Profile: Cody Wallace – C (Rd 4. 107th)

With the 7th pick of the 4th round (107th overall) the 49ers select center Cody Wallace out of Texas A&M.

One of the strongest centers in the college game, Wallace boasts a 480-pound bench press, a 374-pound hang clean and a school record 740-pound squat. He combines a good blend of power and short-area explosiveness to be a violent blocker along the line of scrimmage. His combative nature in the trenches has old-time scouts comparing his style of play to former Buffalo Bills great Jim Ringo and Kansas City’s Tim Grunhard.

With his upper body strength, Wallace has had considerable success in controlling defenders, showing the ability to instantly attack his opponent after snapping the ball. He also shows enough short-area foot quickness to mirror pass rushers when sliding back to protect the pocket.

At Cuero High School, Wallace was a standout powerlifter, advancing to the state finals in that sport. He was a versatile football player, competing at center, tackle and guard during his career, in addition to playing on the defensive front wall as a senior, where he recorded 45 tackles. He was a two-time Class 3A All-State gridiron selection and consensus Texas Top 100 choice. He registered more than 100 knockdown blocks in each of his junior and senior seasons.

Wallace spent the 2003 season redshirting and competing on the scout team at Texas A&M. He saw brief action in five games as a strong-side offensive guard during the 2004 season before taking over center duties the following campaign.

In 2005, he helped pave the way for one of the most prolific offenses in school history. That unit averaged 442.3 yards of total offense per game, which ranks second in Aggies annals. The team also rushed for 234.9 yards per game, which was A&M’s best rushing effort since 1991.

As a junior, Wallace earned first-team All-Big 12 Conference honors after starting all 13 games for the Aggies. The team captain helped the squad generate 397.4 yards of total offense per game, including a league-best 206.8 rushing yards per game. He finished with 121 knockdowns and 11 touchdown-resulting blocks, but was also penalized seven times.

Wallace was a finalist for the Rimington Award in 2007, given to the nation’s top center. His stellar offensive line play helped the Aggies rack up 4,883 yards of total offense (402.8 avg) and score 346 points (28.8 ppg). The All-Big 12 Conference first-team choice was also named the league co-Offensive Lineman of the Year, in addition to picking up Academic All-American accolades. He delivered 131 knockdowns and graded 83.85 percent for blocking consistency.

“Cody Wallace is a phenomenal football player and a phenomenal young man,” Aggie offensive line coach Jim Bob Helduser said. “He’s been a pleasure, a joy and a blessing to work with for the past five years. I couldn’t think of a more deserving candidate for the Rimington Trophy.”

Career Notes
During his final two seasons, Wallace registered an impressive 252 knockdown blocks while allowing 4.5 sacks and three pressures on 706 pass plays…The second Aggie to be named a finalist for the Rimington Trophy (2007), joining Seth McKinney, who was edged out by Ohio State’s LeCharles Bentley in 2001.

High School
Attended Cuero (Texas) High School, playing football for head coach Bill Littleton…Lined up at center, tackle and guard during his career, in addition to playing on the defensive front wall as a senior, where he recorded 45 tackles…Two-time Class 3A All-State gridiron selection and consensus Texas Top 100 choice…Registered more than 100 knockdown blocks in each of his junior and senior seasons…Also a standout powerlifter, advancing to the state finals in that sport.

Taller than most centers, but has a solid build with good chest development, wide hips, thick thighs and legs, broad shoulders, good arm length and a firm midsection…Physically strong player who is a productive in-line blocker, but will get pushed back into the pocket when he gets too tall in his stance…Has a quick initial step to create movement off the snap and shows good in-line kick slide to mirror the bull rushers at the line of scrimmage…Despite marginal playing speed, he takes good angles and shows body adjustment skills working along the line of scrimmage…Has been a durable athlete who will play with pain…Best when blocking in-line, as he sets with a strong base and shows better balance when he sinks his weight and stays low in his pad level…Has the functional hip snap to redirect playing inside the tackles and is quick to recognize twists and games…Uses his upper body strength to torque and control defenders when he fires low off the snap…Very quick to get into position and gets his head up instantly after snapping the ball…His hand punch can be violent at the point of attack and he works hard to finish…Has a good work ethic and toughness and takes pride in his leadership role, as he will not hesitate to mentor a younger lineman…Steps into position with his feet firmly planted and when he comes off the ball with a low, hard burst, he can gain advantage… Stays square in his base and shows enough lateral agility to get in front on the short pulls…Generates good pop on initial contact and when he locks on to a defender, he gets good success in attempts to sustain…Has an aggressive hand punch when trying to get movement at the X’s…Plays with a strong anchor, thanks to proper knee bend and does a nice job of staying on top of the bull rusher, showing good hand placement vs. counter moves…Also shows a good slide and lower body adjustments getting back to protect the pocket…Easily controls the defender once he latches on to the opponent with his hands… Extends, separates and remains active in attempts to sustain ands has good recoil action, but if he extends his arms more often, he would have better success neutralizing the faster rushers…Has a quick kick step when redirecting and is alert to stunts, using his knee bend to recover…His anchor is suspect when he gets tall in his stance, but he is better playing vs. power than quickness, as he is a classic mauler with good lock-out ability… Efficient shot-gun snapper with good quickness and accuracy getting the ball back cleanly to the quarterback…Plays with his head on a swivel and works well in supporting his guards on combo blocks.

Negatives: A better inline blocker than in space…Shows only marginal playing speed to get to the second level, with poor body adjustment working in space…Struggles to stay in front when having to pull past the short area…Lacks the ability to sustain blocks and finish when he gets too tall in his stance (defenders can get into his jersey and skate him back into the pocket)…Best playing at the X’s, as his feet tend to die when he has to adjust and mirror defenders downfield…Doesn’t consistently make contact with defenders in space, as he does not deliver that strong in-line hand punch when on the move because he gets taken off balance and will start swiping wildly with his arms…Footwork needs refinement in his forward charge, as defenders can lock on and jerk him to the ground (leaves chest exposed)…Must keep his hands inside the frame better on short pulls, as he does not sustain blocks long when on the move…Slow to adjust to second-level defenders and must find shorter angles when playing in that area…When he gets up on his heels, he is susceptible to active counter moves (loses balance)…Might not get over-powered often, but because of marginal foot speed, he struggles often when asked to contain the quicker blitzers (slow to recoil with his hands)…Gets flat-footed at times on combo blocks and is then slow to redirect (better when staying at the line of scrimmage than on the move).

Compares To: ERIC GHIACIUC-Cincinnati…Like Ghiaciuc, Wallace has impressive strength, which is best utilized at the X’s rather than on the move. He has very good hand placement and punch when he lets the action come to him, but will fall off blocks on the move. He is a marginal second-level blocker who plays better with a defender over his head rather than when having to make reach blocks. He struggles with speed moves, evident by the success Senior Bowl defenders had slipping past him. With his short-area explosion and upper body strength, he will be best served in a system that does not require its centers to move around much

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  • Los Banos Jerry

    I agree VD has been close to a 1st round bust. As well as Alex

    the year before. They have a top OC in Martz, and they are rebuilding the line. Excuses are over. Its time to put up or shut

    up for this offense.

    I like this draft. I don't want sexy. I want 1st downs, and touchdowns. All of these fans crying about not getting Groves or

    Jackson in the 2nd round. Does Dewayne Jarret ring a bell. Last

    year it was the same crying game. He didn't do didly squat. They

    said WR was not a priority this draft. I guess its time we start

    paying attention. Maybe they address pass rush next month when

    high priced players get cut so there teams can sign there draft


  • Ninaz

    OMG we passed up John David Booty for a Center that wont last 2 years healthy. Fuck Nolan is such a retard!!!!

  • Cory

    Ninaz….nolan doesnt have the final say…Scot does…u retard

  • Michael

    "Well, you can’t say they’re not trying to address Mr Glass, Mr Allen and Mr Heitman’s problems… Maybe we should line up 6 O Lineman and move VD out. VD better have his breakout year."

    5 Linemen, Billy Bajama at TE, VD at WR?

  • Loeher

    When everyone likes a team's draft, and two people keep saying the draft sucked, you know you have just found two retarded people.

  • joe gomez

    Loeher.. you must be the one who is retarded if you think this was a good draft.. we over drafted on trench players and picked noone to address the offensive skill position (WR). We were last in every category in offense last year and you think this draft addressed that? Your the fucken moron and dont know shit about winning in this league. Yeah we do need OL and DL but didnt we give up our original 1st round pick do get Staley? Didnt we draft Baas and Snyder? Whens the last time we drafted a game breaking WR on offense? Not since T.O. if i remember right. So if you want to comment on something smart then go ahead..but if you dont know wtf your saying then i suggest to shut the FU.

  • joe gomez

    Even had the 49ers draft needs as WR first, then OL, then DL, then CB. So being that WR is our top priority and we didnt do shit shows you how smart McNolan is. Theyre a joke. After we have another losing season these two should be fired and we need to get a real coach in there with some concept on how to win games.

  • Samra

    man we could have had carl nicks

  • Los Banos Jerry

    joe gomez just how many game breaking WR's do you think were in this draft. most years there are 0,(that was zero). there were

    none in the 1st round. Or should we of reached————-.

    If the defense doesn't get off the field how is your game breaker

    going to score.

    2nd round OG/ROT Rachal if we don't upgrade the OL how is Smith/

    Hill going to throw the ball to the game breaker if he's on his

    back gasping for air.

    3rd round Harris is to old and Roman is a back up at best. (packer

    reject), draft shut down corner. If you can't stop them from

    scoring how are you going to keep from going 5 & 11 again.

    4th round Center Wallace the best rated Center. Heitman is a turn

    style at a Walmart entrance. Can't complete TD passes if QB has

    no time to throw.

    They told us before the draft that they felt the 2 WR they got

    as FA's were better than those available in the draft. But you

    know more than them because you no how to flip burgers at Carls

    Jr. Get a life and its oK to go back to black hole, were the

    bay area retards are hanging out. 2 words last years draft Dewayne

    Jarret game breaker my ass.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    6th round game breaker WR Morgan

  • Dan

    I kinda have a problem with the third round safety. Though I want him to do well, it just seems like a depth pick. Lewis is a good SS, and I really like Goldson as the FS, at Wash. he was a ballhawk. I just don't like the 3rd pick being used on depth.

  • Lowrance

    Well, you can’t say they’re not trying to address Mr Glass, Mr Allen and Mr Heitman’s problems… Maybe we should line up 6 O Lineman and move VD out. VD better have his breakout year.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Ninaz your joking right Booty is projected to be a 3rd string QB,
    Carrer. This is the NFL not the CFL or Arena league. We already
    have 4 3rd string QB’s. With out a line we don’t get 1st downs.
    Retarded is the key word, quit looking in the mirror when posting.
    If we take a QB as a long term project then we wait until at least
    the 6th round or even wait and sign Dixon as a free agent.

  • Ninaz

    Nolan still controls the team fucktard! The draft board is his not Scotts.

  • Ninaz

    This guy is a wasted pick and if you think otherwise then your just as stupid as Nolan matter fact Cory go suck his dick like Mo Hicks and Derek Smith did you might get a shot to play.

  • West

    I’m good with Wallace…..good pick, needed dat

  • Michael

    “This guy is a wasted pick and if you think otherwise then your just as stupid as Nolan matter fact Cory go suck his dick like Mo Hicks and Derek Smith did you might get a shot to play.”

    You are a retard.

    If Booty were so good you’d think he would be a first round pick seeing as he played for USC. He was not worth any of the picks so far and we apparently arent the only team who thinks so.

  • joe gomez

    WR was one of our priorities and McNolan fucked it up big time! What theyre saying is our WR’s are good enough i guess. We got some idiots running this team. PATHETIC!!!!!!

  • hondakillerzx

    good pick. they needed help on both lines and they got it. the o line should be sick this year if these guys get in there. they re both huge and theyre strong as hell. ballmer was not supposed to still be around, great pick. but my favorite pick was that safety. he’s gonna be a starter by the start of the season. maybe even beat out russum and return punts too. solid draft so far

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Nolan just spoke on NFL network hes gonna compete at corner with
    Walt Haris

  • Dan

    If thats the case, then its still just for depth. Hell, he even said our second pick is for depth. Don’t know man, it rubs me the wrong way. I believe 1st through third should be thought of as starters or damn near. Just my opinion.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Yah Dan your right hes being political…….He can’t say the jobs
    are theres but read between the lines. When your drafted that high
    they expect them to start at least by mid season.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    At Harris’s age he’s gonna be hurt alot. He’s also a year slower
    he wasn’t getting the job done in the 2nd half of the season.

  • Dan

    I hear ya. Im just skepticle.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    QB Andre Woodson, Adarius Bowman WR, Jeremy Geathers DE/OLB lare
    still availabe