josh Morgan on Thursday. It is a 4-year deal. No word yet on the amount of the deal.

Per reports Morgan has been impressing so far in the OTA’s.

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  • This is an expected move, but did any of you REALLY expect a holdout from any of the players they drafted??? Sims is the guy I am interested in…..he could REALLY help us, but I think he is going to be a lamb. He has much more potential to actually play AND start for the lambs. I know he wouldn’t have to move if he signed with the niners, but the lambs are in a much more desperate position that we are. There line is messed up pretty much across the board, while we are solid except right guard.

  • I realize we need DEPTH, but I think Sims isn’t thinking about DEPTH….he wants to PLAY!

  • 49er4life

    I’m really excited about Josh Morgan. The players are all giving him props, he has great speed, and he’s really athletic. I realize he’s only a 6th rounder, but he came from a prominent school. Hopefully he’ll crack the starting roster for us, and take Battle’s job.

  • Adam49

    We also signed Delanie Walker to an extension.I think Walker is gonna be a stud.

  • joe gomez

    Yeah hoping Walker and V. Davis have big years. I agree 49er4life Josh Morgan could possibility beat out Battle if he has a strong showing in picking up Martz’s offense.

  • loser

    as good as battle really is, i think he has hit the ceiling on what he can do. i hope morgan turns out great for us.

  • Hunterboyz

    As big of Battle fan that I am…I mean we are from the same city…but I am a much bigger 49er fan, so I really want whatever is best for the team. Good Luck Niners!

    A Loving Black Man

  • ShaneO

    Here is the problem with the 49ers offense in MY OPINION: Bruce can be looked at as a positive and a negative. Positive cuz he has experience in the league and with martz, however there is no consistency, he will be gone prolly next year. i think johnson could be a stud with his size and speed. but we look for new WRs every year so then we have all these guys with poetntial lighting up training camp and taking a back seat to someone like Bruce during the season. then we draft another reciever or sign another one. we need to take our top 3-4 guys (jonhnson,Hill,Morgan, Lelie) if these are the guys we want and let them play. get some flow with Smith so they can run an offense. i swear we are the only team in the league that u dont know who their WRs are going to be from one year to the next. start growing the young guys, and get a core to build around!!!

  • ShaneO

    One more thing i also dont want to discount what battle as done for us i really like him as a player! he gave us all he could but he isnt even a true WR he is a QB. im just saying it would be nice if someone said oh whos the WRs for the 49ers and we as fans could be like Johnson and Hill with morgan as a 3rd and that would be it, like the way the rams used to be it was bruce and holt, not well we got about 9 guys that we are looking at they all have potental tho well see who wins the job… id rather have who are the WRs Johnson and Hill.