Kwame Lowlights Hit SF Media

The video that a close friend to us made highlighting the lowlights of tackle Kwame Harris finally hit the San Francisco media. Here is tidbit on what the Mercury News had to say about it, follow the link at the end to read the full story.

An armchair critic has it in for 49ers tackle Kwame Harris.

Posted under the screen name freemedia77 on is a nearly 10-minute “lowlight” film of some of Harris’ worst moments in the 2006 season.

It opens with him missing a block on a sweep against Minnesota, allowing a defender to throw Frank Gore for a loss. Other clips show Harris being called for holding, negating a long touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Antonio Bryant in the opener against Arizona and being beaten for a sack by Chicago defensive lineman Mark Anderson.

[Highlight Reeling] – Mercury News

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