Profile: Josh Morgan – WR (Rd 6. 174th)

With their pick in the 6th round (174th overall) the 49ers select wide receiver Josh Morgan out of Virginia Tech.

Josh Morgan was an enigmatic performer at Virginia Tech, showing flashes of brilliance with some sensational catches, only to frustrate a moment later by dropping an easy throw. Blessed with the size, speed and strength to be a go-to target for any pro team, only character and work ethic stand in the way of him realizing his vast potential.

A two-year starter, Morgan accounted for 79 of his 122 career catches over the past two seasons. He has also shown the ability to fill in capably on special teams as a punt and kickoff returner. His exceptional leaping ability also proved to be an asset for that unit, as he blocked two kicks during his junior campaign.

Morgan competed as a quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback at H.D. Woodson High School, where he earned All-DCIAA honors as a senior. He made eight catches for 275 yards and three touchdowns in a game vs. Glen Mills High, as he also contributed four sacks and blocked a punt. In his junior year, he passed for 987 yards and five touchdowns rushed for 898, including eight scores. He also excelled in basketball, earning MVP honors in two tournaments while playing for the hoops team.

Due to academics, Morgan spent the 2003 season at Fork Union Military Academy. He caught 33 passes for 845 yards and eight touchdowns on offense and blocked four punts while also returning a punt for a touchdown. He enrolled at Virginia Tech in January 2004, going through the team’s winter conditioning program, but was sidelined in May after undergoing surgery to repair a left foot fracture.

Morgan played in 12 games at Tech in 2004, starting vs. Miami. He finished with 15 catches for 346 yards (23.1-yard average) and three touchdowns. In 2005, he started once vs. North Carolina at slot receiver, appearing in 13 games. He grabbed 28 passes for 471 yards (16.8-yard average) and four touchdowns, as he also performed on special teams. The sophomore totaled 105 yards on nine punt returns (11.7 avg) and 67 yards on four kickoff returns (16.8 avg) while collecting a pair of solo tackles.

Morgan and defensive end Chris Ellis was arrested on Sept. 24, 2006. Morgan was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing justice and Ellis was charged with obstructing justice, all misdemeanors. Police responded to a disturbance call along Blacksburg’s Draper Road, a stretch of bars and restaurants, about 1:50 a.m. on a Sunday after getting a report that a large crowd had gathered and a fight may have been about to start.

An officer saw Morgan run into the road and punch at the glass on the driver’s side door of a passing truck, according to a police report. He then opened the truck’s door as if he was going to assault the driver, police said. Police told Morgan he was under arrest. Morgan, however, began to back up into the crowd and refused to submit to the arrest. Police were forced to use a single burst of pepper spray to subdue Morgan and then took him into custody. Head coach Fran Beamer then suspended both players for the following game vs. Georgia Tech, citing a violation of team policy.

In 12 games at split end, Morgan snared 33 passes for 448 yards (13.6-yard average) and four touchdowns. He added 31 yards on four punt returns and 107 yards on six kickoff returns (17.8 avg). Starting 11 games on offense, he also registered a solo tackle and blocked a pair of kicks.

As a senior, Morgan started 11 of 14 games at split end, leading the Hokies with 46 receptions for 552 yards (12.0-yard average) and five touchdowns. He also totaled 276 yards on 16 kickoff returns (17.2 avg), as he added a 12-yard punt return and four carries for 11 yards (2.8 avg).

Morgan started 24 of 51 games at Virginia Tech. He ranks second in school history with 122 receptions, fourth with 1,817 yards (14.9-yard average) and fourth with 16 touchdown grabs. He had six rushing attempts for 20 yards (3.3 avg) and recorded four solo tackles with a pair of blocked kicks. He gained 148 yards on 14 punt returns (10.6 avg) and 450 yards on 26 kickoff returns (17.3 avg), scoring 98 points. He finished with 2,435 all-purpose yards, an average of 47.75 yards per game.

Career Notes
Morgan’s 122 receptions place him second on the school’s career list behind Ernest Wilford (126, 2000-03)…His 1,817 yards receiving are topped only by Wilford (2,052), Antonio Freeman (2,207, from 1991-94) and Ricky Scales (2,272, from 1972-74) in Tech history…His 16 touchdown catches are surpassed by Freeman (22), Scales (18) and Andre Davis (18, 1998-2001) in school annals…Morgan’s 46 receptions in 2007 tied tight end Mike Burnop (1971) for third on the school’s single-season list behind Ernest Wilford (55 in 2003, 51 in 2002)…Morgan’s 126 yards receiving vs. Auburn in the 2004 Sugar Bowl was a school bowl game record.

High School
Attended Howard D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.) High School, playing football for head coach Greg Fuller…Competed as a quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback…Earned All-DCIAA honors as a senior…Made eight catches for 275 yards and three touchdowns in a game vs. Glen Mills High, as he also contributed four sacks and blocked a punt…In his junior year, he passed for 987 yards and five touchdowns rushed for 898, including eight scores…Also excelled in basketball, earning MVP honors in two tournaments while playing for the hoops team.

Positives: Has a long frame with a tight midsection, good arm length and very large, soft hands…Does a good job of using his body torque to get to off-target tosses…Knows how to use his body to shield the ball from defenders…Gets good elevation and body twist going up to compete for throws at the high point…When he runs with his pads down, he has more than enough acceleration to gobble up the defender’s cushion…Long strider who needs room to build speed, but is good at locating and settling in the zone’s soft spots…Lacks consistency, but has shown flashes of using proper balance and body control on his cuts, especially when he drops his weight to accelerate…Works back to the ball well when the quarterback is pressured and, while he doesn’t do it often, he can adjust his speed to conform with his route’s progression…Gets better separation in the open, as he is more comfortable accelerating when not in close areas…Has the speed to get deep in a flash, but is more apt to run straight-line routes than to get fancy with his feet…Has the ability to track the ball over his head without breaking stride…Will battle for the ball in traffic, showing no flinch when having to go vertical with defenders zeroing in on him…Has good balance keeping his feet when working along the sidelines.

Negatives: Has long limbs, but a small bubble and just adequate muscle thickness in his lower body…Gives marginal effort as a blocker, showing no desire to extend his arms to lock on and sustain the blocker…Will simply coast to his block point and takes poor angles when asked to cut block second-level defenders…Causes distractions in the huddle when he feels he is not getting the ball thrown to him enough…Needs to improve his maturity both on and off the field…Not the most punctual sort you will find and needs to be monitored more than the rest of the team…Struggles in the classroom and shows just adequate field intelligence (will run into spots and throttles down when not involved in the action)…Has very good timed speed, but it fails to translate to the field, as he tends to take a rolling start off the snap rather than explode into his routes…Despite his good strength, he does not use his hands to defeat the press and power through defenders to get into his routes…Likes to run with his head down, resulting in drops of several catchable balls, as he often looks surprised when the ball gets there…Needs to show better precision getting in and out of his cuts…Has the acceleration to separate in the open, but due to his “lazy feet,” he does not get to the intermediate throws as quick as he should…Goes through long stretches of ball concentration lapses (24 passes intended for Morgan hit the ground in 2007)…Lacks the hip wiggle, head fakes and double moves to elude the defender, relying more on his burst, when he chooses to use it, or will revert to attempting to run over the defender…Poor locker-room presence and needs to understand that football is a team concept.

Compares To: JOHNNIE MORANT-ex-Oakland…Morgan has a rare blend of speed, size and strength. He flashes brilliance on one play and then seems to disappear for long stretches. His character and work ethic are questionable and will be the major reasons he does not go as early in the draft as his talent level indicates he might. Morant was given ample opportunity to perform in the NFL, but just seemed to go through the motions. Can Morgan be following suit? Much like Morant with Jerry Porter, if Morgan does not get the attention he feels he deserves from his quarterback, he will become a major distraction in the huddle.

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  • Samra

    dude these profiles are staright off


    Martz will cure Morgan of his "huddle distractions" real quick.

  • Pulse of a NIner

    Good pick… now joe gomez and relax a little. The Niners were going to select a WR but it had to be after we address our needs. We are not getting a winning season if we don't have a solid O-line that will allow us to expand our QB and WR talent. If we pick these so called top picks all we would end with is a kid who thinks he is the team. TO the last WR talent? Yeah right. I would rather have a team of heart and team work than have another plague of a player who is playing for show and money. Our true Niners and Niners fans have heart and that will get us farther any day…..

  • webehighrollin

    Compares to Johnny Morant……………………………….wow

  • Los Banos Jerry


    what pos will our 7th pick be????????????????

  • joe gomez

    When you guys say "sexy" pick what you are saying is a "skilled" and "talented" offensive player right? Isnt that what we need? I know BY retired but isnt that why we signed Abruyo Franklin? I thought we drafted some DL last year like Joe Cohen. As far as the O line, we traded away our original first rounder for joe staley and drafted Baas and Snyder in the past draft. Besides Frank Gore and Vernon Davis when have we tried to draft a bonafide "sexy" game breaking WR? They were available in this draft and we didnt attempt to take anyone. Thats all im saying. If you guys are happy with our current WR corps then your 49er standards are well below mine. Most playoff teams have atleast one pro bowl or big threat receiver. We have a bunch of #2's at best. That is a big problem. No true #1.

  • Matt

    Haha @ joe gomez. Why don't you go be a Cowboys fan if you like TO so much. Tell me, which wide receiver could we have picked up in this draft that would have been a clearcut #1? Don't say we should have traded for Chad Johnson either. The Bengals aren't trading him.

    BTW, who was the Patriots #1 when they won all their superbowls? How bout the 2000 Ravens #1?

    Case closed. (Oversimplify much?)

  • jmw

    Well Matt Maiocco's reporting that WR Cam Colvin (Oregon) has agreed to join the 49ers as an undrafted free agent, said Marvin Frazier, Colvin's agent. The sides are still working out the details, but Frazier said Colvin will be attending the 49ers' minicamp (Friday-Sunday) in Santa Clara. After his injury, hopefully he can get back to where he was, and it sounds like Nolan and Martz liked his workout according to ESPN. Without using a draft pick, they have another WR body in camp. I still think Jason Hill will get a good look this year but has everyone has said above, without a good O-line, Smith won't have the time to get the ball to his recievers so no matter what, having a strong O-line is a must, especially with Smith coming back from an injury season.

    "Colvin's last opportunity to impress scouts came on April 18 at the San Francisco 49ers' workout for Bay Area prospects. With 49ers head coach Mike Nolan and offensive coordinator Mike Martz watching the action, Colvin displayed his quickness by routinely beating defenders in one-on-one passing drills. True, he wasn't roasting Champ Bailey or Asante Samuel on that sunny afternoon. But he was competing with confidence and doing it without being at full strength.

    Colvin actually did so well that some 49ers officials approached him afterward and acknowledged that he'd caught their eyes. "They told me that they had six selections in this year's draft and that they'd like to use one on me," Colvin says. "I thought it couldn't have gone any better." "

  • Los Banos Jerry

    gomez we feel your pain, and yes if they don't make wild card at

    least Nolan will get fired. there are 2 reasons why your rants

    don't work.

    (1) There were no #1 WR in the 2008 draft.

    (2) There were no #2 WR in the 2008 draft.

    We're tired of the team reaching for a WR with a high pick Carmen

    Policy (Stokes), Donahue (Woods). McCloughan (V Davis).

    Jerry Jones (Cowboys) was interviewed NFL Network yesterday and

    asked why they didn't draft a WR a need position. His answer was

    that there was no one better than what they already had. Just

    because they put of good numbers in these spread offenses (college)

    doesn't mean they can handle a champ baily bump and run.

    As for D Jackson he's gonna be lucky to play on 3rd down. He might

    be a good return man until he gets tackled by 2 LB's at the same


    Great WR's don't fall off of turnip trucks. Most are groomed for

    at least 2 years. and you said it yourself they got to win now or

    there fired. Thats why sighned the old man and Johnson they feel

    that there better than youngsters that came out.

    Reality Sucks so shut the fuck up you retard LOL

  • Niner Pundit

    Yeah…this is coming from No way in hell I know all these players.

  • joe gomez

    Pulse of a niner…has TO ever been arrested???…Answer=NO! Has Josh Morgan ever been arrested? Answer=YES! If Nolan along with you want “character” players than you are heavily contradicting yourself by selecting Morgan. Besides Morgan probably won’t even make this team or end up as a practice player at best. TO is a pro bowl caliber player. As far as “talent” goes TO was the last and best selection the Niners have picked as a game breaking WR. Rashaun Woods, Brandon Lloyd, Brandon Williams, Marcus Maxwell, and so on and so on…were all BUSTS! The Cowboys seem to have controlled TO’s mouth the past several years why couldnt we? I agree TO is abnoxious with his rants and raves in the locker room but the man has never been arrested in his life. Bottom line is he’s a All Pro receiver..something we havent had since he left!

  • Billy

    Just watch during the season Alex Smith is going to look bad and we are going to regret not taking Sweed or Jackson in F’n 2nd round!

  • joe gomez

    Thank you Billy. Finally someone who has some football knowledge. What defense is going to be scared of Battle, Lelie, Hill, Grandpa Bruce, One year wonder Johnson? What a fucken joke. We were last in offense last year and looks like well be in the bottom again! 1 more losing season and these morons need to be fired!

  • don’t like the negatives. he sounds like a major project.

  • joe gomez

    wendell..hes a practice squad player at best.

  • Billy

    Yeah Joe, I remember we said the same things going into last year with D JAX, Lelie, Hill, and Battle. Sure our two FA pick ups are better personally I like them both but we need someone like Jackson hes compared to Steve Smith in WR ability and like Devin Hester KR. The only problem is weight just have him bulk up and come ON THE 2nd ROUND!

  • Billy

    And we could have gotten Ahtyba Rubin in the 6th! Why couldnt we have a draft like last year, Scott acually new what he was doing last year

  • Pulse of a Niner

    joe gomez… You obviously cannot recognize sarcasm like you can not recognize what it takes to make a team. The comment was made of good pick maybe you can relax because they gave you what you wanted. You wanted a TO player and that is what this pick was. You defend TO as being a talented player and a Pro Bowler? What good is that if you can’t win the games that matter. If a team is influenced by a WR talent the way you claim, then why haven’t we seen the Cowboys in the SB? Because it is not about a one player, it is about a well rounded complete TEAM. I think that the Niners had some great early picks that are going to help in completion of the team especially Chilo Rachal who is talented and versatile. I think this last pick was a waste and just done to satisfy those ignorant who feel a WR was a must…..

  • Billy

    Pulse of a Niner I agree with what you are saying but I dont like Balmer and believe Chilo was a reach, and WR is a must look at all the dropped balls last year. Plus we dont have long term receivers besides Hill, I think we could have tooken Jackson in the second

  • joe gomez

    Ive totally lost fairth in this McNolan team. If we dont make the playoffs (again) they need to fire both these bitches. How long do they want 5 more years? This is the damn NFL… and we all know what that means! NOT FOR LONG! Produce or get the fuck out! Daym we were fucken LAST on offense last year! Shouldnt that tell you something? Yea great we drafted “trench” players. But shit didnt we give up our original first rounder for Joe Staley? Didnt we draft Baas and Snyder? There were plenty of “play makers” in this draft and we didnt do shit! And your absolutely right Billy for the 2nd round those players were a steal! I remember NFL experts saying that Jackson probably would be gone by the time we picked in the first and we could of had him in the second! Im tired of all these dumbasses who say hes too small. They never heard of Steve Smith or Marvin Harrison I guess. The man is a playmaker and is endorsed by Jerry Rice himself. Ive watched this guy all year and noone could stop him. He has 4.3 speed, runs routes well, and can catch the fuck out of the football! Im just tired of this bullshit!

  • Nashville9er

    Morgan= Classic boom or bust player.
    In the 7th: I think Devone Dess would fit the Martz system, OLB Titus Brown for a pass rush, or J Lehman would be a solid Ted LB/special teamer.

  • joe gomez

    deadpulse of a niner….hey i guess are ignorant cause they had WR as a position we needed the most. Lets see..Bruce is old, Johnson is only signed for 1 year, Lelie is Lelie, Hill is a big question, Arnaz is a QB turned WR, get the fucken picture? No Cowboys werent in the SB but they have been in the playoffs for the past few years. We havent been in the playoffs since we lost to the Bucs years ago when Mariucci was coach. You must be a Nolan backer because personally I dont think he can guide us to the promiseland. Look at all the mistakes he has had on the field as well as the drafts. I know WR is not the only position but it was a big need that we needed to fill and didnt. Our present receiver corps is not going to scare any defenses and being we were last in almost every offensive category dont you think WR is a big part of that? If you dont think so then you must be a complete idiot!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Of course he’ll be lucky to make the team he’s a 6th round project.
    gomez you keep talking about TO who was a 3rd round selection, that
    no one thought was even close to a game breaker. It turned out he
    was. There is no for sure things in the NFL. Just because some kid
    has a good career in college doesn’t mean he’s gonna make it big in
    the NFL.

    Just look at all the busts that we have drafted. McNolan and before.
    WR is the hardest pos to fill. There is no exact science. When you cool off and see that the 1st 2 picks we got replaced pro bowlers,
    (B Young, L Allen), both retired. I’m not saying that these 2 picks
    are gonna be pro bowlers. But you have to replace them. You can’t
    just grab some so called sexy pick.

  • Billy

    Jerry you are right but I think that Jackson might have been the biggest steal of the draft and Groves, suprisingly those were the players I wanted

  • Pulse of a Niner

    Billy… I understand that there are concerns with our WR’s; however, I think that we do have talent that can be refined. Some of the drop balls you might recall were because our QB was rushed to make a play and was not able to give the WR’s the chance to execute the play to the fullest. Plus our WR’s didn’t even play very much due to our defense spending more time on the field than the offense. And how do we address that issue and allow our current WR’s to shine? Fix our O-line so that they get that chance. I think that our WR’s are going to surprise many fans once this offense gets it’s rythem together and get more playing time.

  • Dan

    AAAAAH,…..But, how sexy a sexy pick would be. After the season we had, and being crapped on by the commish/Bears, AND having nothing to show for it, a sexy pick would have lifted my spirits a bit.

  • Billy

    Yeah I understand but the reason our defense was out so much was mainly because of turnovers and we couldnt convert 3rd downs another thing we ranked last in, the reason our defense looks bad statistically is due to offense, also we need a NT and S but offense needs it more why look at our point scored there was about three games we passed over 20 points!! Thats why I think we need a WR espeacially Jackson in th 2nd

  • Billy

    haha pretty funny Dan but I have to agree with you

  • joe gomez

    los banos jerry.. listen up you illegal fuck..if you think there wasnt any legit #1 or #2 receivers to be had in this draft you need to put down that crack pipe! on the radio all day tonight..especially .. KHTK en tha dungeon..everyone calling in were screamin' why we didnt grab Jackson in the 2nd. even the host frank red was saying it didnt make sense. you saying there was NOBODY in the draft this weekend better than arnaz battle? HAHA…your a fucken idiot jerry.

  • Pulse of a Niner

    joe gomez… You seriously need to stop and look around. If you are such a TO lover, you are on the wrong site. The Cowboys have been to the playoffs but not because TO was such a factor. It was because of the seam of their pants in getting enough wins to get in. When was the last time they even won a playoff game? Don’t know.. Look it up and you’ll see it was way before our last win in the playoffs. Again, if you have such a hang up with TO, why don’t you join him, Romo, and Jessica in Cabo and let our Niners take care of what is truly important which is to be a great team with heart and intergrity. To carry on the legacy that was set up by our greats Montana, Rice, Young, Lott, Craig, and etc. Those are the names that you should be defending and remembering. Those are the greats….Not a guy that was the reason why our team fell. Don’t you remember he was the one that got Marucci fired and started the snowball effect. Fuck pre-madonnas like TO, Randy Moss and Chad Johnson…they don’t win SB. TEAMS Do!!!

  • joe gomez

    hey jerry..another thing dumb ass…the cowboys have TO and Glenn so ofcourse the owner felt there was no one better in the draft than them. but were not the cowboys dickhead..were the niners. our #1 receiver last year was battle who barely got 500 yards. TO got that by game 4 last season. your comparing apples to oranges idiot so go back where you came from and go fucken pick some..

  • Dan

    No, by “sexy” I really meant a crazy-ass pass-rushing Maniac. I would have loved to get Chris Long or Gholston.

  • joe gomez

    hey jerry.. another thing i noticed about your sorry ass..dont mean to correct you again but i understand you probably dont have any education since youve probably spent your whole life picken onions…vernon davis is a fucken TE dumb ass hes not a WR! LOL!

  • Pulse of a Niner

    oh and by the way joe gomez…. Start coming up with some original shit. You have been posting the same damn thing over and over on every comment you make. You definetly fit the TO pattern. Stick to your story and crying and play it over and over like child throwing a tantrum. When you grow up and gain some true knowledge, then you will be heard…

  • joe gomez

    We’re tired of the team reaching for a WR with a high pick Carmen

    Policy (Stokes), Donahue (Woods). McCloughan (V Davis).

    posted by los banos "i pick onions" jerry

  • joe gomez

    PulseofaNiner…Mariucci got fired not cause of TO but because when we lost to the Bucs in the playoffs they needed a scape goat. Im not a TO lover but i do know WR skills when i see it. He was our last #1 game breaking receiver, before him was the great JR. All i said was we havent had a game breaking #1 receiver since TO. Thats it. Also, i would take Chad Johnson in a minute. He never had off the field problems, he just wants out of Cincy. Youd have to be a complete idiot not to take Chad Johnson.

  • joe gomez

    man i just love this this guy knows his shit…

    Comment by Nashville9er on 27 April 2008:

    The 49ers draft in a nut shell:

    Backup DE, Backup OG, Backup CB/starting FS?, Backup Center, 5th string WR w/character issues, and utility LB(with LB’s still available).

  • joe gomez

    hey deadpulse… ive been following this team very closely since Deberg was the QB in the days before Montana so i know a little about Niner football. You probably dont go back that far so you probably dont know what the fuck your talking about. im making a big point that we fucked up this draft by not taking a legit game breaking #1 receiver, i dont give a flying fuck if you hear me or not but that is the straight fact. Niner fans are stuck with a mediocre #2 receiver corps and we as fans deserve better than that.

  • redandgold

    chill out people… Only time will tell if this Morgan is a bust.

    I’m sorry, but if you dont have faith in your team by now, it dont matter if we have all the PRO Bowlers in the nfl on our team, you still will not be happy, and you will always have something to complain about…

    Just be coo….

  • joe gomez

    Yea ill chill out when deadpulse gets a fucken brain and understands on how important WR’s are to a NFL football team. Mother fucker dont know shit. Im so sick of ignorant so called Niner fans who dont have a clue what it takes to win. You want a goody two shoes like Arnaz Battle and your satisfied. Well thats our top receiver last year and thats unacceptable. But its acceptable to an idiot like deadpulse. Dumb fuck dont know shit.

  • Dan the man

    WOW Joe. You need to relax bud. WR aren’t that important. Do you need them? Yes. But rookie WR are the most worthless picks. We need some impact players now. Just look up how many WR have been “Offense Rookies Of The Year.” There have been 7, since 1967. That is not a very good ratio. Rookie WR always take a while, and if you want to win now, which it sounds like you do then you want to strengthen the trenches. The Niners gave up 55 sacks last year, and this year we will be passing a lot more. It doesn’t matter if you have a great WR, if you’re QB is on his back. Example- Randy Moss- He didn’t do shit for Oakland because he had a terrible QB and OL. When it comes to the passing game it starts with the QB, then OL and after that is set then you worry about the WR.

  • cciowa

    there were no legit number one wideouts in this draft. our need for offensive linemen outweighed your want for a wide out. we have drafted wide outs high before and look where it took us. here is a suggestion for people like joe gomez. support the players you have on the team and stop whining and moaning about people we do not have.i am pretty sure martz was consulted as the draft went along and i think coach nolan has faith that martz can do good things with our current crop of wideouts. if you are so tired of this bullshit joe, then leave,, fans like you are not needed. and before you start in ,, i have been a follower of this team since 1970 so do not try out your worn out tired romper room catch phrases on me. i see right through “fans”like you. you say you are a fan but you clearly can not stand the team and you actually hope for bad things to happen in order to justify your hate for coach nolan. we had a solid draft, sorry it did not match up to your arm chair, backseat driving, monday morning quarterbacking, second guessing.

  • redandgold

    man..people people…

    take a break and watch some nhl or nba playoffs

  • joe gomez

    you need to make bold picks to help take you to the next level..~NFL Network

    Niners picks were safe/comfortable picks…enough said.

  • joe gomez

    cciowa..its obvious you have no fucken clue. you claim to be a fan but your not or you wouldnt put up with the McNolan era. They need to go and true niner fans know that. look at every playoff team they all have #1 go to receivers. Case closed dumb fuck.

  • Dan the man

    Joe, you are the only guy crying about WR. WR aren’t shit without a good QB. And only the few and proud QB (Brady and Manning) can play with a bad OL. Where were those great WR on the Patriots when Brady was getting sacked all day during the Super Bowl. Ask any QB what would they rather have, a great OL or WR.

  • I am glad that they did this. However, can someone please tell me why they haven’t done the same for Adarius Bowman? He is ALSO an undrafted free agent. I know he had some troubles, but I think he has gotten the picture about what happens when you screw up. Another thing I want someone to ask McNolan is ……..IF WAS SUCH A TACKLE DEEP DRAFT then why didn’t they take any? Carl Nicks was there for the taking in the LATE FIFTH. How could they have not made a deal for him? Well, Mr. Glass, he we come. I am glad they got some interior guys, but we still need another couple of tackles. Why did they pass on Quentin Groves? I AM on the Haralson/Moore bandwagon, but still they are looking like they had BY FAR the worst draft of anyone else in the NFC West.

  • By the way, can someone please get TAKEO SPIKES on the phone??? What is up that?

  • joe gomez

    hey matt.. to answer your question..the ravens that year had qadry ismail who had nearly 700 yards… they also went to shannon (TE) alot who had over 800 yards. so they had those two as “go to” guys. shannon although not a WR..played like a #1 receiver, something we drafted vernon to do but he has shown he quit a ways away. as far as the patriots..well they went undefeated last year with the best offense in history..Randy Moss had alot to do with that since he ended up breaking Jerry’s record. for the other patriots teams..from 1993 to 2005 New England had Troy Brown who is the Patriots all time leading receiver as a “go to” guy. Actually i think Alex was starting to get a chemistry going with Antonio Bryant until his DUI led to his release. thats what i dont understand..once someone gets a DUI (Sutherland) its an automatic release..but yet we draft someone like Morgan today who has had an arrest history. look just tired of losing and losing and losing..and i dont have much confident in his on the field calls and the lousy drafts. i think if we dont make the playoffs (again) someone upstairs needs to start re-evaluating McNolan and Co. i mean i thought we already addressed the trench players, thats why we gave up our first rounder for staley. baas and snyder arent busts..theyre pretty good. not trying to say desean jackson was going to be a #1 receiver but he definitely wouldve been a threat to take it to the house everytime he touched the ball something we are missing. As far as coaches go if Nolan doesnt work out isnt Holmgren and Shanahan almost done in their current teams? What about Caroll? I just dont want to be the Ravens of the west coast as Steve Young called us. As far as Alex goes this should also be his last year if he doesnt show anything. our 5 championship teams had good defenses but they always had great offenses.

  • joe gomez

    another thing matt…im not a TO lover.. i agree he is abnoxious at times..but i sure do love that #81 scoring all of those touchdowns on a small slant and then taking it the rest of the way breaking tackle after tackle. plus he was part of the play where we finally beat the cheese. i dont care who it is..we just need someone like him and rice. someone who other defenses need to account for … to have to double team all day. thats what im talkin’ about. so as far as your comment goes…FUCK THE COWBOYS..

  • seekret_sauce

    Werent there a lot of people on that dwayne jarrett dick last draft? I didn’t even hear his name since they called his name in the draft.

    *I hope I don’t have to explain my comment..*

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Ryan even though they didn’t draft the players I wanted, (Groves 2nd, Caldwell 3rd, Hills 4th). And they didn’t trade one of next
    years picks to do it or something similar. I feel they had a great
    draft considering the tampering crap with the Bears. They kept
    saying they stayed with there board. The trouble is we read all the
    crap from the internet gurus, who really don’t know shit.

    1st round no one thought that Balmer was still gonna be there until
    all of the trades changed the way that the players came off the
    board. Rated 20th and replacing BY was cruical. The jury is out
    on the Mad Samoan. It also assures that Willis can stay free to
    make the plays.

    2nd round I was in shock for about 10 minutes until I really
    started researching. rated 38th overal and 2nd best OG. With Allen
    retiring we needed a starter. Baas injury didn’t help. they had
    to do it. That’s when I said ok there gonna trade one of next
    years picks to get Caldwell, Groves, Hills, or equals. They
    didn’t. Groves gone 52nd.

    3rd round I think our pick was great. With the age of W Harris,
    and Roman getting torched. I’m saying ok we got 3 starters i’m
    cool. There are still decent WR on the board. There gonna pull
    a trade, didn’t happen. Caldwell gone 97, Doucet 81, Douglas 84,
    Franklin 4th 105.

    4th round Wallace C the best rated projected 3rd round. Well
    Heitman is gonna be free agent and he can’t pass protect anymore
    so I say they must have him rated higher than the OT that are
    still out there or there still gonna trade.

    The problem is we had to many needs. I hope that when expensive players start getting cut for salary cap reasons after there
    mini camps. that right tackle gets addressed, and don’t be surprised
    if WR does also. Nolan also said last night when asked why he
    didn’t get a OT on the 1st day. He said that if Jennings go hurt
    they fill that D Duckett is ready to fill in. I guess we’ll find
    out next wee after mini camp.

    Go niners

  • Jonesin

    Man Joe cracks me up. I tend to agree with him half the time, I am a tired Niner fan myself. I was also a little unsatisfied by this draft, it did go pretty much the way I expected as far as positions, but I thought they could have gotten better quality. I didn't understand not picking up Groves. Fuckin dude from NC, had one half way decent year of collegiate football and is a first rounder, I don't know. I really thought we would pick up a better receiver a little earlier than we did as well. The guy we picked up is hardly proven as he comes from an offense that hardly passes. I did expect them to try for a name receiver and not with hopes that he would be some amazing #1 during his first year, but that we might be able to develop one. Even TO was developed, Jerry took him under his wing and showed him the way to greatness. I guarantee you TO wouldn't be the player he is today without Jerry's work ethic. Really what we need to do is bring Jerry back as a coach/mentor, our receivers really do need some help. Not only did we lead the way with dropped passes, but their routes were hideous. I also thought we needed to pick up a sleeper in a QB somewhere later in the draft. It hurt that we only 6 picks, but I don't think Alex is going to pan out and be our QB much longer. I give him 08 and he's finished. So let's say Alex does bomb out this season, where does that leave us for the future? Hill is the not the future, he is a career 3rd stringer, 2nd at best. So, next year we have to draft a QB all over again with the hopes that he is an immediate impact and we have another Alex on our hands because he hasn't had the opportunity to properly adjust to an NFL system without getting hammered on his first two years in the league. Not to mention, I haven't quite done my research on the matter yet, but I don't see to many quality QB's coming out of college next year.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    joe gomez this will be the last post concerning your ignorance.

    The reference to the cowboys was just 1 more example of why the

    niners didn't take a WR early. Glenn was injured all year, and

    way over 30 close to Bruces age. You don't think they wanted a

    WR. WAKE UP. The Cowboys also have the best OL in the league.

    they also have a complete DL that is ranked at the top of the

    league. They have 13 pro bowlers. We had 2. We needed to fill the

    pos of 2 retiring Hall of Famers. That was more important than

    drafting a back up WR. Are you related to Jackson or is it just a man crush. NFL network is just filling time with there comments. The Niners told us that they didn't have the WR close to grades that the media did.

    I realize yesterday was the 1st time you got to play with the

    computer. But I've been begging for Andre Caldwell WR, Senior

    Bowl MVP. 4.37 40 time to be picked in the 2nd – 4th round for

    weeks. It didn't happen. You don't here me going spastic, or

    crying, boo hoo. joe gomez spring break is over have a nice day

    at school tommorrow and say high to your 1st grade teacher. joe

    quit playing with the computer now its time to go to bed. Sleep

    tight you moron.

  • joe gomez crack me up los banos crack me up … you try so hard to act like you know what your saying… we all know you dont know shit..dont point is dickweed is the cowboys already have a #1 go to guy and the niners are still searching for that guy. how hard is that? i know you probably cant get nfl network in tijuana but shit ask around ese! LOL..your a joke los banos beaner.

  • Jonesin

    Eeeh, I am not sure it's worth the long distance call.

  • joe gomez

    Maybe the 49ers have simply given up trying to discover the next Terrell Owens (third round, 1996), John Taylor (third round, 1986) or Dwight Clark (10th round, 1979).

    Or maybe the 49ers feared more duds like these: Darrell Jackson (acquired in 2007 for fourth-round pick), Taylor Jacobs (seven catches from 2006-07), Antonio Bryant (productive but abbreviated 2006 stint), Brandon Williams (third round, 2006), Rasheed Marshall (fifth round, 2005), Marcus Maxwell (seventh round, 2005), Johnnie Morton (bland 2005), Rashaun Woods (first round, 2004) and Derrick Hamilton (third-round 2004).~Contra Costa Times

    Last one wetback..then you can read the whole thing on…..thats if your 3rd grade tijuana education lets you….HAHAHAHA

  • joe gomez

    ok i lied los banos beaner eater..i got one more for you because it sounded just like what i was trying to grill in that wetback head of yours…

    Even if this weekend's draft apparently wasn't stocked with great receivers — none went in the first round for the first time since 1990 — you still figured the 49ers and Raiders might have picked a wideout in the first three rounds.

    Instead, consider them still on the clock in terms of finding and developing a No. 1 wideout…~ Contra Costa Times

  • joe gomez

    hey wheres pulse of a niner at? i guess i gained some "true knowledge" as you put it..alot of sports writers and experts are saying the same shit im saying.. how bout that pussy of a niner?

  • joe gomez

    man jonesin nice post.. i like to read posts that make sense..can you call los banos beaner in tijuana and let him know your thoughts since apparently hes illiterate.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    red&goldforlife:::::::::::I agree with niner_junkie well said, just

    because I live in Los Banos he assumes that I'm a farm laborer. we

    don't need any bigots on this site.

  • joe gomez

    The 49ers are delusional if they think their wide receiver corps is in good hands for years down the road with Bruce, the steady-yet-unspectacular Arnaz Battle, the invisible Ashley Lelie (10 catches in 2007), the unproven Jason Hill (one catch as a rookie in 2007) and last month’s other marquee import, Bryant Johnson, who’s only signed through 2008.~ Contra Costa Times Sports Writer

    hhmmmmm……kinda sounds familiar doesnt it? how bout that los banos beaner…someone who professionally covers sports agrees with me…fucken idiot.

  • joe gomez

    This past weekend’s draft was, again, an exercise in futility and frustration when it came to finding the 49ers’ and Raiders’ next great pass catcher.

    Don’t let them fool you with notions that their receiving corps were aptly filled in free agency last month. The recycled veterans they signed are short-term solutions, at best.~Contra Costa Times

    keep reading beaner…

  • red&goldforlife

    where did this fool come from? Cant be a niner fan! No class! Claims he likes the niners yet has the attitude of TO,Chad Johnson why are you crying fool!! Cmon everyone knows WR is the hardest postion to get value out of. I am not going to be ignorant and say I didnt see the same youtube clip you saw of Desean Jackson I did! and I was impressed but so did 32! You do know what I mean by 32 right? If not look it up! You dont know if he is the next steve smith or marvin harrison he just says he is and jerry rice I know man i thought the same thing but that dont mean shit and you know it! Michael Jordan picked Kwame Brown #1 overall and thought he was the shit when he did it! Did that pan out? HELL NO!! Look When the niners picked Alex Smith over Braylon Edwards I knew braylon was rated #1 one but AT THE TIME i wasn’t mad at them because they had to furfill there #1 need that year which was Quarterback and we all know it hasn’t panned out but they had to pull the trigger! See I get what you want!! but it starts at the trenches without a line you aint shit!! Give us Tom Brady and Chad Johnson last year with our Offense Coordinator and OLine giving up the most sacks in the Nfl we probably the most go 8-8 no playoffs! Why? NO Dline and OLine. A Randy Moss, TO and Chad Johnson dont make a playoff contender the lines do fool! Think of all the playoff teams this year they all had good defenses and the highest rater passers in the league! why? they’re OLINE and DLINE. Ask any head coach in the league and I guarntee YOU they will tell you it starts in the trenches when your building a playoff team fool! You listen to the media! Fuck the Media!! they dont play football! Alright! Lets say tomorrow pigs fly! and we get Chad Johnson via trade and spend a bunch of future draft picks to get him and then we dont make the playoffs because our OLINE is the worst in the league and our D cant stop the run or get to the quarterback (what’s new right?) and we go 6-10, Chad starts bitching becomes another Randy Moss(oakland) and he holds out or wants to get traded, so we get rid of him then what! We went threw another plague who costs us millions probably cap problems and draft picks! Now you tell me fool! How does that build a team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way! Why do you think a Randy Moss or a Chad Johnson only want to go to a Playoff conteders? because they got a good Offense and Defense which means they got there by having a good OLINE AND DLINE,stupid! If you still dont believe it! Where is Bill Parcells starting to rebuild in MIAMI, THE TRENCHES! Joe Gomez is that your real name? because if it is that makes you hispanic or are you one of those hispanics who thinks he is white! Man, Go like the Cowboys or the raiders you’ll fit right in there with your attitude! No Class!

  • niner_junkie

    red&goldforlife: Well said

  • joe gomez

    good post redngold…sorry bout the insults towards los banos..i had to say something when he said this “Reality Sucks so shut the fuck up you retard LOL”…. anyways it still leaves us with no real #1 so i just dont understand not grabbing a projected first rounder in the second rounder..i felt we addressed the line situation when we traded our original first rounder for we already added baas and snyder on the o line and cohen on the d line..had no idea we were going to load up this much. i think we need more playmaers and should of added atleast one in this draft in the second round…being last on offense on every category is embarrassing and i know you dont want to see that again..that was pathetic last year. just about everyone (49ers sports writers, nfl network,, had WR as one of our greatest need even over the O and D line so i was surprised we didnt address that roblem until the 6th round. im also looking into the future..with bruce being almost done, johnson is only with us 1 year, lelie is non existant, hill had one catch last year, battle is a qb turned wr and hes no real threat..if your happy with the draft fine…i dont think they did fantastic job they did okay..i want great things for this organization so i am very critical of them. I believe we as 49ers die hard fans deserve better and thats my opinion.

  • joe gomez

    hey say i have no class but every you end most of your sentences with “fool” or “stupid”..please dont contradict yourself fool..also my name dates back to the country Spain but i was born in the bay area (sf)..unlike los banos beaner eater..hes probably from tijuana somewhere..look i wouldnt of talked shit to that mexican faggot if he didnt insult me far as your comment suggesting i should go root for the cowboys or raiders..sorry but i bleed red and gold son…i was rooting for this team when deberg was droppin back .. i was born and raised the bay..ive been to all training camps and all 5 super bowl parades..i am very critical of this team because i am sick of losing..epecially last year..for a niner team to be last on offense in every category is a disgrace..i understand that you need a good Oline and Dline fool..but dont ignore the fucken offense..when you have a chance to take talent in the 2nd round you have to pull the trigger..Oline was addressed fine..but dont ignore the playmakers..something we are still searching for.

  • joe gomez

    redngold…got no problems with you..but somebody disrespects me and calls me insults then i fire back. yea my name comes from my spanish roots but im proud to have been born and raised in america. not to say im a racist but im proud to have been born here..ive spent many years in the military and have alot of friends from many countries. calling someone an idiot or moron or beaner or wetback or theyre all the same shit to me..their insults period. if jerry didnt want to get insulted then he should of kept it civil. once he crosses the line then its on. i apologize to your wife and also to you. like i said over and over..ill talk clean niner football with anyone who wants to. i never start anything bro but i promise i will finish it. you will eventually find out that im not a bad guy..i just dont take any shit.

  • red&goldforlife

    look Joe I respect your opinion and you could tell your a die hard niner fan but I don’t think its cool to start calling out someone’s race if he calls you a retard then that’s when you say to yourself do I hate this guy because he is Mexican or because he called me a retard either way, calling out someone’s race is uncalled for and classless in my book. I just would never do that this is America man we don’t need more hate it is the greatest country in the world because of the immigrants and cultures that have evolved here including yours and mine! Now matter how you look at it Gomez is a Hispanic last name and there are many of us proud of our Hispanic culture and that is all I will say about race! I will talk niner football all day with you even if I don’t agree with you and I will always respect your opinion and any other niner fans opinion on this site. But if you start trying to call me names and start calling me out because I am Mexican then talk niner football with the rest of these fans but not me! Go Niners!

    By the way, Pussyofaniner a.k.a pulseofniner the person you we’re looking for does have a pussy she is my wife! Yup! she was talking shit to you and she is a diehard niner fan since before I even met her! She knows more about football than half the football fans I know! She won her fantasy football league and everything plus she is Hispanic, Mexican and in case you wondering she is educated she’s a doctor! So what’s it going to be Joe am I going to half to call you No Class! Or are we going to be cool and just talk niner football like this site is intended to do?

  • joe gomez

    redngold..your wife knows her shit..i give her much props..for a female to know that much about football thats pretty rare..most end up on espn. one thing though, never in my life have i ever heard a female doctor drop “F” bombs like it was nothin..not even doctors in the military.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    gomez check your posts. You started all the name calling and dis
    respect. Because you were pissed about the 2nd round of the draft.
    You should be apoligizeing to every one on this site. Except for me.

    You crossed the line. They don’t come any whiter than me. To assume
    that I’m hispanic because of were I live is just one of the reasons
    I feel that your immature, and classless. I starting ripping you for
    only being in the 1st grade because of your attacks on good people
    on this site. Un called for just because they didn’t agree with you.

    Your the one that was calling fans, idiots and retards. I struck
    back because I don’t get bullied by anyone except maybe for my
    beautiful Mexican Wife. So go ahead and try and clean up your
    behavior. I’m not going for it. I dare you to go back and look at
    what you started.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Hey JOE, first off when you judge the 9ers, you’re supposed favorite team. then someone proves you wrong you go on about how faithfull you are. get the hell out or stand behind your team (I honestly think it’s the raiders). You rant against any positive that fans of the faithful come up with, then say your a true fan. fuck you get the hell out know it all, well give me a try. Every other 9er fan let me know, I love my 9ers. I live in the heart of texas, the heart of cowboy country. I continue to where my 9er cap daily, last season I lost 80 bucks in a bet against the cowboys. even so i bet nearly the same bet this season. I LOVE MY 9ERS. Screw Joe and his negativity.
    Signing out 9er nation devotee

  • West

    Joe Gomez….keep doing what u doing…U got some good football/ 9er knowledge….Respect dat…

    Now dat so many of u r back tracking, what is one to do, when someone insults your intelligence/ shows u disrespect…..If u feel attacked ( back against da wall) u come out swinging….cant blame 1 for dat….

    Los Banos Jerry an company, yea scroll up… u threw da 1st blow…… Joe Gomez just got da cleaner punches…lol

    What u said…”Reality Sucks so shut the fuck up you retard LOL”

  • 9er nation devotee

    Hey usually someone who begins getting really defensive feels there confidence is hurt. So, in fact the is not much confidence to begin with. And west this isn't your cell phone so type in english PWEEZ PWITTY PWEEZ. LOL. Los Bonos Jerry, I got your back. 9er nation rise and stand behind the reason we are here. MAD Mike Martz is our savior.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    tankss 9er nation devotee LOL<>LOL I haven't laughed this

    hard in a week. They said they were very pleased with Morgan

    today. Bruce is diving for balls. Wouldn't it be ironic if Martz

    and Alex turned our WR's into fantasy studs. and we win the div-ision.

  • 9er nation devotee

    wouldn't it be nice to have that quick turn around that we had in the 60's and the first with 6 rings. go 9ers

  • joe gomez

    jerry..i insulted you for what you said to me and i insulted them for what they said to me also…dont insult people when you have nothing to do with the situation bro..alright..i only attack people who attack ME…and you did in fact throw the first blow..but you know fuck all that..the draft is over..we had some heated arguments..i take back everything i said to you jerry..your a niner a niner fan..lets go kick some fucken ass this season!!!!!

  • joe gomez

    One more thing…anyone else who thinks im a oakland fader fan (like 9ernationdickhead) yea im talking to you… go to my website..MYSPACE.COM/JOMARGOMEZ..and tell me im a fader fan again

    dumb ass biaaatch…

    F U C K T H E F A D E R S ! ! !

  • 9er nation devotee

    first off, I said what I said to you and I said what I said to him about his typing. Second biaaatch, that needs to go away, that is a cheezy thing to say. biaaatch is dead and gone. from the beginning I read your comments about the 9ers, and it is all contradictive against the 9ers. there for I would rather you be in al davis's back pocket. I don't consider you faithful, couse all you do is judge the 9ers decisions, then when confronted about your disrespect for them, you bring up how faithful you are as a 9er fan. As far as west, he needs to stop the slang crap cause no one can understand his typing. he sounds like some thug trying to be cool. K, got all that. If you are a 9er fan, the way everyone calls you out about what you say, it sure as hell doesn't sound like you are. If you are faithful then put everything behind you and stand behind all of us. Stop trying to call out everyone. Got all of that Joe (Cool) Gomez

  • joe gomez

    listen up 9er nation devotee…first of all we are all critical of this niner team. its not all happy and glory times right now..weve sucked bad for the past how many the fuck can you say dont judge the 9ers decisions? i love the 49ers but i want the best for them so i will criticize moves that i dont feel is good for the team. everyone on here has an opinion and theyre mostly going to be critical because we want this team to get back to its winning ways and we are far from it. so how can you say dont judge the niners decisions? for an example im not happy with the alex smith pick right now are you? or do you think hes our savior? yea ill support him..but ill be critical. he starts slingin' INT's all season hes a done deal as far as im concerned. him and Nolan are on their last leg. another thing im not trying to call everyone out..only the dickheads who disrespect me on this site..if you will scroll up..people who talk straight football with me get straight niner football talk. as far as west goes…man everyone has their own way to communicate their opinion alright..calling him a thug and all of that is just the same things that i will come at you for. who says we have to type everything the way websters dictionary has it..if you listen to west..he knows his shit..we probably all know our shit so lets talk niner football…telling me im from the black hole and calling me this and that will just ignite a heated dispute between all of us.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Ohh, and second thing i just said it to you "Joe Cool". Facing what comsumes you, a lesson learned is a lesson lived.

  • 9er nation devotee

    K, first i think alex may not be the best. K, everyone wondered why Montana got the starting role (Shaun Hill, Just to mention), then he turned out to be the best. Second when you have a kid thats not doing so great you stand behind him and do everything you can to keep his confedense up. A role, the faithful should have. You don't question your kid and wonder what the hell is wrong with them. Grated they are not kids but you get the idea man. I am just tired of the negativity. Stand behind us all man. How would you feel, going against some of their decisions (Including Nolan), and those decisons like P_Willie and the turn out to be the best decision ever. You may wan't to hold the negativity back a little man.

  • joe gomez

    did i ever utter the words…"THIS FUCKEN NINER TEAM SUCKS DICK!!!" no i never did.. i think we have potential but we a far away from competing in the playoffs..i criticized the what..alot of people did not just me…i love this team believe it or not.. im ready for the season now..draft is done..but if i see a bad Nolan call on the field..a bad pass..a bad catch..a bad going to be critical just like thousands of other niner fans.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Hey Joe, take this as an example of what i say about the negativity about draft picks man. Last year I wondered why we took P_Wille instead of adam caricker (Sorry for spelling). The through the second game of last season I had to eat my words(and negativity about the Pick). That is my whole point. As they are called (McNolan), they seem to have the whole thing tied together. I think they have the team in mind man. I realize this year why the draft was lay'd back. our team is set for the most part. just stand behind their decisions and hope they turn out right. Be faithful. there is no reason to call out anybody for their decision, my example mentioned to prove a point. In my opinion the defense is ther, Imagine P_Willie and Many Together on the feild with Justin Smith i front taking on double teams. Sacks will increase majorly. Bryant and Bruce (Who knows matz system) together plus Battle, and the other guys contributing. Not to mention matrz running thing very early, so the guys can learn the his oddense. we have nothing to judge yet.

  • 9er nation devotee

    by the way, the last comment is towards Shaun Hill.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    West I respect you having joe’s back but you need to scroll
    a little higher. My comment that your quoting is in fact true.
    But if you read the comments by joe higher up towards, Pulse of a
    Niner, and cciowa. All they did was state there opinion. there
    was no reason at all for joe to start calling them the things that
    he starting calling them. This is the United States everyone has
    an opinion. No one has to agree. But to completely lose it over
    the lack of a 2nd round pick. Was totally uncalled for. At the
    time I felt some one had to speak up because I hate loud mouth
    bullies. Which started all the Black Hole Comments. If it walks
    like a duck. Its usually a duck.

  • 9er nation devotee

    my bad 80’s

  • joe gomez

    and another thing…west was giving his need for you to criticize him for his typing…if you got something against me then say it to me..dont disrespect somebody else for your hatred towards me…so you got something to say … then say it to me bitch.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Man, all i am saying is your to critical to early. give things time to work out before you become critical of what has happened. Montana came into the picture and people critisized it them he took us there. Like they say, a draft class has at least 3 years before they can be judged. give it some time man.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Another Example (Of course he doesn;t have a ring yet) is Tony Romo. 5 yrs. switching from team to team. Then he gets the nod from Parcels. He turns out to be a great QB.

  • Mike

    Romo has only been in the league since 03 thats 4 seasons and by 05-06 season he was backup and he didn’t jump team to team. He was signed by cowboys as undrafted free agent at end of the 03 draft.

  • Mike

    “In addition to many hours in the classroom, Martz already has worked on Smith’s throwing motion to remove a few bad habits.”
    Thats interesting since we all talked about martz fixing smiths throwing mechanics.
    Its actually a good article even Vernon Davis seems to be excited about martz
    “The best part of minicamp is being around Mike Martz and just watching him explore things,” said Davis, who apologized for his latest altercation with a teammate. “We’re starting to focus on things we haven’t focused on in a while, like getting the ball to guys who can make plays.”

  • West

    First off Mister Webster 9er Nation Devotee, the last I checked we’re in the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave. Looks like you’re going off the deep end with ‘home of the brave.’ I don’t know if your parents called you ugly as a child or you feel the need to compensate for not satisfying your girl/wife, but this is not the place my friend! Call Dr. Phil, or better yet, email Oprah. I am professional but if I feel like writing a certain way on this site, I can. Please don’t TRY to insult me by calling me a thug cause I’m sure you drive around in your Toyota Prius Hybrid nodding your head to the latest 50 Cent album.
    Second, it’s Banos NOT Bonos. If learning the vowels for you is too difficult, try copy & paste. You’ll be very pleased. And if you’re not, well I’m sure Oprah can send you on a weekend getaway to Florida and you can talk about it while sipping on a pina colada and crying hysterically curled up in the fetal position.
    This is not English class, period. If you don’t like what I have to say or how I say it, simply skip over my post. If you can’t stand the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen! I will be the bigger man and apologize if my ‘thug’ writing is intimidating you through the monitor. Perhaps would be a better site for you. I hear they got weekly newsletters that are properly written. You’ll be pleased with the grammar there. Judging from your ‘PWITTY PWEEZ’, looks like you have some experience on your knees. Try sticking to your authentic first edition Archie comic book collection because this is obviously not the place for you. Do us all a favor and remove from your favorites.

  • Joe Gomez & other 9er faithfulz, don’t know if you’ve read this, but check dis out.

  • 9er nation devotee

    First off West, it took you long enough to come back with that. Second off, you know your shit about and Oprah and all that shit. About tje mispelling my bad. Final thing me and Joe Gomez had our sqwable and you interjected, so I threw a little your way. The comment about the kitchen getting to hot, I haven’t complained yet, man. I spend time on my knees licking your girl. LOL. Final Thing, i can’t stand that rap crap, it’s hatebreed, slipknot, pantera and similar. I drive an american vehicle as well.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Now with the seventh pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the SF 49ers select
    Percy Harvin (Jr) WR Florida, 5’11” 184 lbs.

    Thats right the so called experts are not only picking us to go WR
    game breaker. But that we will be just as bad as last year. This
    mock draft selection was done by NFL

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Walter Cherepinsky ( predicts with 8th pick in 2009 QB Sam Bradford Oklahoma.

    Matt McGuire ( with the 2nd pick Michael
    Crabtree WR Texas Tech. 2nd round 2nd pick Brandon Spikes, ILB Florida.

    LSWTF has it with the 11th pick WR Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland.

    Tom Marino with the 11th pick QB Curtis Painter Purdue.

    you can google 2009 NFL mock draft, and check it out.

  • Scott

    lmfao! Dude 9er nation devotee West burned you!!!! You were better off keeping quiet! lol

  • 9er nation devotee

    dude, whatever. West is a punk. what he had to say, is only cause he took offense to what i said. the only reason he took offense is because he felt burned. notice in his reply he stopped the whole thug talk. Whatever man. Kiss it, starting now, cause it is so big it will take all day (My ass or what hangs between).

  • 9er nation devotee

    First off, anyone who has a sqwable with me, Screw ya’ll. I have watched the niners since the 80’s. Not nearly as long as some, but i live in the heart of cowboy country (You know supposedly america’s team). I catch more hell than all of ya’ll. I stand behind my team (The 9ers). Everyone i work with gives me hell, but i still have confidence in the 9ers. unlike some of you. If you take offense you are included then. I started reading your negativety, and became offended. I stood up for the team i beleive in and got jugded as being an a-hole. screw ya’ll. stand behind our 9ers or go the hell away. I catch hell every day, about how our team sucks. I smile and walk away. I didn’t think, fans of the same team would do the same.

  • 9er nation devotee

    also I see noone has my back. I will fight to the end. I have one goal in mind, the 9ers. If they have a great season, the couple of you that had nothing but negativity to say about me and the 9er decisions this draft or more. I will hold my words. Realizing, you judged them and i stood up for them. Who is a true fan?

  • R,Craig33

    Here’s a touchdown pass to Josh Morgan.

  • lalalala

    wow…some people have alot of time on their hands…lol..but yea nothin really comes of us argueing over the net and whatever we say does not really matter…nolan is gonna do his thing and this is america and we are allowed to critize whoever we want…

  • West

    Someone please get 9er nation devotee a box of lavender scented tissue & a box of Twinkies!

    First off, unlike you 9er nation devotee, I have a life away from the internet. I don’t sit in my mother’s basement stuffing my face with junk food, playing halo and fantasizing about women. I’m sorry you were sitting in front of your monitor hitting the refresh button for hours on end while I was out living my adult life.

    Second, perhaps you should pick up a copy of Comeback Jokes for Dummies at your local Barnes & Nobles. Implying you lick my girl is HARDLY a low blow comeback. You might as well have said you were mopping my kitchen floor on your knees.

    Third, nobody wants to hear your sob story. You sound like a victim, not a hero. If you want to be nominated for 9ER FAN OF THE YEAR, this is the wrong website. If you get tired of crying yourself to sleep after getting teased all day by your coworkers or if the weight is too much to carry, you have my permission to break under pressure. Nobody here will be mad, I promise. On the plus side, you already have the American car so you’re one step ahead.

    Fourth, for someone that came forward ‘dissing’ my thug writing, you should look into some grammar classes for yourself. I can assure you commas are NOT that hard to use. Assignment 1: Go back and read your posts; take a breath at each period and a small pause at each comma.

    Lastly, the only big ass I want to think about is my girls. So after your trip to Barnes & Nobles, maybe you should make a stop at Golds Gym and pick up a membership.

    9er nation devotee, keep on rockin in your American car, SMILE BIG, and remember DIS IS AMERICA & I CAN WRITE ANY WAY I WANT!

  • WhoisWho?

    I think lalalala is really 9er nation devotee. Sit down already!

  • West

    Go to…. and read “Mike Martz easing into new job rebuilding Niners offense” article … I expect an exciting offense, it’z been awhile….

  • joe gomez

    West..that shit was too damn funny..your last two posts had me rollin'. 9ernation devotee..this just proves that when you diss somebody on here just as how you did me be prepared to feel the wrath. nobody likes to get dissed but thats exactly what you did to both me and west and to who knows who. i too have been following this team since 1980 so thats 28 years worth of being faithful. so if you want to talk 9er football then i suggest you do it..but if you disrespect "diss" somebody on here be prepared to get shitted on. simple as that.

  • 9er Nation Devotee

    Mommy, I just got shitted on what do i do (Speaking of Grammar). LOL. First of man, I started this shit because I felt you were being to damn negative about the niners. No faithful fan is going to talk about their team the way you did. Then West, he started tag teaming with you. That's were this shit started man. Another thing, LaLaLaLa is not me, I am not going to portray my self as someone else. If I get shit on I shit back. Also, I am sorry you felt "diss'd", and Your confidence got hurt. But to damn bad. If you choose, we can put all this behind us, if not, oh well. I am willing to share those lavender scented tissue's your bro gave me. LOL. I am sure you need them to wipe the piss off your face. LOL. They will also make you smell better. I don't know why your bro would have those tissues.

  • James Hardy

    That shit was hilarious West, especially the part about 9er nation devotee and his “authentic first edition Archie comic book collection”. Too funny, 9er nation devotee you have to admit it made you laugh. Know lets all be friends. LOL

  • Samra

    hahaha i remember way back a few years when john abraham got traded to the falcons i got into a heated blog fight with some dude…funniest shit ever…nothing ever comes of it…except some pretty badass burns…

  • Samra

    but yea i wish we could trade for shaun mcdonald from the lions id give up a 5th easily

  • Willis_69

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP)—Mike Martz’s red 49ers cap is still crisp and clean. His new players don’t know him quite well enough to be sure when he’s joking and when he’s serious.

    Yet even in a quiet Sunday practice at San Francisco’s first minicamp in Martz’s tenure as offensive coordinator, his handiwork is already easy to see.

    Running back Frank Gore is lining up in the slot. Receiver Ashley Lelie is running reverses. New receivers Isaac Bruce and Bryant Johnson are moving faster and catching more passes than just about anybody who played that position for the NFL’s worst offense in the last three years.

    After the acrimonious end to his tenure as St. Louis’ head coach following the 2005 season, Martz tried to run the same offense during two tough years with the Detroit Lions, who fired him Jan. 2. Six days later, Mike Nolan hired him to fix an offense that’s been woefully inept for most of Nolan’s three years in San Francisco.


    Though Martz hasn’t changed his personality back home in California, he seems eager to show he can be much more than a creator of prolific passing attacks. Gore’s running has been the 49ers’ only constant in the last few years, and instead of orchestrating a new “Greatest Show on Turf,” Martz says he plans to build from the foundation he’s been given.

    “The offense I like to run is to take what we have and analyze what they do extremely well, and take advantage of it,” Martz said. “There’s different personnel here than what I’m accustomed to. The tight end (Vernon Davis) is a terrific athlete, and we’ve got a whole stable of really good runners. It will be different than perhaps what you’ve seen us do in the past, but we’ve got some guys that can really help us win.”

    Even after being fired twice in a two-year span, Martz’s self-confidence has seemed intact since the day he took over as San Francisco’s sixth offensive coordinator in six years. With a little patience, the architect of the Rams’ record-setting offenses thinks he can build a new masterwork with the club that reinvented offensive football in the 1980s.

    “The progress that we’ve had through the offseason so far has been remarkable,” Martz said. “We’ve got a whole lot out there for them to learn right now. We’re really good on defense right now, so to be able to match up with them and know where to go and how to catch it, I’m excited.”

    Though some Niners fans already are worried Martz will neglect the running game, they forget Marshall Faulk had some of his best seasons under Martz’s tutelage, including his MVP campaign in 2000. The thought excites Gore, the 2006 Pro Bowl running back who fought his way to 1,102 yards last season despite the offense’s struggles.

    “Practicing right now, I like it,” said Gore, also the 49ers’ receptions leader in each of the last two seasons. “We’re spreading the ball around, and hopefully this year we won’t see eight, nine men in the box every play. I think I’ll get used in the passing game, too. I want to show I can do it all—run, catch, block. People think I’m just a running back.”

    Gore already has spoken with Faulk about what to expect in Martz’s schemes. Faulk emphasized the importance of precise execution—and the great benefits available to a running back who embraces a versatile role.

    “He told me if I need any help, just to call him,” Gore said with a laugh. “The (running) back has got to know everything. He puts a lot on the backs, especially in pass protection. … I think he’ll use me the same (as Faulk). He says I can run routes very good. I don’t know if people know that about me.”

    Davis also is eager to see what Martz has cooked up for him after two mostly frustrating NFL campaigns. The former No. 6 overall pick was second on the team with 52 catches for 509 yards and four touchdowns last season, but frequently fumed about his inability to get more involved in the game plans of Jim Hostler, who was fired from the job Martz now holds.

    “He said he’s never had a tight end of my stature,” Davis said. “The best part of being around Mike Martz is just watching him explore things. We’re starting to focus on things we haven’t focused on in a while, like getting the ball to guys who can make plays. I don’t know how he’s going to use me. I’m just waiting, just patient.”

    Martz and Nolan also don’t plan to choose a starting quarterback until training camp. Alex Smith and Shaun Hill both started for the 49ers last season, and both have been promised a real shot at the starting job this summer.

    Though Smith looked markedly better than Hill to most observers during the weekend’s practices, Nolan and Martz declared a three-man quarterback competition Sunday, claiming well-traveled veteran backup J.T. O’Sullivan also will be given a shot to win the job.

    The 49ers are the seventh NFL team in seven seasons for O’Sullivan, who played four games under Martz in Detroit last season.

    “Any quarterback is going to love the aggressiveness (of Martz’s offense),” said O’Sullivan, who attended UC Davis. “It relies on timing and making good decisions. I feel more comfortable in the stuff, but it’s an everyday opportunity

  • joe gomez

    "A 49ers sad fact from 2007. How bad was the 49ers' offense? Well, the 49ers scored more than seven points in just THREE quarters the entire season."~Matt Maiocco

    I knew we stunk bad..but daym..didnt know it was that bad. Another reason why 49ers need the best possible offensive playmakers on the field. Don't care how good your blockers are, if there isnt anyone stretching the field and making plays the opposing team's D-Line will attack the O-Line with more than they can handle.

  • Joe Gomez….We where pretty good at kicking field goals….lol

    Things will turn around dis year… With Martz running thingz, he will bring da best out of the talent given…I really wanna see what comes out of our QB situation…. I lost some faith in Alex but hope he bounces back…He looks unsure at times back there( holds the ball to long) Hill an O’Sullivian seem to go through there reads much faster…. I know Alex is the most athletic out of the 3 but I just want some1 in there that will take control and move the ball down field….We gonna need it with Martz Offense, I don’t wanna see our “D” on da field all day…

    Did u read dis?

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Boys PLAY NICE or no desert tonite

  • joe gomez

    9ernation..if you would of never shitted on somebody first then your ass wouldve never been shitten on! Hahaha..listen man the bottom line is your ass struck first with the disses..bottom line. Also, i criticized the draft and mcnolans decisions on draft weekend..thats it. never said the team sucked or anything like that. the team needs improvement at the WR shit..everyone knows it. thats not disrespecting your team.. hahaha. as far as the lavender scented tissues i dont know what the fuck your trying to get at there. if your trying to start some more shit with me then bring it on bitch. your probably into that piss in the face deal but no thank you ill pass.

  • joe gomez

    los were a big part of this shit talking along with now its “lets play nice?” LOL..too funny should of followed your advice from the beginning ..

  • joe gomez

    INSTANT REPLAY: joe gomez critical of decisions made on draft weekend. 9ernation and losbanosjerry is hurt that joe gomez is critical of draft. they feel joe is disrespecting their team so they start forwarding insults towards him. 9ernation also starts disprespecting west at the same time for his typing. joe’s comments on draft and west’s typing apparently have hurt their feelings so bad that they need lavender scented tissues. Hahaha…are you guys going to insult people for speaking their opinion on a sports subject and typing correspondence a certain way on a website? not very smart at all.

  • red&goldforlife

    who do you guys think has the best chance to get a thousand yards receiving this year? I honestly dont care who it is but I think one or two will get close with the additions on the line I think there deep enough to find the right BLOCKING mix to have a pretty explosive offense. We got some options, a tight end who is hard to match up with and is physical plus his a great blocker another tight end who plays like a receiver we got bruce and battle to be the first down guys. We got Johnson and Lelie with the big play ability. I also think your going to see gore spread out and foster in the back field and vice of versa, they both can catch pretty well plus there is a big potential for a pretty explosive one two punch in the backfield which works really well in the nfl these days. This team could put up some points this year but I think it all depends on how the line and the QB play holds up!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    niner nation devotee how come you said no one has your back? West

    and joe gomez are in the minority. Don't worry about it. After

    Deshean Jackson gets injured in the pre season. And our offense

    starts clicking. They'll probably realize that McNolan do no how

    to judge talent. Now I'm not saying that Nolan won't give away 2

    games because of game management. Or that our QB situation isn't

    still a problem but I'm hopeful that we'll be competeing for a

    Wild Card.

  • West

    Ryan the 1st….I agree, we need to pick up Takeo, Ulbrich is not da answer….I would like to see how Dontarrious Thomas handles da TED, just dont know if he can take on blocker as he will need to….On Bass I hope he comes back strong…I like the idea of Rachal being able to play OT an G….We may need Rachal to step in for Jennings…. I can see us going with Staley an Rachel @ OT….Snyder an Bass @ G…an Hietman @ C… time

    Would really like Jennings to stay healthy at RT….but dats alot to ask for

  • Los Banos Jerry

    I agree red&goldforlife. Davis will have the most yards even subtracting his false starts.

  • West

    Red&goldforlife……Davis an Gore i feel will have the most yards,Gore recieving out da backfield is gonna be a beast…. I also have high hopes for Hill

  • By the sound of things Baas better come back strong because Rachal is impressing the coaches. WE NEED to find Takeo or do something else because if Ulbrich is our starter right now at the TED then we have clearly taken a step back at that position. Furthermore, we had a chance to address the situation and we didn’t. They better get Takeo because if they are “HOPING” that their 7th round draft pick takes the starting TED role over someone who they signed in free agency to address that position then they clearly need to do a better job with their money.

  • Joe Gomez

    Los Banos Jerry… what would you be saying when Desean becomes a game breaking WR in the NFL and your watching his moves on ESPN juke and shake tacklers out of their shoes..would you still be on Nolan’s nuts saying he’s the way to the promise land? hahaha..yea right.. how many picks did he screw up already…Gore is probably one of the rare picks that turned out ok..everyone else is still a big question mark or isnt on the team anymore. Probably not even in the NFL anymore. as far as me and west in the minority…quit smokin’ that crack and put the pipe and 9ernation are in the shut the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Yeah I read that. the guy that said it also said last year that

    Staley was a reach and that he was wrong. So lets hope so. I don't

    think Singletary or Manusky is gonna let that happen.

    Aubrayo Franklin isn't doing the conditioning program. Look for him

    to be demoted. Soapaga will be at the Nose. Balmer at end and Fields


    they were talking that Duckett was getting alot of reps at OT during

    the Mini Camp. Wouldn't that be something if he maned up and got the

    job. Jennings is signed through 2011. If they cut him they could

    save alot of cap maoney.

  • West

    Ryan the 1st….I feel you on Carl Nicks….I thought he was a lock for us when I seen him still on the board so late….was hoping we where going to make a trade an move into the 5th…..

    Also feel we are stuck with Heitmen @ center….I like Wragge but Heitman more knowledge @ center, controlling da line….an C. Wallace I dont see making an impact his 1st year…Another positive for Wragge is he can play G……. our line is looking to be good for along time….

    On another note B.Y. still hasn't walked away yet, locker still full an no papers signed….I know it's high hopes but could be a chance he wants to report late to camp….He's a vet, could b taking a page out of L. Allen page when it comes to camp…lol

  • Joe Gomez an other local's….. read dis camp is near

  • Joe Gomez

    very true west…im hoping jennings can make it thru the whole season without any injuries this time.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Ryan and West I agree also. and yes Gomez jennings won’t last and he could be cut if Rachal looks like he can start. I would like to see if Wragge could beat out heitman his play in the 2nd half of the season was horrible.

  • I don’t know if they will cut Jennings….THIS YEAR….maybe the next when they get some more depth. I really think Jennings is going to manhandle to opposition provided he doesn’t get a hangnail. We have the bookends and the guards….I am cool with that as long as they stay healthy and give it 110 percent. THE CENTER IS WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!! Furthermore, I don’t know why the niners didn’t make something happen to get Devin Thomas….hate me for saying that, but in the second round he was a steal. I also think that IF they didn’t make that happen then they could have at least made a move for Carl Nicks IN THE 5TH FUCKING ROUND!!!! Lastly, I am really hoping that Balmer isn’t what some are saying he is…..this years version of Alan Branch. On they are saying that once he signs that contract that is going to become a lazy, fat ass, slacking, contract milker.

  • One thing we hopefully do better this year is catch the ball. I was alreading reading an article saying that Arnaz Battle is getting his share of drops AGAIN!! This should not be put up with when they reach camp if you cant catch then take a walk let the young guys play.


    cause who will ur WR's be in 09? Even if they draft one in the 1st round it will take a year for him to get comfortable.

  • Joe Gomez

    i wouldn't mind one bit if they released arnaz "average but not big time" battle"… i say let all the young guns battle it out for the top four or five spots. it might possibly look like this…#1 bryant johnson, #2 isaac bruce, #3 jason hill, #4 colvin/lelie, #5 morgan.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Battle is gone…..Yes he has been our best only because the other

    guys were covered. When it comes to crunch time he had alot of drops. He won't win a job. They only have so much money for the WR

    position. Signing Bruce and Johnson make battle very cuttable. Since

    he's been a good 49er I hope he gets cut early so he can catch on

    with another team.

    Ninerfaithful this isn't baseball if he doesn't produce he's got to


  • ninersgold
  • ninerfaithful

    fuck cutting battle he has been a trooper for this team he came right as we started this losing streak and he has always gave us 110% cutting would be a wrong move he at least deserves to finish his contract out with us thats al i am saying but i really hope colvin is a hidden talent that just jumps off the scene this coming season

  • NINER81


  • Joe Gomez

    Not to rag on him because he does try hard but just last year niner fans were upset over a crucial play with Battle's drops…here are a few posts from 2007. ..

    They are doing a little wrinkle by pulling tackle Joe Staley. A great move because Staley is so athletic. Alex Smith's mechanics have to be off. He can't even make a simple pass into the flat. Fank Gore is all over everybody, yelling and screaming and hopefully inspiring. 49ers go for it on fourth down with a bootleg, it was a tough opportunity for wide receiver Arnaz Battle but he couldn't make the catch.

    Posted By: Kevin Lynch (Email) | November 12 2007 at 07:49 PM

    Listed Under: Game Updates | Comments (6) : Post Comment


    I wish we would have kicked a FG on that last one. Two scores behind isn't that far out of reach.

    Posted By: nofear49er | November 12 2007 at 08:03 PM

    Battle had the GDamn pass in his hands.

    Posted By: twinfan | November 12 2007 at 08:04 PM

    time for arnaz to find another team. he should never suit up for us again

    Posted By: bdomholt | November 12 2007 at 08:09 PM

    He's dropped 8 balls this year after NONE all last year. Two first down drops today, and one that he bailed out of bounds on when he should have turned up.

    Posted By: twinfan | November 12 2007 at 08:12 PM

    A terrible decision by a floundering head coach. Nolan's got the deer in the headlights look in his eyes. Sacking him now could reasonably be chalked up as a mercy kill. The 49ers are never going to be a respectable team unless and until they get rid of Nolan and Smith.

    Posted By: JWN1 | November 12 2007 at 08:28 PM

    Before they get rid of Smith they need to get him somebody to throw to and somebody to block. He made big strides last year-he's regressing, partially caused by no help anywhere-coaching, receivers, or blocking.

  • Samra

    hey los banos jerry watch not only will battle still be with the niners but he’ll also have a decent role on offense

  • Samra

    Battle’s a fucken soldier man…

  • ninersgold

    I think battle will do fine in the slot and so does Rick on his blog.

    He has got some good stuff on Niners, but it’s just a fan’s opinion.

    This is alos a good one…

    This website is the best though in my opinion

  • Joe Gomez

    losbanosjerry… its about time this happened but it has…


    Battle being the most productive receiver we had last year shows how sorry and depleted our WR corps was. With the addition of Bruce and Johnson makes Battle VERY expendable. Hes got heart dont get me wrong but hes a QB turned WR who has average speed, good hands, and can decently run the correct routes. However, with all the talent coming in, I doubt he will stick around. If he does it will be out of loyalty and nothing else.

  • 9er nation devotee

    Hey guys, I like the fact that most are standing behind Battle. I also think he is probably the most dependable WR we have had. He may not get downfield, but he is a 1st down when it comes to a 3rd and short. Lets just see what Bryant can do. Bruce i think will give us a solid year or two, hopefully more. Lellie is unknown.

  • Im not saying they should cut Battle but I know how Nolan is he will not let young WR’s even see the field even in preseason. Battle has been my favorite 49er for sometime but it might be time to pass the torch maybe he could stick around and be #4 WR.