Now Onto the UDFA’s

It didn’t take long for the 49ers to lock up their first UDFA (Undrafted Free Agent). Shortly after the draft Oregon wide receiver Cameron Colvin agreed to join the 49ers. Earlier in the week we mentioned that if Colvin was drafted he’d most likely sign as a UDFA.

The other names that are tied to the 49ers as UDFA’s are

  • Gary Guyton LB (Georgia Tech) (signed with Pats)
  • Robert Jordan WR (California)
  • Ezra Butler LB (Nevada)
  • Lewis Baker LB/S (Oklahoma)
  • Joe Jon Finley TE (Oklahoma)
  • Louis Holmes DE (Arizona)
  • DJ Parker S (Virginia Tech)
  • Lance Brandenburgh LB (Nebraska)
  • Brian de la Puente OG (California)

Gary Guyton Profile

Overview: Veteran outside linebacker with experience at the weak-side and strong-side positions, Guyton lacks eye-popping athleticism but has the size and strength teams are looking for. Guyton remains a bit raw, but has the physical tools and showed improvement as a senior when moved to the weak side. A solid performance at the East-West Shrine Game helped him get a late call as an injury replacement at the Senior Bowl and further boost his stock.

Positives: Long athletic build with room for additional growth. … Good use of his size in a variety of ways on the field. … Good size and strength to come up and fill lanes as a run-stuffer. … Long arms and strong hands are used well to supply a pop to blockers and disengage. … Shows some burst as blitzer. … Flashes explosiveness as a hitter and can wrap up and make the secure tackle. … Switched to weak-side linebacker as a senior and improved as the season wore on.

Negatives: Only marginal instincts for the position, which makes his pedestrian 40 time even more of a concern. … Lacks great overall athleticism and is more of a straight-line player who plays pretty stiff in coverage. … Isn’t the physically intimidating player his size would indicate.

Ezra Butler Profile

Overview: Butler is a wide body athlete with rare timed speed for his position. He hasn’t really been used as a classic outside linebacker, as the “Bandit” position he played is more like a 5-tech rush end. He is a solid blitzer coming off the edge with his hand on the ground and can be used on the front wall, having begun his collegiate career as a 285-pound defensive tackle before trimming his frame to compete playing outside the box.

Positives: Has a well-developed frame with long arms, large hands, good overall muscle tone, wide hips and thick lower body that can carry another 10 pounds of bulk…Has rare timed speed for his position and runs well to plays in front of him, showing good quickness, agility and balance…Has better instincts vs. plays in front of him or inside the box than when on the move or in zone coverage…Highly emotional type who can fire up his teammates, but sometimes gets reckless and out of control (must play at a more even keel, as he can be taken out of his game)…Hard worker in practices and in the training room…Shows better discipline working through trash and plugging rush lanes rather than giving chase on the perimeter…Will usually play on that perimeter, but shows the ability to engage, shed and make tackles in the hole better…Flashes the ability to redirect and has a strong closing burst on the blitz…Willing tackler with strong, explosive hits and when he keeps the action in front of him, he generates good pop on contact…Sees the plays develop better when closer to the line of scrimmage and might be a better fit as an inside guy in a 3-4 alignment, as he is a tough inside force who might not shed well but can occupy multiple blockers…Not a smash-mouth type of hitter, but does show good force behind his hits…Could be more explosive shooting his hands at the point of attack, but his size and strength let him win most of his battles vs. smaller blockers (full-backs, slot receivers, tight ends)…Must be quicker bouncing back up when knocked down, but has natural pop on contact when he uses his hands forcefully…Although he doesn’t play well in deep coverage, he has the speed to run with any back or tight end as well as many wide receivers (needs to learn how to stay on the hip of the route runner and not eye the quarterback as much as he does)…Shows athleticism while dropping into zone coverage and can get depth in his drops, but needs to do this quicker and show better awareness to handle switch-off activity in zone coverage…Gives a nice effort in pursuit, when he avoids blocks on the move…Has improved his ability to bring his arms and feet to fit and secure when tackling in the box…Comes off the edge well and fights through traffic to get to the quarterback…When he sinks his weight and keeps his hands inside the frame, he can keep better leverage on the ball…More active on the move while blitzing, with a strong, explosive arm swipes that lets him get to the passer when unimpeded…Is just an average pass rusher from the classic linebacker stance, but is a more effective rusher with his hand on the ground (good 5-tech rush end)…When he uses his hands to prevent from getting hung up in traffic, he can generate the short-area burst to close and pressure the pocket…Although he hasn’t played on special teams lately, he possesses good coverage skills and collision-tackling ability.

Negatives: Has a well-built frame, but played at 285 pounds in 2004, and while he can add another 10 pounds of bulk to his frame it could affect one of his better assets – his foot speed…Needs to mature off the field, as his violation of team policies resulted in a one-game suspension in 2007…Gets frustrated when his initial move fails and when he doesn’t keep his emotions in check, it usually leads to costly mistakes…Has good hand strength, but needs to be more active with them, as he can be reached and is slow to shed blocks…Tries to over-power blockers rather than slip past or avoid, causing him to be tied up in the battle longer than he should (late to come off blocks, redirect and make the play)…Has rare speed for a player his size, but fails to keep his feet on the move at times and lacks that sudden burst needed to get to the perimeter to take on outside run plays…Must take better angles shooting the gaps and be more conscious of cut blocks and double teams (can be washed out when he fails to recognize blocking schemes)…For a player with his decent change of direction agility, he looks too awkward moving in space and gets out of control at times, taking arm swipes rather than getting into position to wrap and secure (lots of missed tackles)…Used mostly as a wide 5-tech defensive end, but will struggle vs. the bigger blockers playing that role at the next level…Gets reckless in his pursuit, out-running the play and then struggles to get back into the action…Adequate covering the pass in the short area, but has a choppy backpedal and fails to generate the hip snap needed to come out of his breaks cleanly to mirror the receiver throughout the route…Liability playing in the deep zone, as he does not have a good feel for the ball in flight (struggles to look the ball in over his shoulder)…Needs to get a quicker read on the quarterback in pass coverage, as he will eye the backfield too long and lacks ideal recognition skills (will bite on pump fakes/play-action)…Good blitzer, but needs to show more explosion coming off the edge and execute better angles when he has a clear lane (takes a wide loop)…Will disappear for long stretches and needs to be more aggressive initiating contact at the X’s.

Robert Jordan Profile

Strengths: A good natural athlete…Adequate height…Is very quick and plays faster than he times…Runs excellent routes…Elusive and can make something happen after the catch…Good awareness…Tough and will work the middle…Trys hard as a blocker.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have the bulk that you look for…Below average timed speed…Is not very strong or physical…Has trouble beating the jam…Goes down easy…Lacks natural hands….Was never featured in college…Durability?….Does not have much upside.

Joe Jon Finley Profile

Positives: Has a big frame with room for additional growth…Shows large, soft hands and adequate arm length to extend for the ball outside his frame…Has an adequate initial burst, but can build his acceleration throughout the route (more of a one-cut runner)…Has the agility to steer and create movement as a cut blocker in space, but needs to show better hip flexibility when redirecting on in-line blocks…Has an aggressive nature seeking out second-level defenders and is not the type that will back down from a challenge…Has a good understanding of coverage, settling in nicely underneath…As a former quarterback, he realizes the importance of eyeballing the passer and working back when the pocket is pressured…Will compete for the ball in a crowd, but must maintain his focus better (looks to turn and run before securing the ball)…Shows functional movement agility working in space and plays with good urgency getting into his routes…Does a good job of jabbing and beating the press with a good hand punch coming off the snap and there are no false steps in his release…Knows how to convert routes vs. man and zone coverage and, while he was not featured, his routes tend to be crisp, showing decent explosion in and out of his cuts…Knows how to drop his pads and gather at the top of the route…Better when settling underneath than challenging the deep zone, but he has the ability to uncover due to his body control…Gives the quarterback a big target in the middle…No issues with ball security when catching in a crowd…Has the size and hand punch to box out in traffic and while he needs to improve his focus, he will fight until the whistle to get to the ball…Has some hip stiffness that causes him to have problems going for the low throws, but catches the ball in stride when the pass is directed at his numbers…More of a position blocker, but has a good concept for taking angles pursuing in the second level.

Negatives: Has good timed speed for a player his size, but needs to show more explosive moves coming off the line of scrimmage, as he will get tall in his stance and narrow his base, causing him to struggle to open his hips in attempts to evade defenders moving into the second level…In a short area, he shows good aggression going for the ball, but will lose focus and drop a few easy passes when he hears the defender’s footsteps…Must do a better job of using his reach to extend and pluck the ball outside his frame and might need to get his vision checked, as he seems surprised by the ball and doesn’t track it well in flight…Has adequate strength to break tackles after the catch, but is more of a one-cut runner who lacks elusiveness in the open to win footraces…Has good size and hand placement, but must put his foot in the ground to anchor vs. the bull rush, as he does not use his weight-room strength effectively when blocking in-line, failing to generate a smooth kick slide due to some hip stiffness…Could do a better job of setting up the defender, as he tends to run right into contact when working into the second level…Decent cut blocker, but needs to sustain his hits longer…His tight hips are evident when he struggles to adjust to off-target throws.

Louis Holmes Profile

Overview: After posting 192 tackles, 40 tackles for loss and 16 sacks while at Scottsdale Community College, Holmes was almost universally ranked as the elite JUCO prospect in the country before signing with Arizona. Though he certainly looks the part and showed flashes while with the Wildcats, his production simply never materialized at the D-I level. Holmes’ size-speed package will be enough to entice some NFL team to take a chance, but he displayed little on the football field while at Arizona to warrant consideration. A classic boom or bust prospect.

Positives: Looks the part. Lean, ripped upper and lower body with room for additional growth…Flashes quickness off the snap. … Flashes some explosiveness in his initial confrontation with the offensive tackle and can control his man. … Helped himself with a productive week of practice at the Hula Bowl. … Good straight-line speed. … Expected to work out well.

Negatives: Inconsistent. … Flashes quickness off the snap, but is just as often late. …Flashes explosive hands to jolt the offensive tackle, but more often is controlled at the point and occasionally driven back. … Marginal instincts. … Struggles to locate the ball and lacks the change of direction to react. … Invited to Combine on the basis of his reputation, not his play on the field.

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  • seekret_sauce

    If he's there when the season starts, I wonder if Martz will use him and Battle in similar plays as we see in the beginning of Colvin's highlight video. Just being "optimistic"..

  • Niner Pundit

    Axe…he got hurt. He was becoming Dixon's go to guy at Oregon. Then as gruesome crack in his right ankle in October ended his college career.

  • 9er nation devotee

    I agree with AXEGRINDER, the guy is lightning. A young T.O. and R. Moss mixed. Hell yeah! watch out ashley

  • z doc z

    This guy was running in the 4.3s before his injury.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Nice was he wearing 80 one year and 3 another??? Battle could have

    a problem with the 3rd reciever. He's only a 3 on our team because

    we didn't have anyone else producing. I also think that Johnson is

    gonna have a big year. Signing him to a 1 year contract was smart.

    He gets to show off his skill and try for a big payday. I love players in contract years. joe gomez did you know that Johnson was

    a #1 WR can't miss 1st rounder. Then Boldin beat him out. You think

    you know but you don't. (Jim Mora)

  • Billy

    I like this guy

  • 9er nation devotee

    I think hoe (COOL) Gomez needs to find a diva club and become their fan. STAND behind a team or find another

  • 9er nation devotee

    sorry for that cheesy comment. a few beers and kick'n but with the niners on maddem '08. gets ya goin

  • Niner Pundit

    page updated to reflect latest signings. Robert Jordan WR, Ezra Butler LB and rumored Lewis Baker LB/S and Joe Jon Finley TE.

  • erik

    This guy has Diva written all over him, so he has to be a stud WR right?

  • Alyssa

    Cam is a stud… watch his highlight video…


    After watching that highlight reel, how was this guy not drafted?????

  • joe gomez

    the reason why he wasnt drafted is because he was not a number one option in his 40 time was a 4.5 which is not that great in NFL scouts minds. ive seen his highlights..he looks better than morgan who we took in the 7th. i couldnt find anything on morgan as far as highlights.

  • joe gomez

    his career stats at oregon are 72 rec, 892 yds, and 7 tds.

  • erik

    Does that mean you like him or not joe gomez?

  • erik

    i agree 9er nation.. back us or get the hell outta here…..time to get rid of the haters \ fair weather fans.

  • 9er nation devotee

    whoop tag team back again. LOL

  • Lowrance

    Thanks for all this detailed draft info Erickson!

  • Hunterboyz

    joe gomez

    ive seen his highlights..he looks better than morgan who we took in the "7th".

    He was actually drafted 6th round…

    But yeah…this guy is good. I hope his medical report is squared away so we can get awesome at receiver.

    I'm more interested in that guy LEWIS BAKER.

    I really wanted to read his positives and negatives.

    I mean come on…LB / S…that seems very interesting.

    I pray everyone stays healthy.

    Go 49ers!

  • The only thing I think the 49ers really messed up on was not getting Dan Connor in the 3rd round. If they didn't have to switch picks with the Bears, Connor still would have been there, but he was drafted the pick before the 49ers spot. I think Connor would have come in and been a starter right away. They could have played, Banta-Cain, Connor, Willis, and Lawson which I think would have been a great starting 4.

  • Niner4Life

    Did the Niners only scout Oklahoma this year. Last count that is three players.

  • R,Craig33

    Damn I like dude it looks like he should have been drafted to me because I was't too happy about our draft this weekend even though we filled some holes but after looking at his highlights that just made it a whole lot better I'm just trying to get highlights on the other undrafted players.

  • ninerfaithful

    Great Draft and look that the niners already signing undrafted free agents …. we are in a for a great season 49ers fans

  • Erock85

    Agreed… Connor would have been great, and a steal in the 3rd round. The Panthers stole him right out from under us with 1 pick to go. If it wasn’t for the tampering BS with the Bears we would have picked a few spots higher and could have gotten him. Damn! Willis and Connor would have been a nice LB duo for a long time.

  • Niner Pundit

    Update: Louis Holmes DE, Arizona signed…profile added.

  • 9er Nation Devotee

    Calling all fathful!!!

    Lets stop this negativity, and stand our team up strong. The team we had last year is a great team, coaching was not there but now is in place. Back our team!!! We laid a little low this draft season, (in my mind) for a reason. First we have a team, Second we need a few dollars next years for renewed contracts. First, the offense we have and have added to. Great! Just need the right coach to put the puzzle pieces together. Second, Martz needs to stay, Pleaseeeee! Smith vs. Hill, who knows. defense with at least a decent opffense = a top 10 defense (even last year, but offense sucked). lets be faithful. Go 9ers!!!!!!

  • TK

    Louis Holmes could be a sleeper. Needs to get bigger though i think.

  • TK

    Oh and i too am suprised Colvin went undrafted. Glad we got him though, he has the makings of a good one. Especially with our “new” offense and Martz.

  • dm

    a lot of people dont know it but colvin was the number 2 wr in the nation comming out of highschool if he shows he can stay healthy he’ll have no problem making this team

  • MSouza

    I like Ezra Butler, I live in Vegas so I saw him when the played UNLV. He is a good blitz option. I don't know why he didn't get drafted he can't play all three downs, but on pass downs he can bring the heat.

  • joe gomez

    hey eric and ninerdevotee..i bleed red and gold so im not going anywhere..weve been in a slump for the past seven years and i dont know abut you but im so sick of losing i want the very best for this team..i think the draft was very average..nothing great..nothing to get excited over..i feel some linemen couldve been had in the 3rd round or later..2nd round had a load of offensive weapons and WR was a top draft need for us..its hard to get excited over an undrafted guy coming off an injury and a 6th rounder with off the field issues..hey jerry the really think it was smart for the niners to sign johnson to a one year contract so he can ask for more money do you now? yea smart for him not smart for us..yea he probably will be our best receiver..thats how sorry our corps receivers are..arizona’s third option is gonna come to us and be our first option. if you remember right..defenses were laughing at our receivers last year..they crowded the d-line with 7 to 8 people in the box daring knowing gore is the only offensive threat and daring our qb to beat them with the pass. thats why there wasnt much time for our qb’s to throw..everyone was rushing in with so many players. who is there to double team? nobody. our receivers when the qb did have time had a hard time getting separation..someone like desean or sweed or your caldwell maybe could of upgraded our lack of talent at the WR position.

  • MSouza

    I honestly don't think that any receiver in the draft could have immediately upgraded our corp. Desean Jackson is a slot receiver, we already have some of those. Pluss our entire group is made up of second options, so what is the use of drafting another one. WR wasn't our greatest position of need OL was. We lost two starters for sure and will likely lose three once Larry retires. I understand what your saying, it is hard to get excited about trench men, but we have forced drafting Wide Receivers before and ended up with guys like Reshaun Woods. I'm sure one of the guys taken this year will turn out to be a stud, but who is to say that he would have been the one that we took. Martz is good at turning nobodies into somebody, look at Mike Furrey, who's to say that Colvin can't be like that.

  • West

    nicely said MSouza

  • Douche Bag

    We didn't take a receiver in the second round because none rated higher than Hill in my opinion. Like we need a fifth #2 receiver. I understand the old saying wish in one and shit in the other and see what fills up first, but damn I am wishing this Colvin kid works out. As a Cal grad/fan, I watched him and Dixon chew us up! Of course, he fumbled to lose the game but he looked damn good! Go Colvin!!!!!

  • faccipazzo

    Too bad, that 90% of the 49er blogg users on this sight, are full of crap. There is all this baloney going around, that has nothing to do with the up-coming season, this and that ,that has nothing to do with the problems that have really haunted the 49ers, these last three(3)years. NOLAN IS A DEFENSIVE COACH, PERIOD. Nolan inhereted A West Coast offensive roster, so they hired a WCO OC Mike McCarthy. He stayed one year, then left to Coach the Packers. Now the West Coast offense is a Dink & Dunk offense. Three(3)step drop, 7-yrd pass, receiver takes it 65-yrds. A WCO has smaller, agile, athletic, zone blocking offensive lineman, like the Texans or Bronco’s have. Big/Tall wide receivers. Now in comes Norv Turner, out of the verticle passing schools of Sid Gillman, Don Coryall, and Ernie Zampese. [He was set up for failure], because in San Francisco, Turner didn’t have the offensive personal, AGAIN, for a verticle passing offensive scheme. The exact same reason he lost his Raiders Head Coaching job. In Oakland he inhereted Gruden/Callahans WCO Roster and tried to go verticle with it, and lost his job. But in SF, with the emergence of Frank Gores running, Turners pass play calling half-ass worked, with receivers who couldn’t get seperation, and when they did get seperate, they’d drop the ball. The offensive line was sugar coated with the likes of [Justin Smiley, Kwame Harris etc.]receivers like [Taylor, Gilmore & Jackson]. SF goes 6-10 (?), the fans are all pumped up, as Nolen continues to deal with his defense. In comes Jim Hostler, as 2007 49er OC, with Turners verticle offense. But the difference was, he didn’t have the offensive vision of Turner. The WCO drafted offensive line couldn’t hold at the point of attack, because they weren’t big man ballers, like they have this coming season. Alex Smith ended up on IRL. They went through 4-different QBs., because the OL leaked like a seive. Nolan for the first time since becoming head coach, had to deal with an some offensive decisions. He called in his pal Ted Tollner a OC out of the past, who use to work with Bill Walsh. All he did when he came in was to change up the blocking assignments of the OL, and Tollner called plays the rest of the year. That’s why Shaun Hill looked so good out there, he wasn’t running for his life, not that he’s better than Alex. Trust me, Alex Smith will be the starter. The went out and hired another verticle passing guru in Mike Martz, they now have the offense and defensive scheme and personal to go forward with. Look at the combination packages that Martz can put together this season. 4-wide set [Isaac Bruce, Delanie Walker, Bryant Johnson, Ashley Lelie.] 3-wide set [Bryant Johnson, Arnez Battle, Josh Morgan] Pro Set [Isaac Bruce, Bryant Johnson and Vernon Davis] and through it all, they are going to flank Gore [alla Marshall Faulk] and have Delanie Walker playing H-back. So the make up of the offensive squad, needed to be flipped from WCO Lineman/wide receiver personal, to Ballers and speed like they have now. Ashley Lelie(That Bum, you’d say!!)has Martz salivating. Here’s a guy that went to the U.Hawaii a run-an-shoot verticle offense, and was drafted by a WCO Denver Bronco’s, where he never fit in, then he signed with another WCO fiascal, the Atlanta Falcons. Ashley Lelie, for the first time since entering the NFL, is finally in his element, Ashley Lelie knows how to get deep. The Roster make up has been the culprit, not any particular player. I see worst to first, with the NFLs third(3) 1000/1000 player in Frank Gore. Take that, you fair weather 9er fans.

  • tomarrow

  • Mercury Code……….sjmntc08,……… go to 49erswebzone

  • Did any1 pick up the Mercury Newspaper today, Whats the preseason code?, Im stuck at work!