Smith, Wallace, Morgan & Grant on Day Two

The 49ers have officially closed the book on the 2008 NFL Draft. On day two the 49ers continued to add depth to both sides of the ball.

In the 3rd round the 49ers selected corner Reggie Smith out of Oklahoma. Reggie will compete for a starting spot, most likely against Walt Harris & Shawntae Spencer. There is also talk that Reggie may compete at the safety spot as well.

In the 4th round the 49ers continued to add depth to the offensive line, by selecting center Cody Wallace out of Texas A&M. He’ll immediately compete with Eric Heitmann at the center spot. One good thing about the drafting of Wallace is it will allow Heitmann to play guard again if need be.

In the 6th round the 49ers added wide receiver Josh Morgan out of Virginia Tech. The knock on Morgan is that he drops balls and has some off the field issues. It will be tough for Morgan to make an impact in an already deep veteran WR group. Not to mention having to pick up the Martz system.

In the 7th round the 49ers selected outside linebacker Larry Grant out of the Ohio State. In college Grant had the capabilities to play all linebacker positions and also has the ability to move to the secondary as well.

Overall not a flashy draft, by that I mean big name players, but overall the team added much needed depth in key positions. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how they pan out.

One more thing to note is after this draft it is much more likely that the 49ers sign Takeo Spikes. Spikes is looking to start and the 49ers added noone over the weekend likely to beat out Spikes at the linebacking position.

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  • Niner Pundit

    Disagree Nashville. Balmer will start, Wallace as well just not sure when, good thing with that pick is Heitmann can move to guard if ever needed. Morgan will probably see time returning the ball.

  • Mike

    I forgot all about Colvin. He could most def. come in if not drafted. We seemed to show a lot of interest in him.

  • Niner Pundit

    Mike…I've been thinking Colvin for a while now. Almost seems like a done deal with him coming in as a UDFA.

    Nolan said they'll look to add 6-7 UDFA's.


    Pundit, how soon do you think the Niners will make Spikes an offer, if at all? It should be sooner rather than later, I would hope.

  • Mike

    Question now is with all of our picks gone. Who can be projected not to be picked in rest of draft and who are some of the undrafted free agents that we push hard for to sign right after the draft is completed.

  • Niner Pundit

    if it is to happen should be sometime this week. Going into the draft I heard that if they didn’t draft an inside linebacker, they’d make a run at Spikes.

  • Niner Pundit

    Mike is Cameron Colvin isn’t drafted, I say they bring him in. Apart from that maybe look at some of the Senior Bowl players coached that didn’t get drafted.

  • Nashville9er

    The 49ers draft in a nut shell:
    Backup DE, Backup OG, Backup CB/starting FS?, Backup Center, 5th string WR w/character issues, and utility LB(with LB’s still available).

  • Mike

    Maybe a Drew Radovich OG from USC if he isn’t drafted and wants to stay local. Would be worth a look atleast.
    Also a few others I hope don’t get drafted that we can go hard after once draft is completed.
    QB- Paul Smith, Sam Keller
    WR- Urritia, Bess, Grice-Mullen, Monk, Reynuad
    OG- Young, Sosa, Radovich
    DT/DE- Eric Foster(I would love to have him sign he has such a high motor and never quits on a play, would be a backup end in our system.)
    S- Jamie Silva(had a slow 40) but is a straight out solid football player and a gamer., Marcus Griffin
    K- Art Carmody(just for competition maybe guy go on practice squad and eventually take over for nedney)
    These are all hopes on guys if they aren’t drafted I would like to see us go after anyway.

  • Mike

    There are a few LB’s like a Henderson, Highsmith that could be guys to bring in too.

    There seems to be a decent amount of talent that didn’t get drafted to atleast take chance on. So Way it seems Colvin pretty much just come in. So figure on maybe 6 more coming in then.
    Who wasn’t drafted that Nolan an Co. Coached at senior bowl. Or who they had brought in for visits.

  • Nashville9er

    So do you all see Balmer beating out Soap at DE or will he bulk up and beat out Franklin at NT? or DE-Balmer, NT-Soap, DE-Smith?
    I think our best front 7 would might be in the 4-3: DE-Oliver, DT-Balmer, DT-Soap, DE-Smith, OLB-Brandon Moore, MLB-Willis, OLB-Lawson.
    I just hate that we passed up on so many good players at 2 of our 3 biggest needs in 1)a pass rushing OLB and 2)a quality WR.