Battle a No Show at OTA’s

Update: Battle to return to OTA’s next week. He contacted coaches about missing them this week and stated it was due to “personal reasons.”

06.02.08 –

Arnaz Battle was not at the opening day of OTA’s today and no one know why. Battle was the only player who did not alert Nolan of his impending absence.

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  • Adam49

    But why would he have a playing time issue?Doesn't Martz offense run 4 and 5 reciever sets alot of the time?

  • I believe that our offense will be better this season with the acquistion of Bryant Johnson and Isaac Bruce. The absence of Arnaz Battle really opens the door for a guy like Jason Hill. I believe Jason Hill needs an opportunity and this might be his chance with an increase in reps during OTA's.

  • ninaz

    Lets just hope Nolan doesnt bench him for the rest of the season for that.

  • Eric

    hopefully he gets his ass there so he can learn the new offense and maybe not have another shitty season cuz we cant put the ball in the endzone…

  • Samra

    Heres today’s starting Defense according to maiocco…looks like we did sign a puss rushing LB after all…the nolan regime says one thing yet does another…prime example Justin smith who i bet will start at LB all season which now makes the kentwan balmer draft pick make more sense


    RE Ray McDonald

    NT Aubrayo Franklin

    LE Isaac Sopoaga

    ROLB Justin Smith

    RILB Patrick Willis

    LILB Jeff Ulbrich

    LOLB Parys Haralson

    LCB Nate Clements

    RCB Walt Harris

    SS Michael Lewis

    FS Dashon Goldson

  • Adam49

    Well we don’t know the whole story yet but you’d think if there was some reason that would keep Battle away from the OTA’s,the one person you might want to inform would be YOUR FUCKIN HEAD COACH.If there was a legite reason then he shoulda told Nolan.If there was no reason except for greed or ignorance then goodbye.That would give more playing time to Lelie and Jason Hill.I’m one of those people that believe if you sign a contract then you play what you signed.And I say that in anticipation of a contract issue with Battle.

  • Samra

    i think battle has more of a playing time problem than contractual problem

  • Adam49

    I don’t think Justin Smith will play OLB permanently.I think he will be at RDE 75% of the time.I do think they will put him at OLB in some zone schemes,zone blitz schemes and he will rush from the
    olber spot.But on base packages I think he will be at RDE.Then Parys will move over to ROLB(I hope) and Lawson will be at LOLB.Not sure bout the TED spot yet.

  • Samra

    even though martz has 4/5 receiver sets i think at the end of camp the pecking order could go like this
    Johnson,Bruce,Lelie,Hill, and then battleBattle
    Lelie has stepped his game up and has begun running routes properly and has the burner speed and my end up as #1

  • OK, that MIGHT be their starting lineup ONLY BECAUSE Roman and Manny Lawson are INJURED. Otherwise, you can do the math and figure out where those injured players would start. I like this lineup, however (thinking that Lawson and Roman will be the starters). If they can get a healthy Spikes in that lineup then that defense will be really DANGEROUS!!!! However, if the time has come for Goldson to take over for Roman then so be it. I just have hard time swallowing Haralson starting over Lawson for any other reason than the fact that Lawson is injured and is doing limited reps. They even said he only did individual drills. As for Battle, the guy is a hard worker and he is an asset to the team, but he isn’t a better receiver than Bruce, Johnson, or Lelie so I think he realizes where he stands on the totem poll now.

  • MSouza

    I don’t think Battle meant anything by his absense, there is no way Notre Dame can produce somebody that stupid, talk about a guy with absolutely no leverage at a position that is looking at a major overhaul and is overstocked by two or three guys. I like Battle and all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what Josh Morgan or Cam Colvin could do with a roster spot. He better think of a good excuse quick because his ass will be on the street in no time at all, if he’s trying to play the premadona.

  • ninaz

    Justin Smith is too heavy too play OLB full time. Hes a DE so hes gonna play DE.

  • Hunterboyz

    Arnez Battle knows what he is doing…
    The guy is in Dallas getting better, trust me I know. You can say I’m a friend to the family. I’m from Shreveport so I knew things would happen as they have. I don’t understand why he has chosen to go this route, because I do believe he should be there better learning the offense.
    Let me spell it out for you all…


    Ramone Hunter

  • Samra

    hunterboyz…i hope battle is doing some speed training in dallas because thats just about the only thing away from niners camp that he could be doing that will make him better than last year. I’ve been a fan of battle’s ever since he came out…the only knock on him is his speed he can do everything else..catch, run routes, block and make plays

  • MSouza

    If Arnez is in Dallas getting better, why didn't he just let the niners know.

  • Joe Gomez

    If Battle is trying to hold out for more money hes out of his mind.
    He’s not worth $1.2 million a year or more for that matter. I won’t miss him. He had alot of dropped balls last year and he’s slow as hell.

  • Adam49

    I agree with Gomez and Souza.He knows he was supposed to be at the OTA's.He didn't even let the Head Coach know anything.If he's holding out for more money he's straight nuts.So Hunterboyz says that he's in Dallas gettin better?How could he be gettin better,is Mike Martz,Alex Smith,Shaun Hill and J.T O'Sullivan in Dallas?NO.There at camp like their supposed to be.Learning the new offense.He will be way behind if or when he comes back.Actually I really hope he doesn't come back.We have alot of young talent that needs to be allowed playing time.I do like Arnaz Battle,but he's just so damn slow.

  • Dennis

    Who cares about Battle? He's not even a top 50 receiver, he's slow, and he's never really had a productive year (Yes, i'm aware that we haven't had a good quarterback to throw to him). He is a NON FACTOR. I wouldn't mind if we cut his ass to give some of the younger, faster, more athletic guys a chance.

  • Adam49

    I agree.

  • 9er nation devotee

    First off Dennis, Battle is a dependable catch. on short and third he is a possible first down catch. Behind Frank (21) he has been the #2 ranked wideout on our team. I will not disrespect him for he has given us his all. In Martz's new system I think he will be utilized very well. He is not a #1 wideout yes, but like i said he is a dependable catch. Battle has my respect, anyone else care to give their opinion.

  • 9er nation devotee

    In addition with Isaac Bruce being the #1, it will take more focus off Battle, possibly given Battle more balls his way. I also heard Battle was missing OTA's becouse of some personal issues and he was doing some speed conditioning in dallas. A dependable catch adding speed to his ability. GREAT IDEA!

  • Adam49

    No he's not that dependable.He dropped alot of balls last year,and I think we have alot better people that could be in the #3 spot that have a much better shot at breaking one.Ya he's a good blocker but he is soo slow.

    I wouldn't have minded if he was our 4 or 5 reciever.

  • Adam49

    Relax man I dont see why your getting all worked up over a reciever that just isn't that good.I think he's aa alright reciever and he's a hard worker.But we have better players now.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Well man, my whole point is he has outlasted jackson and bryant and was there before those two guys. he is a guy who has had great games. he is a guy I respect for grabbing a lot of balls. with a better reciever or two he will have a chance two improve his game becouse he will go up against a 3rd string corner or a saftey. This whole time he has been the most covered WR on our team becouse he is the most dependable we have had so far. He will go up against defensive players who are less capable than him on the field. All I ask is just give another year. He has attended every offseason function (Exception of this year). I think this is the year for him to shine. Isaac Bruce will take alot of the attention away from him and even vernon davis. I think with what Martz has to work with, we will be a great team. The only question is can our offense learn his system fast enough. Second man I am relaxed, I just finished drinkiing my first couple of homebrew beers. Great taste. Cheers to all 49er fans man.

  • Adam49

    Well it's kinda hard to argue with you about battle because I do like him.But I do believe his time in San Fran is dwindling.And I say that for 2 reasons.First,man we got some talented recievers(with alot of speed)in front and behind him.Up and comers like Jason Hill,Josh Morgan,Robert Jordan,and maybe Cam Colvin.And i'm hearing that Ashlie Lelie is looking really good.Second,doesn't he have a problem with his knee?Seems like every year his knee starts sweeling when training camp begins.But I see your points,he has been our most productive reciever.But I don't think he will be here past his current contract.Enjoy your beer.Wish i had one right about now.

  • Joe Gomez

    We have to remember that this guy was a QB hiw whole career in college and was converted to WR because we just didnt have any talent. Now we have more talent so now he is expendable. He went from top 3 WR's to the bottom 3 with the additions we have now. QB's converted to WR's don't usually pan out ala Eric Crouch unless your nickname is "SLASH." Cordell has something that Battle will never have and that is SPEED. I don't care how many speed drills he does in Dallas, if you don't have it you never will.

  • Mike

    Actually Battle was a High School QB when he was recruited to Notre Dame. And after 2 years at Notre Dame as Qb they converted him to a WR. B/c it was best chance for him to get on the field. So he did play some WR in college.
    And it’s not impossible for former Qb’s to change positions but it isn’t an easy transition either..
    Now Crouch was just a system Qb in college and most new that from get go which is why he slid to the 3rd an drafted as WR. I don’t think it was his ability not to do the position but i think it was more of his attitude b/c he was drafted at wr and wanted to be a qb and slacked off and it showed which is why he doesn’t play anymore. That and i think he got hurt at some point and then just lost even more heart. But his heart was never in WR at any point. and thats why his career never even started.

    As far as College Qb’s turned Pro WR Randle EL. He’s a little overrated i think but has had a productive career when he can get his hands on the ball. And I think Hines Ward if i’m not mistaken played Qb/Rb on plays as well as Wr in college so he was a bit of a slash player in college..

    I mean it is possible to convert guys over but only if they want to convert and put as much time and dedication in it as anything else. Issue is a lot of college Qb’s want to be Qb’s in pro’s to b/c 1 it pays more and 2 its more prolific. So when they say your going to be a Wr he’s like I want to be a Qb and may not put that full effort into learning the new position. And then sometimes its as simple as some are willing to but just dont have the athletic ability to make the change.

  • Adam49

    I think the bottom line is like Gomez said.He is now expandable.

  • jc25

    what did everybody forget about manny lawson?

  • ninerfaithful

    who could forget #99 Lawson is a bad ass !!! no doubt about it he will break out this year

  • I believe that Arnaz is a dependable receiver, but he will have to prove that he is a better playmaker after the catch than some of the other guys such as Jason Hill, Ashley Lelie, and Josh Morgan. I know that Hill and Lelie did not have much production last year but both of them have good speed. With some coaching and Martz putting them in a position to make plays this could take some of the pressure off Frank Gore. Remember that Jason Hill ran a 4.32 at the combine and he had a very productive college career. I hope that he matures as a receiver and make some plays.

  • Adam49

    Ona differant subject I heard that

  • Adam49

    I heard that Shawntae Spencer got hurt already this year.I think it’s about time we let this guy go.He doesn”t make any plays,he’s always hurt and i’m just sick of his ass.He’s the Jonas Jennings of cornerbacks.

  • bamBAM

    A Jets blog suggests that Harris was a superior rookie LB to Willis. They make some interesting points. Check it out:

  • MSouza


    He makes good points, but he is wrong. He only had 2 less assisted tackles then Patrick Willis and 45 less solo. I also don’t remember watching highlights of him chasing a wide receiver down from behind allowing us to eventually win the game. Patrick Willis was the best rookie linebacker this year. Only Jets fans seem to think otherwise. Personally I thought John Beason was even better than David Harris.

  • bamBAM

    Against Arizona Willis hunted down a WR and forced OT … in OT Banta Caine fell on a fumble in the endzone