Update: Niners Still Interested in Spikes

Update: 04.28.08 – The 49ers are still interested in Spikes and it appears as if the ball is in both courts. Here are some answers from McCloughan on Spikes after the draft this weekend.

  • Question: Does your seventh round pick mean you won’t pursue Takeo Spikes?
    McCloughan: “No, it does not mean that. Larry Grant’s going to be really good (special) teams guy coming in, and battle for inside, outside (linebacker) back-up jobs. (He’s from) Ohio State, good defense, (he) played next to a lot of good football players that you’ll see next year come out in the draft.”
  • Question about Takeo Spikes.
    McCloughan: “Probably soon, we’ll see where it’s at. Again, we’re not going to force the issue. We signed Dontarrious (Thomas), I don’t think there’s a reason to force the issue. But again, (he’s) a good football player and a good person, somebody that if we still feel fits into our scheme, from the standpoint of his age and where we drafted and sign free agency, we’ll definitely do it to make us better.”
  • Question: Is the ball in his court at this point?
    McCloughan: “No, 50-50.”

Update: 03.25.08Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe is reporting the Patriots won’t be pursuing Spikes. Previous reports were two other teams were showing interest, the Pats and one other. So if what Reiss says is true than the chance of Spikes signing with the 49ers has increased.

03.22.08 – According to the Chronicle, the team is unconcerned about the middle linebacker’s ability to recover from shoulder surgery and the 49ers believe he’d be ready by training camp. When Spikes did visit, the parameters of a deal were discussed and Spikes believes he might get a richer contract elsewhere.

Two teams have shown interest and one of them is New England. If no team steps up with a better offer, Spikes would likely sign with San Francisco and be the team’s “ted” linebacker next season.

03.12.08 — Spikes did visit with the 49ers as we all already know. He left 49ers facilities around 4:00pm this afternoon. Reports are he’ll most likely be wined and dined this evening. Spikes has no other visits scheduled after San Francisco. This was his first and only visit as a free agent. I expect an announcement that he has signed sometime on Friday. 

Update: 02:19pm — Free-agent linebacker Takeo Spikes has arrived at the 49ers’ team offices in Santa Clara. He is undoubtedly undergoing a physical. No word on if Nolan decided to take Spikes on a helicopter ride, or a nice romantic dinner for two.
03.12.08 — According to Adam Schefter, NFL Network. Takeo Spikes will visit with the 49ers on Thursday.

Spikes would likely move inside in San Francisco’s 3-4 scheme and compete with Dontarrious Thomas, Jeff Ulbrich, and Brandon Moore at the TED spot.

A first-round pick by Cincinnati in 1998, Spikes had at least 100 tackles in each of his five seasons with the Bengals. But it wasn’t until he went to Buffalo in 2003 that he got widespread recognition. Spikes had 144 tackles in ’03 and 111 tackles with five interceptions in ’04, making the Pro Bowl both years. Injuries slowed Spikes in 2005 and 2006. Spikes finished second on the team with 139 tackles in his only season with the Eagles. The 10-year veteran missed the final two games after having shoulder surgery in December.

Source: Rotoworld

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  • Erock85

    Veteran leadership… 2nd in tackles on his team even after missing 2 games… lets do it!

  • Mike

    OK now this could be good and it could be bad. First it could be good b/c when on the field Spikes is a hell of a linebacker. But it could be bad he has had some attitude issues in past. I would think if we signed him then probably Ulbrich or Moore isn't going to make the team. b/c no real need to carry 5 ILB.

    Are we getting the team player and another good def. player or are we getting a player with attitude issues who's going to cause us more drama then we need. If he's willing to play hard and keep quiet then I'd be all for it.

  • Mike

    He would def give us a hell of a 1-2 combo with Willis.

  • ninersgold

    Problem is he is slow as molasses and he won't be good in coverage when he has to do something else besides block for Willis to make a play. Thomas is more athletic and healthy, and has more potential to become another beast, especially with Mike Singletary and Greg manusky,

  • ninaz

    see this is why the niners suck every year, they sign players for big bucks that made a name for themeselves years ago and now they are old but we still sign them. If doug flutie came back and said he wanted to play here i bet Nolan wouldnt think twice. Its rediculous how many washed up old players we have.

  • Mike

    Furrey was a safety that was coverted to a WR in detroit. I actually think he played safety for St. louis before he went to detriot an they converted him. I may be wrong on that though. Torry holt is only 6' 190lbs according to nfl.com. So not really big size there.Just a great player. Again I stated I would love to have Hardy. But also stating that Martz seems to do great things with smaller recievers who tend to make plays when they get ball in their hands. Right now its so hard to see how the draft is going to go down its hard to know who will be there. I still believe that if a top tackle slides he's the pick.


    While you may think he will be answer. I feel that he isn't I think Smith wins starting job and has a solid season. I think Martz fixes Smith's release and plays with his mechanics and I think he has the arm that fits the offense.


    Regardless of whether you agree with them or not. Just b/c my thoughts differ from yours do not make them wrong. EVERYONE HAS THERE OWN VIEW ON THINGS.

    I'm done with this arguement on Hill. It's over and done with. We will see who wins job after Pre season and thats that. I come to this site to talk about the team and rumors and see what others thoughts are. I don't come here to argue with someone who isn't worth my time b/c apparently he feels his opinion is only one that matters. NEWS FLASH THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

    So I'm done with this now.

  • PS go get Spikes, he may be a risk…but if he comes back strong it will more than be worth it.


    Spikes would be a solid signing. No teams would be able to run draw plays with Spikes and Willis plugging up the holes. In fact, no one would be able to do shit on the inside. TKO is physical when making tackles and he and Willis will strip the shit out of ball carriers. I think they should still go after Groves if they can get him, that would make our OLB's as solid as our ILB's. Banta-Cain is a backup, so are Moore and Ulbrich. I dont know enough about Thomas to label him a backup.

    The Niners CAN afford this, and I'm all about making our defense better. That way we can concentrate on our offense in the draft. (but take Groves with the 1st pick).

  • Mike

    I'm not even saying Jaw-dropping. I'm saying he will be solid though. Something like 20-25tds and like 12-15ints. Nothing huge to blow you away since it still is a new offense for everyone to learn again. But def SOLID numbers to solitify himself as the starter for the for seeable future.

    But i see you understand what I'm saying samra. And dseiler I completely agree which is why i won't jump on his bandwagon. Still hoping smith can put up solid numbers. He did it in his one year with Turner a legit OC. We have another Legit OC so i have to believe he can do it again. Most people still don't realize that he is still the youngest or one of the youngest QB's in the league.


    Damn,that was harsh, Samra. Remember Hill was throwing with a busted-ass index finger on his throwing hand. Besides. Jeff Garcia was the queen of happy feet. I hated that shit. Hill's a smarter qb, I think. But I agree that Alex Smith WILL wreck shop next year. 4500 passing yards and 35 touchdown passes with Martz callin' the plays. From the worst to the first!!

    Anyway, I didn't realize TKO failed a physical. That sucks.

  • PrimeTime

    McNolan isn't coming out the pocket for TKO – good for us. As far as Alex Smith goes, if anyone can turn him into a star, it would be Martz. I see O'Sullivan moving past Hill up the depth chart due to familiarity with the system.

  • PrimeTime

    Sign TKO already!

    ps: Aren't Eagles fans annoying? It's no wonder that town (philly) will never see a Lombardi Trophy.

  • Im pretty sure if TKO passes his physical he will be signed. Why else bring him in if ur not going to sign him?

  • PrimeTime

    I’ve always liked this guy – TKO!!!

  • Niner Pundit

    ninersgold…this would be a solid signing for depth. Regardless Spikes > Derek Smith and that is all that matters.

  • JNova80

    If the price is right I say do it. Good depth.

  • Mike

    I have to agree with pundit as far as depth goes.. Regardless of how fast or slow Spikes is he can flat out play. He wraps up and makes solid tackles. And he is better right off bat then ulbrich and moore. Thomas I still don’t know that much about except that his first year or 2 he was good then dropped off. He could turn out to be really good but again I don’t think they are thinking Spikes at a 5 year deal. Think more of 2 years. And at worse if price is right he’s a hell of a backup to have or someone to rotate with thomas or give willis a breather from time to time.

  • MSouza

    He had attitude problems with the Cincinatti Bengals. That franchise was so screwed up. With the Bills and Eagles he was a great pressance in the locker room and on the field. I’ve been hoping for this since he was released. He is not a good blitzer, but he is exceptional at taking on blockers at the point of attack and tracking ball carriers sideline to sideline.

    Ninersgold I think you are misinformed on his speed, he’s no Willis or Lawson, but for an inside linebacker he has some speed. He also is versatile. If we do go to 4-3 on occasion he can play OLB, which means Mr. Cain is off the field. Dontarrious Thomas is nothing more than a special teamer at this point, its true that he may develope, which is another reason to bring in Spikes he is a workout warrior and a good mentor. Ulbrich is good in small amounts, remember when he was a starter? I really like Brandon Moore, but he isn’t really a TED. He cannot take on lead blockers and still be effective, he is more of a backup for Willis.

  • PrimeTime

    TKO is not slow. He’s a sideline to sideline linebacker.

  • Samra

    ID rather have AL Wilson whos more of a hard nosed player/leader…..also The Detroit Lions released OG Blaine Saipaia, look for him to be our cheap OG signing…he spent a couple of years in STL with Martz and the last 2 in detroit again with martz… He is 6?3 315 pounds and 29 years old…he can play all three interior spots just like Tony wragge…

  • DO IT!!!! This makes way too much sense. Why not sign him. If we do this…..I don’t see us going after Groves with our first pick(unless we get two). I KNOW….some of you are saying “What the hell does Spikes have to do with the niners getting an OLB?” I think that they will put more trust in Haralson and Moore if they have a great TED…….Spikes would be a phenominal TED. IF they go after Groves even IF we get Spikes I would understand why they were doing it. However, in my opinion, I think we should be using our first day picks on a WR, O line, and a corner. Moore and Haralson are going to bust their butt to get better and I believe we should have A LOT more faith in the front seven should we sign Spikes regardless if we get Groves. Groves would be a BIG TIME pick up, but our offense is what hurt us, our defense can only do so much when they are on the field 80 percent of the game.

  • Natuzho-Aliento de fer

    Takeo Spikes will fit into nickle defense with jeff ulbrich the only thing im worried about is that rolling with nolan wont fit the 4-3 sheme

  • The Real Prime time

    We need James Hardy plain and Simple! If we don’t were gonna need help! Look at Calvin Johnson with the Lions, and thats the reason! No more B*****llshit, or it will be the same shit this season, no offense and awesome defense. We have the QB in Shaun Hill. Hill will be the answer!

  • Mike

    I think if we get spikes its a clearer sign that we play more 3-4. and if we do go to 4-3 then your talking spikes going back to olb and having lawson willis spikes. I think if we sign him one of moore or ulbrich won’t be with us next season. Spikes fits to well to take on blockers and again is solid tackler could free up more space for willis. Lawson will be back and hopefully healthy. And again I’m not against Groves but I just don’t think we need an OLB in first. Our def. didn’t kill us last year our oline and wr did. Our Def was on the field a lot more b/c our offense couldnt move the ball and still finished around middle of nfl overall. Still think Moore is worth a look at for year. Hopefully he is 100% recovered. and Can grab another hybrid rush end type later in draft whether it be a shawn crable type or I like as a sleeper Marcus Howard from georgia as a nice pick up in 4-5th round area.

  • Mike

    My mistake on his attitude issue though I just remember it sticking out when he was with bengals to where it was ridiculous at times. That kind of behavior just sticks with you when names come back up. But you are right he did play it right with eagles an bills.

    Got a quick opinion for ya prime time. Whether you like it or not I think Alex Smith will end up QB next season. I think martz works with his release and as long as he is healthy he is far more talented then Hill. And well they did make him #1 overall for a reason when they drafted him. When he had solid OC he played well. I think he has the job right now and unless he is really injured or can’t pick up system i think he starts the season. And he is one smart kid so I think learning system won’t be much of an issue. I think to many people just like fact Hill put up ok stats against backups for most part. That and well Hill has trouble throwing over 25yards with any accuracy. Hill i think is solid backup but he is below average starter. I’ll prolly get ripped for saying that but It’s true. Only thing hill has over smith is a quicker release which martz can fix.

    And while I along with others do like Hardy and would love to pick him in first. Keep in mind Calvin Johnson last year was the tallest reciever Martz ever drafted for his system. He tends to go toward guys a little shorter with quickness and ablity to make plays after the catch. Look for maybe a Lavelle Hawkins, Andre Caldwell, Will Franklin and hell even a Dexter Jackson type to be more of concensus pick from Martz all play makers with ball. Short, quick recievers who can move with ball. Again that is only my opinion from reading around with what martz goes for as far as WR.

  • PrimeTime

    “(Shaun) Hill will be the answer!”

    There goes your credibility…aside from the screen name.

  • MSouza

    I’m not sure that Martz really has a “type” of reciever. If you look at the Rams and Lions, their starting wide receivers were already in place, with the exception of Holt and Johnson, who both are decent size. I know that he goes after guys like Curtis and Furrey, but neither of them were very high draft picks. I don’t even think Furrey was drafted. The only constant that I see out of his receivers is that they are all technician route runners. So that might go against Hardy, but I’m sure Martz just wants somebody with a good attitude and the potential to be great.

    I’m not an expert on all things Martz so I could be completely wrong.

  • Samra

    THe perfect Martz receiver is Rashied Davis from CHI-Town He is an RFa however will not be one of those where u have to give up compensation in order to get him since he was a undrafted…he played several years in the arena league and was a safety for the bears for a while untill they moved him back to receiver…his stats arent jaw dropping so far but he could be had for a decent contract and has the martz speed and size..great potential

  • Shaun Hill was impressive in his time at the end of last season, but I would hold off with tagging him with the whole savior label. I recall Tim Rattay got the same label when he went in and destroyed the Steelers, at the time Jeff Garcia was injured and the offense wasn’t doing much with him at QB. In the end Rattay wasn’t qualified to hold Garia’s jock. Truth is when it comes to Hill is that teams had little or no film to watch to prepare for him. It’s not uncommon for a backup (Rob Johnson, Billy Volek, Elvis Grbac) to go out and light the league on fire for 4 or 5 games, and all of a sudden teams see their weaknesses and then they’re just another overrated backup that is getting paid like a starter.

    By the end of the preseason all I hope is that whoever our starting QB is, that he is truly our QB of the future.

  • Samra

    and o yeah ima go with mike and say Alex smith will be jaw-dropping good next year…He has the tools he just needs to hone them.(i hope thats the right spelling i dont want to lose credibility…lol)…Watch Shaun Hill will be totally forgoteen and passed up by JT O’Sullivan on the depth chart … Shaun Hill = Weaker armed Jeff Garcia

  • Rob

    Wow, I didn't see this one coming. If he is cheap, yeah go for it! But, is it me or are the Niners not even addressing Banta-Cain's ineffectiveness? They are going after plenty of ILB but no OLBs. I mean, maybe they are going to address that in the draft, but they need to do something…

  • MSouza

    My friend is an eagles fan and he said that Spikes really wasn’t that expensive, they actually gained cap room last year after they traded away Darwin Walker. I doubt he expects to get more than a couple mil a year for maybe three years. He’s been on the market for a week and a half now and this is his first and only visit that I can find anywhere on the web.

  • R,Craig33

    Yes they are I’m from philly and to hear some of the bullshit that comes from them pisses me off they always let go some of the best players in every sport here and get mad when the teams get beat that’s why Randy Moss said fuck no and they swore they was going to get Larry Fitzgerld I rather see him in a cardinals uniform than a eagles uniform.

    Asante Samuel signed for the money but before that they was talking all that shit about the patriots and calling them cheaters and shit but last I checked he was one of the patriots and now they’re all on his dick now just like when they talked all that shit about T.O and when he came here once again they was all on his dick not to mention they always got a back up team or two just in case any of the teams lose.

  • PrimeTime


    I loved watching T.O. take that Eagle team apart.

  • niner_junkie

    They may address the OLB spot in the draft, but I'm thinking that they're trying to develop the ones they have right now i.e. Parys Haralson

  • Forensics187

    Ike Bruce won't be wearing #80 if that makes anyone feel better.

  • 49ersfan77

    Let the best LB win I say Go NINERS

  • 49ersfan77

    They all be fighting for a spot Dontarrious Thomas, Jeff Ulbrich, and Brandon Moore at the TED so we add a spikes that makes them play that much harder and if we realise some one after player cuts it would probably be Moore i think i know Nolan likes ulbrich i like all the LB we have right now if we add spikes then all it can do is help the team get better i think!

  • spicy 1

    i see spikes being a great addition blitz him an lawson leave willis back in the draft get hardy we need that vertical threat with the new vertical game we got hardy is the best option in the second go d line or o line but yea great addition if it happens an hardy all the way and 49ers4life

  • Mike

    Side note off track of Spikes. DE Douglas signed with tampa bay. 4 year deal.

  • ninerfaithful

    lets sign him =great addition to our team but only at the right price … i wouldnt break the bank

  • Natuzho-Aliento de f

    Douglas was more of a 5-2 guy and you may say im weird for the possition 5-2 but its true, it does exxist if you look at this website http://www.nflgameplan.con

  • ninerfaithful

    If Haralson could just step up as the pass rusher we so badly need we could focus on building a fucking radical O-line and work on our WR Core in the Draft But i Agree we will use that first rounder for OLB if he is on the board at that time

  • jc25

    hows manny lawson doing?

  • ninerfaithful

    yes Dilfer is gone no more slow ass qb profootballtalk.com has more

  • MSouza

    I look forward to seeing Dilfer on NFL Network.

  • niner_junkie

    I know the 5-2 does exist, but it’s pretty much non-existant in the NFL. Very rarely used. It’s not really used much past pop warner or high school.

  • MSouza

    Hey Pundit is there any new news with what happened with Takeo today?

  • Niner Pundit

    Souza…here is the latest. He met with the 49ers and by 4:00 left the building. Supposedly he’ll be wined and dined. He has no other visits scheduled with other teams at this time. The 49ers were his first and only visit so far. I say he signs, announcement tomorrow.

  • Niner Pundit, what do you expect the numbers of his contract to be should he sign?

  • Niner Pundit

    I say maybe a 2-yr deal. Amount I’m not good at figures. Maybe $2 mil a year??

  • yeah, that is what I was hoping…..2-3 years. He is REALLY good, but he has gotten banged up in recent years. I think he will REALLY solidify the front seven. However, Niner Pundit, do you think if we were to sign Spikes (hypothetically) that we should go after Groves, or start Haralson, Jay Moore, or TBC (please don’t say this one)?

  • MSouza

    I think if groves is the best player at a position of need available than the niners won’t hesitate to pick him up.

  • erik
  • where have u been erik

  • sorry erik didnt realize the date u wrote that. I hope he signs with us but probably he will sign with the pats right

  • Cory

    I dont think another team will step up…if there was another team they would have already…IMO

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Hey Pundit whats the latest with the tampering hearing with da Bears
    last week in NYC????????????????????????????

  • Los Banos Jerry

    We couldn’t even be a 500 team in NFL Europe, if we don’t adress the
    OL at the top of the draft..Thanks for the update…LOL

  • Niner Pundit

    Updated this article to reflect latest rumblings on Spikes

  • mark22

    i hope we sign spikes, that will be worthy

  • West

    R.Craig33….thankz 4 da info….just hope he can do it @ the next level….I feel good about our team, making positive strides

  • I’m back

  • West

    Ninersgold…welcome back, news has been slow, but we do have camp

  • R.Craig33

    Here’s a touchdown pass tp Josh Morgan.